Back On Track Quick Wraps Review: Why Does Everyone Like Them?

Leg wraps can be used for many things; from protecting your horse’s most valuable assets while traveling to helping him heal quicker from injury. Back on Track make a huge selection of therapeutic leg wraps to help just about any creature out there – from dogs to horses, and even humans! They are recommended by Olympic champion Ann Kursinski, which is a true accolade. Therapeutic leg wraps can have a huge effect on your horse’s overall health and wellbeing, as they increase blood supply to the affected area, thus speeding up healing. Read on to learn more in my Back On Track Quick Wraps review.

Back On Track Quick Wraps Review

Back on Track Quick Wraps - Black - (Pair) 12"
  • Sold as Pair
  • Quick and Safe to Use
  • Therapeutic
  • Thermal Warmth
  • No Liniment is needed

Back On Track’s Quick leg wraps are infused with Welltex technology, which uses your horse’s body heat to create a soothing, warming effect that can promote healing. If you have a horse with a short term injury to recover from, or a chronic condition that needs to be improved, it’s well worth having a look into these Quick Wraps to help make a difference and improve his health and mobility.

What Am I Buying?

This is a pair of leg wraps that use thermal energy to create a soothing, healing effect. They remind me of therapy rugs that we have reviewed a few months ago. They are incredibly simple to use – just wrap them around your horse’s legs the same way you would with any other leg wraps.

They secure easily and with great security, using strong hook and loop fastening, and you will find that they won’t easily fall off, even if you have one of those Houdini horses who finds his way out of other wraps and rugs.

They are safe to use as well, and don’t contain any harmful substances that may leach out and cause damage, and they don’t require any additional substances like poulticing or liniment. Just using clever materials that make the most of the horse’s own circulatory system, they are a very simple to solution to swelling and inflammation.

How Comfortable Is It?

These are not just comfortable to wear for your horse, but they will also make him far more comfortable in the long run, as they will help reduce swelling and inflammation.

They are made of a soft cotton and polyester blend, which will be comfortable against your horse’s skin, as well as being breathable and warming. They will create a gentle heat, which is perfect for use after long rides and particularly strenuous ones to reduce any danger of swollen legs or wind puffs.

They are comfortable enough to leave on in the stall overnight, and you won’t find any rubbing or chafing. Just make sure that you don’t fasten them too tight, or the whole object will be defeated!

What Comes With It?

Unlike many products that are made for two legs, these come as a pair. This makes it not only convenient, but also cheaper for you in the long run. You won’t have to worry about buying an extra one for the other leg, as you’ll already have two!

Back On Track Quick Wraps Pros & Cons


  • Easy to keep clean – These just need a quick wash at 30 degrees and they will be as good as new.
  • Fast results – Often you will notice a difference within just a few hours of using these wraps – they’re great for those acute problems.
  • Simple solution to injury – There is no need for expensive, messy poultices, just this plain bandage.
  • Sturdy and strong – These are well made wraps which will last for years to come and stay looking as good as new.


  • They need careful building up – You can’t just shove these wraps on overnight the first time you use them; up to four hours only for the first 2-3 days.
  • May cause legs to puff up initially – When you first use these wraps they might cause fluid to build up, but this is a sign of efficacy.

Final Words

If you are at your wit’s end looking for a solution to your horse’s swollen or painful legs, then Back On Track’s Quick Wraps might well be the answer. They are convenient and simple to use, and they are also very effective at reducing swelling and inflammation.

They can make the difference between being able to ride and having to rest your horse, and they have saved many a tired, overworked leg after a tough show. They may even save a lot of money on vet’s bills, because if you can nip a problem in the bud and keep it under control then you won’t need any (expensive!) outside help to improve the issue.

Having swollen, painful legs is really bad news for a horse. They do just about everything standing up, including sleeping, so if your horse’s legs are sore then it makes every aspect of his life uncomfortable. He can’t do anything about it himself, but you can make his life easier with these great therapeutic wraps. They are an investment in your horse’s health, so treat him – and yourself.

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