How To Choose The Best Horse Reins?

Reins are quite an important piece of horse gear – after all, they’re one of the main ways you communicate with your horse. They’re not just for steering, though this is their main function – good leg aids and your voice are very well and good, but if your mount is galloping off into the sunset then you need some way of applying the brakes! There are a good many different reins out there, used for different types of riding and different hand sizes, and there may be a bit of trial and error as you figure out the best reins for you and your chosen discipline.

Top Rated Horse Reins Reviews

To make the search easier, we have narrowed it down to three of the best products that are on the market today:




Working Tack Extra Heavy Harness Split Reins, 1/2" x 8'TOP PICK: Weaver Leather Cowboy Split Rein

Split cowboy reins in great quality leather.

Cashel Adjustable Rein 8'Cashel Adjustable Rein

Great reins for anyone who likes a smaller grip.

Henri de Rivel Rainbow Training Reins - Size:Horse Color:Green/Navy/Red/YellowHenri de Rivel Training Reins

Perfect training reins for those learning to ride.


1. Weaver Leather Working Cowboy Split Rein Review

Working Tack Extra Heavy Harness Split Reins, 1/2" x 8'

Weaver is a well known, well loved brand that create all sorts of horse equipment using the finest quality leather. You can be sure that these reins will be just what you’re looking for, and will last you for years.


  • Soft and supple right out of the box – These reins are dipped in oil, dressed with butter and hand rubbed before they are shipped out to you, meaning that they will arrive already beautifully finished and you won’t get any blisters breaking them in.
  • Weighted ends for a substantial feel – The ends are heavier, so the reins feel strong and heavier than most. This also offers a lovely balance in the saddle, and means the reins are less likely to slip from your hands.
  • Designed to last and last – Because of the high quality leather and the care that is taken with the construction of these reins, they will not get damaged or split, and they will last you for years to come.
  • Beautiful chestnut color – I know the color isn’t the most important thing, but these are so beautiful the color has to be mentioned! They should blend seamlessly with other brown tack.


  • They are a little thick for some people – The width of these reins may be a little too large and bulky for a child, or someone with small hands.


These are great reins – if you are looking for split reins in great quality leather then look no further. Because they are built to last, they will be your best friends for years to come!


2. Cashel Adjustable Rein 8’ Review

Cashel Adjustable Rein 8'

This long, one piece leather rein is designed to be adjusted depending on the size of your horse and your individual riding needs.


  • Rolled and stitched for comfort and security – The leather is rolled where you hold the reins, making it more comfortable for your hands – there’s no danger of blisters with this one!
  • Fully adjustable for your individual horse and riding style – These reins can be lengthened or shortened depending on how short you want them to be. This is great as it means they can be swapped from horse to horse.
  • Leather is supple and slightly stretchy – The reins will be soft and ready to use as soon as you receive them, and they have a nice bit of give so you won’t be hanging on your horse’s mouth.
  • A good width for smaller hands – Because the leather is rolled where your hands would sit, it is a smaller size in the hand, meaning these would be a good fit for a child or a small adult.


  • Rivets may not be especially strong – The reins are held onto the trigger snaps with a rivet, and there have been reports of this rivet snapping.


These are great reins for anyone who likes a smaller grip, and those who like to be able to adjust their reins. They are quality leather in a beautiful chocolate color, and the hardware is silver stainless steel for a nice contrast.


3. Henri de Rivel Training Reins Review

Henri de Rivel Rainbow Training Reins - Size:Horse Color:Green/Navy/Red/Yellow

When people are learning to ride, it can be helpful to not only have grippy reins, but also a handy color code to show them where to hold the reins for the best contact. These reins have both those features, making them ideal for the beginner.


  • Great for training – These reins are perfect for starting out riding, as they clearly show where the hands should be to allow the best contact with the horse’s mouth.
  • They offer good grip – Especially in the early days of riding, it is handy to have reins that stick to the hands, to prevent slipping and losing control of the horse. The pimpled rubber of these reins will stick like glue.
  • Not just for beginners – These reins are a great tool to check your rein length, especially when schooling. Ignore any laughter from your friends or yard mates!
  • Quality leather and stainless steel hardware – Under the rubber these reins are made with good strong leather, and the fastenings are stainless steel, so this set should last for longer than you need them.


  • Rubber may cause blisters – Especially in hot weather or if the rider sweats, these reins may cause a little chafing on the fourth and little fingers. This can easily be solved by wearing gloves, however.


These are a great set of reins; perfect for those learning to ride or people who want to make sure their reins are even lengths. They are a cheery rainbow color too, so there is no chance of losing them!



Reins are an essential part of the riding kit, and as you can see there is a wide variety of different types. When you’re looking for the best horse reins it can be helpful to see some products laid out before you. Have a look through the list above and I can pretty much guarantee you will find the perfect reins for you!

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