How To Choose The Best Hoof Knife On The Market?

Whether you are a professional farrier, or you just trim your own horse’s hooves, the right equipment is a must. It’s no good hacking away at the extremely hard material of a horse’s hoof with a blunt instrument not designed for the job! When you’re looking for the best hoof knife it can seem a bit confusing to know what to buy, so we have taken the hard work out of the search for you.

Best Hoof Knife Reviews

Here are three of the best hoof knife products that we could find, to make your life easier and your horse’s feet neater.


Hoof Knives


Set of 8 Hoof Knife Knives Farrier Equine Horse Sheep Stainless Steel Blade Polished Wooden Handle + Fold Up CaseTOP PICK: Set Of 8 Hoof Knives

A fantastic set of knives with variety in angle and grip.

Anvil Brand The Knife Regular Right Hand Hoof KnifeAnvil Regular Right Hand Hoof Knife

An incredibly popular, much emulated knife.

Farrier Hoof Knife Oval Swiss Wooden Handle Hoof Caring VeterinaryFarrier Hoof Knife Oval Swiss

A high quality and built to last knife.


1. Set Of 8 Hoof Knives Review

Set of 8 Hoof Knife Knives Farrier Equine Horse Sheep Stainless Steel Blade Polished Wooden Handle + Fold Up Case

This is a fantastic deal; you get 8 different hoof knives for different jobs, and all are the same high quality, useful tools. Sometimes you want a different knife for different hooves, and this set should have everything you need.


  • Stainless steel blades are strong and hold an edge – Stainless steel is one of the strongest materials there is, and it will keep its sharpness. This durable material is great for trimming even the hardest hooves.
  • Wooden handles for comfort and strength – The wooden handles to all these knives are strong and sturdy, and the blade is firmly embedded, meaning that they will not break. Wood is also smooth and comfortable to hold in your hand, so you shouldn’t get blisters!
  • They come in a handy fold up case – Each of these hoof knives fits into its own section in the case, which can be easily rolled up for transport – and there is a fold down flap so none of them should drop out and get lost.
  • A good selection of different knives – These come in a range of different angles, and are suitable for either the left or the right hand, making this a very versatile set.


  • You may have to sharpen them – Although they will arrive with an edge, you may wish to sharpen these knives more on arrival, especially if you are working with a particularly hard hoof.


All is all, this is a fantastic set of knives. The variety in angle and grip will make them suitable for any job you wish to throw at them, and they are very conveniently packaged. A great gift for a favorite farrier, perhaps?


2. Anvil Brand The Knife Regular Right Hand Hoof Knife Review

Anvil Brand The Knife Regular Right Hand Hoof Knife

This is a fantastic little knife. Small and compact, and very hardy, this is a real keeper! It has a small blade and an ergonomic handle which makes it comfortable to use.


  • Steel blade with wooden handle – This is the best combination for a good hoof knife. The steel is strong, will hold and edge well and will not bend, while the wooden handle makes using this hoof knife comfortable.
  • Brass rivets to hold the blade in – when you are working with hard materials, you want your equipment to be as strong as possible. The blade is deeply and firmly embedded in the handle, and two rivets hold it in place so you can be sure it isn’t going anywhere.
  • A good size for carrying around – If you have to walk for a while to get to the herd that needs its feet trimming, carrying heavy equipment is not really an option. You will barely even notice the weight of this knife!
  • Made by a trusted manufacturer – When you have used a certain brand for years because of its performance, or been recommended it by someone, you know that it must be a quality item. Anvil have been making horsey equipment for decades, so you know for a fact that you’re buying a good knife.


  • Suitable for right handed trimming – If you are a leftie, this one might not suit! (But don’t worry, Anvil make exactly the same knife in a left handed version).


This is an incredibly popular, much emulated knife that is a must in any trimmer’s arsenal. The blade is heat treated and each Anvil blade is hand sharpened, one at a time, so you are guaranteed a high quality product.


3. Farrier Hoof Knife Oval Swiss Wooden Handle Review

Farrier Hoof Knife Oval Swiss Wooden Handle Hoof Caring Veterinary

This is an unusually shaped knife, which will make a great addition to your foot trimming tool box. It is high quality and built to last.


  • Highly polished finish makes it comfortable and resistant to corrosion – The wood of the handle is not only attractive, but it is very comfortable and will not scuff or chip, thus saving your hands from blisters.
  • Quality stainless steel blade construction – Stainless steel is a strong material which is very suitable for hoof knives.
  • Ideal for different types of trimming – Unlike many knives which just remove the dead hoof from the edges, this oval knife is perfect for “digging”, perhaps to remove dead matter following an abscess.
  • Can be used in either direction – Both sides of the loop are sharpened, meaning that you can trim either forwards or backwards, depending on the angle.


  • Not as easy to use as a traditional knife – This type of blade may take a bit of getting used to, plus some extra practise, before you are as confident using it as you are with a standard hoof knife.


A great knife for getting to the root of a hoof problem, or for paring down some odd edges, this one is a great addition to your tool box – and it really does look like a professional item!



The best hoof knife will make your trimming – whether you are a farrier for a living or simply trim your own horse’s feet – so much easier. In fact it can even become a pleasurable job rather than a chore, when you have the right equipment (including a good apron!). Choose the best hoof knife and revel in the satisfaction of those nice neat hooves.

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