Here Are 6 Best Gifts For Horse Lovers That You Want To Check

Buying a gift for a horse-mad friend can be a little daunting. True, they have an interest which has created a large gift market, but what do you go for? Clothes, jewellery, horsey accessories? Something practical, funny or pretty? Once you have a vague idea what you’re looking for, the best gifts for horse lovers and owners are right there at your fingertips.

Luckily we are here to help – we have scoured the markets for you, and have discovered a great selection of the best gifts for horse lovers. Have a look through, and I can pretty much guarantee that you will find something perfect for your friend based on their favorite interest!

My Selection Of The Best Gifts For Horse Lovers

1. Double Stirrup Lariat Necklace Sterling Silver

Double Stirrup Lariat Necklace- Sterling Silver

This is a really beautiful, classy gift for any horse lover. It is made of Sterling silver, so you know it is a high quality piece, and it is well made with no defects. The chain measures 17” long, and has the option of a 3” extension so the wearer can choose how long it hangs. It comes packaged in a beautiful gift box, so no need to rush out and buy wrapping paper!

This necklace has different color options too, being available in a old-dipped sterling silver option, as well as a two-tone option. It is most suitable for the adult horse lover, being subtle and attractive, as well as carrying a slightly larger price tag than some others. This is a truly special gift that will wow your horsey friend.


2. Willow Tree Quiet Strength, Sculpted Hand-Painted Memory Box

Willow Tree Quiet Strength, sculpted hand-painted memory box

A gorgeous keepsake box which is suitable for all types of trinkets, this memory box features a bas-relief resin carving of a horse (and his best friend) on a hinged lid. Willow Tree are a very popular brand of sculptures and statues, and this box takes the beauty of them and adds a dimension of usefulness too!

Message inscribed on the lid reads “always there for me”, which makes this special gift suitable for a horsey friend who has helped you out, or for your favourite riding companion. It is a strong and durable box, which is well made from quality materials, so it is a perfect gift for a horse lover to keep their precious bits and bobs in.


3. Naysayers Gonna Nay T-Shirt

Naysayers gonna nay tshirt vintage retro horse lover gift

This humorous t-shirt is the best gift for a horse lover, especially one with a sense of humor. The design is of a cartoon horse, and the caption is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face – whether they’re an equine fan or not. It is topical, cool and funny; three of the best things bout any t-shirt!

This t-shirt comes in black, purple, navy and royal blue or cranberry, so you can search through until you find the perfect shade. The t-shirt is made from 90% polyester and 10% cotton, so it is a strong and durable piece of clothing which is also comfortable and breathable, and so ideal for wearing around the yard. There is a great range of sizes, from S to 3XL. This is a great gift for any horsey friend, or even for yourself!


4. My Little Pony Pendant Silver Horse Necklace

Embolden Jewelry My Little Pony Pendant [Silver Horse Necklace] Best Gift [American Owned] for Young Girls, Teen Girls, Equestrians or Cowgirls

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a young pony-mad girl – especially a young pony mad girl who also loves jewellery – then look no further. This is a beautiful necklace, featuring a pony in mid-gallop, with flying mane and tail, symbolising the beauty and freedom of the horse. There is no better way for the young cowgirl in your life to proclaim her love of horses and ponies than with this gorgeous pendant!

It comes on an adjustable silver chain, and packaged in a smart velvet bag. It is made from a tarnish-free silver alloy, meaning that it will be strong and long lasting, and will not turn a nasty color with age. Perfect for any girl who loves horses, this gift will make any little girl smile and is a good crossover gift from childhood into teenagerhood.


5. Draw 50 Horses The Step By Step Way

Draw 50 Horses: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Broncos, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Dancers, Prancers, and Many More...

An unusual, quirky gift for the horse lover, this one is great for creatives and non-creatives alike. If you love horses and pictures of horses, why not have a go at drawing your own? Lots of people feel that they can’t draw, so a helpful step by step guide is very helpful. If you have a friend who loves horses and has always wanted to have a stab at drawing them, there is no better gift idea than a book which will tell them how!

This clever book will take you, step by step, through the best ways to draw all sorts of different horses, from Thoroughbreds to bucking broncos, and everything in between. It is a great introduction into the basic anatomy of the horse, and contains different positions as well as different breeds, so it is a great intro into drawing horses. Suitable for kids and adults, this is a thoughtful gift with a difference.


6. Horse Backpack Drawstring Bag

Horse Backpack Drawstring Bag Horse Lover Gift Idea Cinch Pack for Girls or Women Him or Her

Modern day life carries a lot of accoutrements with it, there is no doubt about that, and having a decent bag to carry bits and pieces around is pretty much a must. If you know a horse person, and you want to get them gift which is practical as well as gorgeous, and related to their likes, then look into this drawstring bag. Covered with a classy horse and Western saddle print, this will be a great and useful addition to their wardrobe!

Made from super strong 600 Denier fabric you can be sure that this bag won’t rip or fall apart, and it will be strong enough to carry all manner of horsey bits and bobs, from the grooming kit to spurs, and riding clothes – or even things that have nothing to do with horses! It features a large exterior zippered pocket, and has an inside waterproof coating to keep all your belongings safe and dry.


Final Words

So what do you think about these gift ideas? Did you find my selection of some of the best gifts for horse lovers useful? Please leave a comment below.

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