How To Choose The Best Horse Feed Balancer?

It is all very well and good, feeding your horse a bucket feed that will fill him up, reward him for his hard work and provide him with a good mix of all the essential nutrients – but what about adding a balancer into the mix?

Feeding horses a feed balancer is a relatively new concept in the world of horse food, but there is no doubt that it can make a world of difference to your horse. The best horse feed balancer is like a vitamin and mineral boost for your horse’s feed, and they come with varying levels of protein too, depending on what level of exercise your horse is currently doing.

Best Horse Feed Balancer Reviews

It’s a confusing world, so we have selected three of thee best horse feed balancer on the market, to make your choice a little bit easier.


Horse Feed Balancers


Farriers Formula Barn Bag - 11lbTOP PICK: Farriers Formula Barn Bag

A perfect mix of all the nutrients and minerals.

Organic Horse Feed, Oasis Organics Alfalfa Pellets 50lbs Non-GMOOasis Organics Alfalfa Pellets

A great natural product for horse’s health and well being.

Modesto Milling Organic, Non GMO Horse Supplement Pellets, 25 lbs; Item# 5621Modesto Milling Organic Non GMO Pellets

A fantastic, all round great balancer.


1. Farriers Formula Barn Bag Review

Farriers Formula Barn Bag - 11lb

A fantastic feed balancer that contains the perfect mix of all the nutrients and minerals your horse needs to keep him healthy and, well, balanced!


  • Great for giving vitamins and minerals without calorie overload – For the horse who likes his bucket feed but really doesn’t need any extra food, this balancer is perfect – it gives the body what it needs, without overloading on extra sugars which put weight on.
  • A good supply of balancer – A mere 85 grams a day gives a 1000 pound horse all his daily nutrient allowance, so this 11lb bag should last you for a while.
  • Palatable for even the fussiest of horses – All horses seem to like this, even those who are picky eaters or who don’t like trying new things. Great news for when you’re trying to get nutrients into your fussy eater.
  • Good for helping a fat horse lose weight – Some vets even recommend this balancer as it is good for bulk in a bucket, but it will actually help your horse to lose weight when he has all the right nutrients going in.


  • Not the largest bag on the market – At 11lb, this is smaller than many of the other feed balancers, something to bear in mind if you are feeding a large herd. That being said, a little goes a long way!


This pellet balancer is great for all types of horses, and will be eagerly eaten by the vast majority. It is a good value for money and contains a great balance of nutrients – what more could you need!


2. Organic Horse Feed Oasis Organics Alfalfa Pellets Review

Organic Horse Feed, Oasis Organics Alfalfa Pellets 50lbs Non-GMO

What we put into our horses, and into ourselves, is massively important. You want any feed you give your horse to be as natural as possible – and it doesn’t get more natural than this one.


  • Certified organic and contains no herbicides or pesticides – This means you can be sue this balancer is as close to your horse’s natural forage as possible; there are no chemicals in it to cause him any potential nasty reactions.
  • Non GMO ingredients – Although GMO are often touted as a good thing, no one actually knows the long term effects that eating them will produce. Anything with GMO printed on the label should be avoided like the plague!
  • Contains the perfect balance of nutrients for a good diet – This balancer is ideal for those horses who need a controlled addition of nutrients, for example those on a restricted diet or who can’t have too much extra calories.
  • Very palatable and horses love it – There are no reports whatsoever about horses refusing to eat this product – they know what is good for them, and they come back for more! The pellet form makes it very easy to feed to your horses too.


  • Can be difficult to re-order – Some users have found that they love this product so much they want to order more, but then struggle to have it delivered.


This is a fantastic product which will make all the difference to your horse’s health and well being, and to your own peace of mind as you know he is getting only the best.


3. Modesto Milling Organic Non GMO Horse Supplement Pellets Review

Modesto Milling Organic, Non GMO Horse Supplement Pellets, 25 lbs; Item# 5621

This organic, non GMO product is perfect for getting the right blend of vitamins and minerals into your horse, in the easiest way possible.


  • Ideal for sensitive horses and fussy eaters – This product contains no soy, corn, wheat or molasses products, making it ideal for horses with delicate digestion who may be allergic or intolerant to such things.
  • Contains pro and prebiotics for digestion support – Pro and prebiotocs are the most fantastic digestion aids, as they help to populate the gut with good bacteria. This feed contains a mix of both, to help your horse’s digestion be as healthy and as productive as possible.
  • Can help improve coat and hoof health – This balancer contains both biotin and Omega 3s, to improve the health and appearance of your horse’s coat and hooves.
  • Can be used as a stand alone feed or combined with grains or alfalfa – You can either give this to your horse alongside his hay and forage, if he is prone to piling on the pounds, or combine it with other pellets to make a bucket feed.


  • It’s a big bag if your horse decides he doesn’t like it – The return postage costs might be prohibitively expensive if you had to return this bag; luckily it can also be used as an organic mulch!


A fantastic, all round great balancer that contains all the right nutrients and more, to keep your horse in tip top health.



You may think that your horse has all the nutrients he needs, but it is definitely worth looking into various supplements and horse feed balancers to be sure that he really is getting the most from his food. Balancers are also very useful for those who tend towards the overweight end of the scale!

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