How To Choose The Best Horse Mounting Block?

If you have one of those horse who is happy to be leaped upon from a standstill, or doesn’t mind you climbing on a fence to swing a leg over him, then this may not be the read for you. If however, like many of us, you have a fussy one who won’t stand still, or who jumps a mile at the thought of his rider mounting from the ground, then you should look into the best horse mounting block. A good mounting block makes getting on your horse simple, easy and stress free – for both you and him.

Horse Mounting Block Reviews

We have done some research, and have discovered the top three mounting blocks there are:


Mounting Blocks


High Country Plastics MS-22BK Three Mounting Step, 22', BlackTOP PICK: High Country 3-Step Mounting Block

A great block with a wide, sturdy base.

No products found.Horsemen’s Pride 3-Step Mounting Block

A handy mounting block for any training facility.

High Country Plastics Trailer, RV Entry Step, 14' - Ash Gray, SmallHigh Country Plastics Trailer RV Entry Step

A great little step for your horse trailer.


1. High Country 3-Step Mounting Block Review

High Country Plastics MS-22BK Three Mounting Step, 22', Black

This block has three steps so you can choose the height at which you want to mount, depending on how tall you and your horse are.


  • Wide, sturdy base – This block features a wide base which will not wobble, giving you extra security even if you go to the top step.
  • Light enough for children to move around – It’s no good having a really heavy piece of equipment if the smallest members of your stable can’t lift it. This one is lightweight as well as strong, so little ones can move it to where they need it.
  • Made from strong, durable Polyethylene – This is a very solid type of plastic, which will stand up to a bit of abuse such as flying hooves, and it is rated up to 500lb (though it is not recommended to let your horse stand on it!)
  • Cut out carry handle for ease of lifting – You can easily move this block around; just pick it up by the handy carry handle and you’re away.


  • Color may fade a little if left in the sun – Like most plastics, this block will bleach some if it is left outside in the elements for a long time. But we’re talking years here, and a little color fade will not affect its use.


A great block to help you climb your horse mountain, or to brush the tops of tall horses – or even to use around the house to get into high up cupboards, this one is a real help for those of us who may be a little vertically challenged.


2. Horsemen’s Pride 3-Step Mounting Block Green Review

No products found.

This is a good, deep step mounting block, ideal for adults with larger feet, and for kids who need a little extra support when getting onto the mounting block.


  • Made from durable, high grade plastic – Plastic is a strong, sturdy material which will stand up to the odd drop or bash without breaking or losing its shape – ideal for something to be used around the barn.
  • Wide, substantial base for good balance – When you are climbing onto something high, it is important to have a sturdy base so that you are not in danger of falling – this one is slightly wider at the bottom for extra stability.
  • Built in handle for easy transporting – You can easily pick this block up and move it where it needs to go with the useful handle built in to the top step.
  • Can be stored in a horse trailer – You can take this mounting block out and about with you, to shows or hacks, and you will find that it doesn’t take up too much room nor add extra weight to your load.


  • Slightly shorter than some others on the market – If you are looking to mount a Shire or a Percheron and you are a naturally small person, you might need something slightly taller.


A handy mounting block to have around the barn or any training facility, this one comes in an attractive green color (so you’re more likely to see it and less likely to fall over it!)


3. High Country Plastics Trailer RV Entry Step 14” Ash Gray Review

High Country Plastics Trailer, RV Entry Step, 14' - Ash Gray, Small

This is the perfect mounting block for those who just need a little bit of extra height to get on their horse, or reach the higher up areas for grooming.


  • Light weight and easy to transport – The weight of this block will hardly register in your trailer, and it is small enough that it will barely take up any room.
  • Made from strong durable plastic – You need a mounting block to have a bit of strength to it, even if it is very light – this one has a poly materials construction which make it able to hold a good amount of weight.
  • Cross hatching on the steps for good grip – The steps will not be slippery even in wet weather due to this, which adds another layer of safety and stability for the user. Plus, you can scrape the muck off your boots on it!
  • Useful carrying handle and storage cut out – You can easily lift and move this step using the carrying handle, and if you turn it upside down when you’re travelling with it it can be used for putting things in.


  • Only comes in a gray color – There are no other color options with this step. But then this is a good thing because, as other users have said, gray hides the dirt!


This is a great little step for getting just that little bit higher up and closer to things that may be out of arm’s reach.



A good mounting block can mean the difference between struggling to get on your horse, and potentially end up with him getting spooked and trying to run off, and starting your ride calmly and quietly as you glide into the saddle from your new height. The best horse mounting block really will make your life much easier, especially if you have a taller horse who doesn’t like too much fuss before setting off on a ride.

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