How To Choose The Best Barn Coat On The Market?

A good coat is an essential part of your horse riding wardrobe, especially if you live in a wet country or one which has cold winters. As well as one for riding, you will need a decent coat for wearing around the yard too, for those chilly, wet and windy days. Where to find the best barn coat? In this list of products, that’s where! You will need something that is lightweight yet strong, waterproof, easily washable, and preferably with plenty of pockets.

Best Barn Coat Reviews

We have selected three of the finest quality,most versatile and suitable coats for wearing around the barn and the yard.


Barn Coats


Woolrich Women's Dorrington Barn Jacket, Sediment, MediumTOP PICK: Woolrich Barn Jacket

A lightweight, quality jacket, practical and comfortable.

Mountain Khakis Women's Ranch Shearling Hooded Coat, Tobacco, LargeMountain Khakis Women’s Ranch Shearling

A seriously stylish barn coat, fitted and attractive.

Legendary Whitetails Women's Saddle Country Shirt Jacket Rusty Maroon MediumLegendary Whitetails Country Shirt Jacket

A really great jacket, high quality and well made.


1. Woolrich Women’s Dorrington Barn Jacket Review

Woolrich Women's Dorrington Barn Jacket, Sediment, Medium

This smart jacket will be the envy of the yard, at the same time as being very useful and practical. Oh, and it’s very comfortable too!


  • High quality fabric for durability and strength – This coat is made from 100% cotton. Cotton is one of those amazing fabrics, as it is all natural, very strong, and breathable as well.
  • Simple and easy to keep clean – No fancy dry cleaning instructions with this coat! Simply pop it into your normal wash and it will come out sparkling clean.
  • Printed fleece line for style and warmth – Keeping warm in the best barn coat is essential, especially for those chilly winter days. The fleece lining on this jacket will keep you toasty even on the coldest morning.
  • Lower hand warmer pockets – Not only are pockets great for keeping bits of string, horse treats, your mobile phone and other important things safe, it’s also nice to have somewhere to pop your hands to keep them warm – especially if you forgot your gloves!


  • The sizes run on the small size – It is worth buying a larger size than you normally wear, as this coat tends to be smaller than the standard sizing. On the plus side, ordering a slightly larger size may mean that you can fit more jumpers under this jacket!


A great coat for anyone who is looking for a lightweight, quality jacket that will keep them warm on the chillier days. This one is definitely one to consider.


2. Mountain Khakis Women’s Ranch Shearling Hooded Coat Review

Mountain Khakis Women's Ranch Shearling Hooded Coat, Tobacco, Large

This is a coat for anyone who feels the cold, or who lives in a chilly part of the world. It is high quality and warm, so it will be a fantastic investment for the winter months.


  • 7 pockets for storage and transport – Whether you are storing your mobile phone, or transporting useful bits and bobs from one stable to another, you will always benefit from a good, deep pocket, and this jacket has no less than 7 of them.
  • Long enough to keep you properly warm – My granny always used to say “Keep your kidneys warm and you can’t go wrong!” when discussing the length of clothing. This jacket falls at mid thigh, meaning that your kidneys and other important things will be kept toasty warm!
  • Snap cuffs to prevent chills – The cuffs close snugly with a button, meaning that you can keep everything from the wrist up nice and warm, and prevent drips running up your arms.
  • Stylish, fitted shape – Unlike many barn coats and yard jackets, this one has a nice fit and doesn’t look “boxy” or make you appear a bit shapeless.


  • It carries a larger price tag than some – This is a relatively expensive coat, if you are trying to work on a budget. However, you pay for quality, right? And this coat should last you for years, meaning that it is more of an investment than an expense.


This is a seriously stylish barn coat, that manages to be fitted and attractive, as well as fantastically practical and comfortable.


3. Legendary Whitetails Women’s Saddle Country Shirt Jacket Review

Legendary Whitetails Women's Saddle Country Shirt Jacket Rusty Maroon Medium

This jacket echoes the style of the Barbour wax jackets which are so popular in the countryside of the UK. It is very practical, and also looks good on. It features some nice little touches at the collar and elbows, for a bit of extra class.


  • Sturdy, heavy duty jacket – The cotton/polyester/nylon construction of the outer of this jacket is great at withstanding scuffs and rips and other stable hazards. It is also fairly water resistant.
  • Flannel lining for warmth and comfort – The lining of this coat is flannel, so not only is it cosy and warm but it is also breathable. The pockets are also flannel lined for this same reason, and will keep your hands cosy.
  • Drop tail back is longer than the front hem – This is a great feature, as it means that a little bit more of you will stay dry and warm. It also offers you an extra layer of protection if you sit down on something cold!
  • Very attractive coat – Ok, I know that this isn’t the number one concern when looking for the best barn coat – but it’s a nice added bonus to know that you look good in your stylish, well fitting jacket!


  • The sizing runs on the small size – Bear in mind that if you fall in love with this coat, you should order a size – or even two sizes – larger than you normally wear, to avoid disappointment.


This is a really great jacket, high quality and well made, and with the added bonus of looking really good too!



Similarly to your horse who loves a warm barn, you find comfort in a good barn coat. When you’re looking for the best barn coat, you want something that is strong, well made and comfortable, as well as stylish.

We all know that mucking out stables, poo picking fields and messing around with your horse’s fences aren’t the most exciting things in the world, and that a practical, warm and waterproof coat is one of the most important things to consider (together with your barn boots) – but it’s nice to look nice too!

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