What Breed Of Horse To Buy [Based On Your Personality]?

when to start training a young horse

When Can I Start Training My Young Horse?

Training a young horse is such a rewarding experience, especially the first time around. But the question of when to start training a young horse typically centers around the moment that the rider first hops on the horse’s newly saddled back. Inspirational horse movies and the long-standing tradition of “breaking” horses seem to indicate that … Read more

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

What Vaccines Does My Horse Need?

When it comes to horse care, there are so many routine practices to keep our horses healthy for long periods of time. Amongst the periodic vet checkups, farrier appointments, worming schedules, and teeth floating, vaccinations rank high on the list of things that can keep your horse healthy for years to come. Making a vaccination … Read more

why is my horse lying down

West Nile Virus: Is My Horse At Risk? + Warning Signs

At the turn of the millenium emerged a scary infection, known as the West Nile Virus. This new and relatively unknown disease among the world’s population started causing horrendous flus in humans. However, humans were not the only ones impacted, as the virus was also affecting thousands of horses in grave ways. Many horses who … Read more

Does CBD Oil Have Any Negative Side Effects

Cushing’s Disease In Horses

Cushing’s disease in horses has become nearly as common of a household name as laminitis and colic in the last several years. Cushing’s is a disorder commonly found in middle-aged to older horses. The disease is often diagnosed in horses between 17 and 23 years of age. Though a simple disease in origin, it often … Read more

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