How To Choose The Best Hoof Conditioner

A horse’s hooves, like his coat, can be a really good indicator of his overall health. Good, strong, healthy hooves are a telling sign that he is absorbing all his nutrients and that everything is functioning as it should. If you want to help improve your horses hooves, the right diet is the first step, followed by the best hoof conditioner. Hoof conditioners can make the world of difference to your horse, and help him keep his feet as strong and healthy as they can be, thereby lessening the need for farrier intervention or vet’s visits.

Best Hoof Oil And Conditioner Reviews

We have selected three of the best hoof oils and conditioners on the market, so you don’t have to spend hours trawling the internet.


Hoof Oils and Conditioners


Hoof-Alive. Natural, All-Purpose Dressing Penetrates Hoof Wall and Living Tissue. Promotes Strong, Healthy Hoof Growth While Healing Water and Quarter Cracks. Non-Irritating. Petroleum-Free. (16)TOP PICK: Hoof Alive All Purpose Dressing

One of the best hoof oils for cracked hooves.

Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Deep-Penetrating Hoof Conditioner, 32 fl ozFarnam Horseshoer’s Secret Conditioner

A great hoof conditioner made by a trusted brand.

Hooflex Liquid Conditioner With Brush 15 oz.Hooflex Liquid Conditioner

A small yet powerful product.


1. Hoof Alive Natural All Purpose Dressing Review

Hoof-Alive. Natural, All-Purpose Dressing Penetrates Hoof Wall and Living Tissue. Promotes Strong, Healthy Hoof Growth While Healing Water and Quarter Cracks. Non-Irritating. Petroleum-Free. (16)

This is a great hoof oil for cracked hooves that helps heal cracks by supporting the living tissue. It is safe, natural, and recommended by farriers the world over!


  • All natural ingredients – You want something that is safe to apply and as natural as it can be, and this conditioner ticks those boxes. It is made from a blend of natural oils chosen for their healing, moisturizing properties.
  • Penetrates the hoof wall and supports tissue – This is not just a conditioner to paper over the cracks, as it were. It gets down deep inside the hoof, to improve the condition of the tissue for the future.
  • Not just for hooves – You can use this hoof dressing for other ills too, such as saddle sores, burns, scars and abrasions and it will work well for all of them – it’s highly versatile!
  • “Weather proofs” the hoof – Applying a good layer of this stuff will prevent the hoof from suffering any water damage, and will stop any mud or particles from getting into existing cracks and making them worse.


  • Expensive to buy the large size – If you want to purchase a big pot of this to keep you going for a while then it will set you back. But it will last a long time, and it is very effective.


A fantastic product that is both natural and effective, and which should make a big difference to your horse’s hoof health in a very short space of time.


2. Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Deep Penetrating Hoof Conditioner Review

Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Deep-Penetrating Hoof Conditioner, 32 fl oz

A hoof conditioner that is designed to attract moisture, this one will help repair hooves that are already damaged, plus it’s great for daily use to keep on top of your horse’s hoof health and prevent any problems occurring.


  • Absorbs very quickly to start the healing process – This formula will not sit on top of the hoof like some, but gets to work quickly at improving the damage to the hoof.
  • Great at preventing problems from occurring – You will find that this conditioner is great for applying daily, as it will stop the potential for cracks, splits and problems caused by dry hooves.
  • Includes glycerin to attract moisture – This hoof conditioner will actually bring moisture to the hoof, as if by magic, because of its chosen ingredients. Fantastic for keeping hooves supple and strong.
  • Contains avocado oil for conditioning – Avocado is not just for eating – it is also one of the best, healthiest fats out there, and it is great for healing and conditioning hoof tissue. It is also a wonderfully natural ingredient, which is important when looking for remedies for your horse.


  • Contents may become slimy after opening – You may find that this conditioner’s consistency may change once the air has got to it. Don’t worry, it will still work just as well!


A great hoof conditioner that will really help improve the condition of even the driest, most cracked and damaged hooves, you won’t need to use this one for very long before you start seeing the benefits.


3. Hooflex Liquid Conditioner With Brush Review

Hooflex Liquid Conditioner With Brush 15 oz.

This is a small yet powerful product, which will get to work on your horse’s hooves straight away, to improve their general condition as well as how they look.


  • Uses natural, herbal ingredients – Natural products are the best thing to improve your horse’s health from the inside out, and his feet are no exception. This conditioner contains no nasty chemicals whatsoever.
  • Non greasy, easily absorbed formula – Unlike some hoof conditioners, this one will be absorbed straight into the hoof to start doing its work; it won’t sit on top of the hoof looking greasy.
  • Enhances natural hoof color – Your horse’s hooves are just as beautiful a part as the rest of him, so why should they not be brought to a shine? This conditioner will bring out his natural hoof color without the use of artificial dyes or chemicals.
  • Comes with a handy applicator brush – You can target specific areas on your horse’s hoof easily with this useful brush attached to the lid (this also means that it is much harder to lose the brush!)


  • Comparatively small size – This product does not come in as big a pack size as some others, so you may find yourself having to reorder it sooner than you expect.


A nice, natural hoof conditioner which will help protect your horse’s hooves against future damage, as well as heal any existing problems he may have, this one is a useful addition to any tack box.



Your horse’s feet are a very important part of him, as without them there is not a lot he can do! It can be both uncomfortable and unsightly to have a horse with abscesses, sand cracks, chips and other damage to his feet. Do him a favour and invest in one of the best hoof conditioner items you can find – it will do him the world of good.

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