How To Choose The Best Cowboy Hat For Rain

Although safety is the primary concern when riding a horse, comfort is also another important factor. There is nothing quite so uncomfortable as riding in the driving rain, feeling droplets of cold water running down your neck! It can also be dangerous to have no protection from the rain, as water in your eyes can make it hard to see. With all this in mind, you may be looking for the best cowboy hat for rain.

Best Cowboy Hat For Rain

There’s no need to search any more! We have hunted down three of the finest hats there are, so you don’t have to spend hours going through the internet in search of your next perfect hat.


Waterproof Cowboy Hats


Outback Trading Company Cowboy-Hats, Field Tan, SmallOutback Trading Kodiak Hat

A great hat with a useful chin strap.

Men's Outback Wool Cowboy Hat Montana Pecan Brown Crushable Western Felt by Silver Canyon, Pecan, MediumMontana Western Style Cowboy Hat

Perfect for those that are hard on their equipment.

No products found.Weathered Outback Outdoorsman Hat

A rugged hat that will top off your Western riding style.


1. Outback Trading Kodiak Hat Review

Outback Trading Company Cowboy-Hats, Field Tan, Small

This is a gorgeous hat, with a good wide brim to stop those raindrops getting in your eyes. It’s made from quality materials, so you shouldn’t have any concern about its longevity.


  • Quick dry sweat band for moisture wicking – You won’t have to worry about your head sweating in this hat – the band around the head will draw off any perspiration so you won’t have to worry about sweat or rain dripping in your eyes.
  • 100% cotton oilskin – Cotton is the best material for any hat, and this one is reinforced by an oilskin covering, making it extra waterproof.
  • Reinforced crown for durability – The crown is one of the places on a hat that takes the most abuse, and this one is reinforced to make it stronger and last longer.
  • Durable wire brim allows you to shape it the way you want – Having a hat that is personal to you is almost as important as how it performs. This hat allows you to shape it just the way you want it, so there will be no confusion or mixing someone else’s up with yours.


  • Not as flexible as some people like – If you’re looking for a hat that is malleable and soft, this may not be the one for you – it is sturdy and hard wearing, and its feel reflects this.

This is a great hat with a useful chin strap to help the fit and prevent it falling off. It is an attractive color, and made from good materials so it should last the distance.


2. Montana Crushable Wool Felt Western Style Cowboy Hat Review

Men's Outback Wool Cowboy Hat Montana Pecan Brown Crushable Western Felt by Silver Canyon, Pecan, Medium

This hat is perfect for those that are hard on their equipment. You can subject it to all sorts of abuse, and it will bounce back and look as good as new!


  • Water repellent – For a cowboy hat that may get caught in showers, a water repellent outer is very important. This one is made from wool, which is naturally water resistant. It will get wet if you drop it in a pond, but for those sudden downpours it is perfect, and will keep the worst of the wet off you.
  • Completely crushable – You can do just about anything to this hat and it will bounce back. You can fold it, squash it, stuff it into a pocket, sit on it – then just shake it back to its original shape.
  • Classic cowboy style – For those who want the authentic, cowboy look, this one is ideal – it features a pinch front crease crown with a 3” brim and a faux leather band. The feather in the band is a nice added touch too.
  • Good quality materials used in construction – This hat is made from Australian wool, which is a strong material that will last for years, and maintain its integral quality throughout.


  • The pinch may not be symmetrical – For those complete perfectionists, this hat may be slightly irritating, as the pinch is reportedly not always totally central.

This is a great hat for anyone looking to top off their cowboy look. It will take any amount of abuse, making it the ideal hat to throw on for a weekend camping trip.


3. Weathered Outback Outdoorsman Shapeable Hat Review

No products found.

This rugged hat will top off your Western riding style. It is made from breathable materials which are wrinkle and tear resistant, making it perfect for riding through the countryside on long trails.


  • Made from strong durable materials – This hat is created using a weathered cotton fabric, so it is hardy enough to stand up to a lot, and should last for years.
  • Water repellent, so ideal for showers – If you are looking for a cowboy hat to wear in the rain, this is it! It will keep you dry as well as avoiding damage to the hat itself.
  • Eyelets in the crown release moisture from the head – If you are on a long ride you may end up feeling a little “hot headed” – you don’t have to worry with this hat, as the air hole will allow your head to breathe.
  • Classic outback look – This hat has a Pacific pinch front with a 2.5” bound brim, which will not only shade your face from the rain but will also keep the worst of the sun out of your eyes too.


  • Not made in the US – Most people like their hats to be made locally, and this one is made in China. This does not affect its quality, but many buyers prefer to buy from their own country.

This hard wearing hat will look and feel the part, and more importantly, it will do the job it’s meant to do and will protect you from the worst of the weather as you are riding.



A good cowboy hat should not only make you look great but should also be a functional item, which can be used at many occasions including weddings. The best cowboy hat for rain will protect your face from the hardest of rain fall, as well as add to your look and comfort (together with comfortable cowboy boots) as you are riding.

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