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Tips For Training Mustangs And Wild Horses

These days with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rounding up more and more of our horses from our public lands every day, it behooves genuine horse lovers to do everything they can to provide safe and appropriate homes for these American icons. Beautiful as they are, Mustangs and wild horses present specific challenges that … Read more

How Can I Be Sure My Horse Is Safe While Traveling?

How To Start A Horse Transport Business?

If you are experienced with horses and you are also an excellent driver, starting a horse transport business may be just the independent career adventure for you. While it might seem that horse experience would not be absolutely necessary for this sort of enterprise, the fact is, when you transport horses, you may very well … Read more

How To Transport A Horse Overseas

How To Transport A Horse Overseas?

While it might seem as if shipping a horse overseas would be a near impossible task, the fact is there are many safe and relatively affordable ways to relocate a horse from one continent to another. In this article, we review and answer eleven of the most frequently asked questions about transporting a horse overseas. … Read more

how to choose the right size horse

How To Choose The Right Size Horse?

When you’re choosing a horse, you may think that a taller or bigger horse is always a stronger horse, but this is not necessarily the case. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right size horse to suit your needs. In this article, will review some of the things you should … Read more

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