What Are The Best Horse Saddle Bags On The Market?

When you are out on the trail, you may need to carry a few things with you. For that, having a saddlebag is a great idea. Today, we get a variety of saddlebags from high-tech to traditional saddlebags. Saddlebags come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials.

It is very important to choose the right saddlebag as depending on the saddlebag, you can carry the most gear with the least bulk and weight so that your horse doesn’t get exhausted.

When you are out on your horse, you may need a variety of items like food, first aid kits, water, riding camera, hoof boots, and halters. Having a saddlebag makes sure that you can carry along all the items that you need.

Best Horse Saddle Bags Reviews

I have listed the 3 best horse saddle bags I found online this year for you below:


Saddle Bags


Weaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle BagWeaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle Bag

A saddle bag that is durable, spacious and very stable.

Weaver Leather Chap Leather Saddle BagTOP PICK: Weaver Leather Chap Leather Saddle Bag

A high-quality saddle bag which looks excellent.

Cashel Quality Deluxe Medium Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag, Insulated Padded Pockets, Two Water Bottle Pockets, Camera or Cell Phone Pocket, 600 Denier Material, Size: Medium Color: BrownCashel Quality Deluxe Saddle Pommel Horn Bag

A tough and spacious bag to carry multiple things.


1. Weaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle Bag Review

Weaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle Bag
The Weaver Leather Saddle Bag is very durable and is well made. It has a polyurethane coating which makes it weather-resistant. It has webbing straps that are adjustable. This increases the stability of the saddle bag. The mounting grommets are nickel plated. It is very spacious and you can store a lot of things in it.


  • Durable: The Weaver Leather Saddle Bag is made of excellent material and is weather-resistant. The insulation is very good and the saddle bag is made from 600D polyester. This makes the saddle bag very strong. The polyurethane coating makes it weather-resistant.
  • Spacious: The Weaver Leather saddle bag has excellent pocket options and the bag is spacious and roomy. It has two main compartments which are padded. One has an insulated insert which is perfect for drinks and food. The other has additional interior pockets. Both the compartments have front pockets and the flap has a quick-release buckle. You can keep small items like your cell phone, keys or camera in the side pockets which are easily accessible.
  • Stability: The webbing straps which are adjustable increase the stability of the saddle bag.
  • Colors: The saddle bag comes in four colors of black, brown, orange and camouflage.


  • Cup holders: The cup holders are at the back rather than in the front which would have made it easier for the rider to use.


The Weaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle Bag is an excellent saddle bag as it is durable, spacious and very stable. It has compartments and the insulation is great so you can keep your drinks cold and enjoy it after a long, hard ride.


2. Weaver Leather Chap Saddle Bag Review

Weaver Leather Chap Leather Saddle Bag
The Weaver Leather Chap Saddle Bag is a work of art. It is very aesthetic and is made from chap leather which is top grain. It is wide so you can store more things in it. The saddle bag is hand stitched from inside so the seams are smooth and even. You can use the bag on motorcycles or on saddles of horses. It is made in Mt. Hope, Ohio and the quality is excellent.


  • Soft, high-quality leather: The saddle bag is made of soft, high-quality chap leather which is great to use. The leather is soft but very strong and durable and will last for a long time.
  • Stylish look: The look of the Weaver Leather Chap Saddle Bag is impressive as it has a great finish and the saddle bag is hand-stitched. The shade is darker than the one shown in the image but it has a very impressive look.
  • Spacious: The Weaver Leather Chap Saddle Bag is very spacious and you can store a lot of things in it. The length is 11″, the width is 3-1/2″ and the height is 12″ which makes it more than sufficient to carry a lot of things.


  • Price: The price is the only issue with the Weaver Leather Chap Saddle Bag but considering that it is made of high-quality chap leather and is handmade in the United States, it is worth it.


If you are looking for a high-quality saddle bag which looks excellent and is very durable, then you should go for the Weaver Leather Chap Saddle Bag. It is expensive but is well worth its price as it is handcrafted and is made of the best chap leather available.


3. Cashel Quality Deluxe Medium Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag Review

cashel saddle bags

The Cashel Quality Deluxe Medium Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag has padded pockets which are insulated and have quick clip buckles. It has hook-and-loop straps which can be attached around the pommel of your horse. You can carry two water bottles and it also has a pocket for a camera or a cell phone.


  • Tough: The Cashel Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag is very tough and is very durable. It is made of 600 Denier polyester materials. A reviewer online mentioned that he rode through thorns in the desert and his shirt was torn to shreds but the saddle bag was intact.
  • Multiple pockets: The Cashel Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag has a wide variety of pockets so you can easily place the various things you need on your ride. It has insulated padded pockets for drinks and food. It has two pockets for water bottles and it as a pocket to keep your cell phone or camera.
  • Colors: It comes in four colors so you can choose from black, brown, camouflage and hot-leaf camouflage.


  • Not weather-resistant: Though the material used is great, it is not weather-resistant and you need to keep this in mind if you are carrying equipment which is vulnerable to harsh weather.


The Cashel Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag is tough and spacious and you can use it to carry multiple things. It is made of strong material and is durable. If you are not carrying sensitive equipment then you can definitely consider this saddle bag.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it important to have good saddlebags?

When you’re out on the trail, it pays to be ready for any eventuality. When you choose the best saddlebags for trail riding, you can have everything you need at your fingertips including:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Cell phone
  • Change of socks
  • Medical supplies
  • Sponge for your horse
    …and much more…

2. What types of saddlebags are available?

You can choose from saddlebags intended to be carried in the front (pommel or withers bags) or those intended to be carried behind your saddle (cantle bags). Which you choose depends upon your needs and preferences.

With English saddles you can also use a type of saddle bag called an in-pad pouch. This type of saddle bag is really just a pouch that is a part of your saddle pad. This pouch seals shut with a hook and loop fastener. The pouch hangs from the side of the pad in the back similar to a cantle bag.

If you want to be able to grab your phone or your water bottle quickly without having to turn around, a pommel or withers bag is best. For items that you won’t need unless you are dismounted, such as your first aid kit, your lunch or your rain poncho, a cantle bag is best.

3. How do you attach saddlebags to your saddle?

This depends a lot on the type of saddle you have. Most saddles (English, Western and Australian) have D rings attached. You can tie or snap your saddlebags on to the D rings.

Saddles that have a saddle horn (Western and Australian) can have pommel bags hung over the horn.

Western and Australian saddles also often have saddle strings made of leather or some other strong material that can be used to tie the saddlebag onto the saddle.

If you’re just going out for a short ride and only need to carry your water bottle and/or your cell phone, you may want to invest in an item specific holder. This type of holder is specially designed to carry particular items. They clip onto the D rings of your saddle easily and hang to the side.

4. What if you only need a first aid kit?

You can purchase a saddle bag that is already specially equipped as a first aid kit. This item comes pre-stocked with the supplies you may need in the event of an emergency on the trail. This type of saddle bag is easy to hang over your saddle horn with a western or Australian saddle. You may also clip it onto a D ring or tie it on using a saddle string.

5. What kind of material is best for saddlebags?

Saddlebags are available in leather, waxed oilskin and various cloth materials. Each of these materials has its good points and its bad points.

Canvas, cotton and nylon saddlebags are very easy to clean, but they are not as durable as leather or waxed oilskin. Conversely, they are also not as expensive as these more durable materials. If you want to have saddlebags in various colors to match your tack and/or your riding outfit, you may want to have several different cloth saddlebags.

Waxed oilskin is actually another type of cloth, but it is sealed with wax and hot oil so that it’s waterproof. This is a good-looking material, and it’s also quite lightweight while being resistant to rain and snow. Waxed oilskin has a traditional look and is a bit expensive, but it is also very durable.

Leather is the most traditional and most durable material for good saddlebags. When you buy a high quality set of leather saddlebags, you can expect them to last a lifetime and more.

This type of saddle bag goes very well with trail and endurance saddles, Australian and Western saddles. Very fancy ones can be had that are tooled to match your western saddle.

On the downside, leather saddlebags can be a bit tedious to clean, and they are a little bit heavy.

6. What’s the handiest way to carry water while on horseback?

Look for holders that are specifically designed to carry plastic water bottles or canteens. Having a designated holder for your water container frees up space in your saddlebags and keeps your water out in the open so it’s quick and easy to access.

Holders for water containers are usually designed to clip onto the D rings in front of your saddle. These holders are usually made of nylon so that they would not be damaged or stained by spilled water as leather would.

7. How can you keep your food the right temperature while you’re riding?

If you’re going on a long ride and you want to keep your food safely cool or appetizing the warm, you can get an insulated saddlebag.

These types of bags usually have various compartments to carry different aspects of your meal separately. Some also have pockets where you can place freezer bags freezer packs to keep everything nice and cool.

This type of bag usually fits onto the back of your saddle and attaches by either saddle strings or D rings.

8. Should you put everything in your saddlebag?

Even though there are all sorts of saddlebags and holders available to carry all sorts of things, remember it‘s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. This is especially true if you have a spooky horse who tends to bolt and/or throw you.

In addition to a good saddlebag (or collection of saddlebags) you should also have a fanny pack or some other type of storage that is fastened securely to you. It’s best if it’s waterproof. This is the place where you should keep anything that you think you might need if something happens to your horse and you wind up on foot.

For example, you might decide it’s smarter to keep your ID, cell phone, water bottle and a small First Aid kit on your person rather than on your saddle.

9. Will my horse accept saddlebags?

Just as with any other item of equipment, you should take some time to accustom your horse to your new saddlebags when you get them. Saddle your horse up as usual and then introduce the new items by allowing him to smell them before attaching them to the saddle.

Hand walk your horse in a variety of familiar places so that he can get used to the motion of the saddlebags.

If you’re going to be carrying a water container with ice, be sure to give your horse plenty of practice with this new sound and sensation.

Remember to open and close the packs while they are on your horse’s saddle. This is especially important if the saddlebags you’ve chosen have Velcro closures. The sound of the opening and closing may be startling to your horse.

10. What’s the best way to pack saddlebags?

Just as with your saddle and with your own weight, always be considerate of your horse when packing your saddlebags. Be sure to distribute the load evenly so that you don’t have one side much heavier than the other. Don’t overload your horse, no matter what you do.

Be careful not to put a lot of weight over your horse’s pelvic area as this can be painful and may cause your horse to buck. It’s better to place heavier items towards the front and lighter items towards the back.

Naturally, you don’t want to lose your the contents of your saddlebags or frighten your horse, so you will must be sure that they are properly secured and properly closed.

11. Which type of saddle bag should you choose?

You don’t have to choose just one type. It’s a good idea to have a collection of saddlebags and holders so that you can custom fit your needs on every ride.


Having a saddlebag is very important when you are riding your horse on the trail. You can carry essentials like water, a first aid kit, etc. It may be also a good gift idea for another horse lover.

If you are looking for an all-purpose high quality, durable saddle bag then go for the Weaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle Bag. If you want a saddle bag that is made of excellent material and looks great and you don’t mind paying more, then go for the handcrafted Weaver Chap Leather Saddle Bag. If you want a tough and spacious saddle bag and are not carrying sensitive material then you can buy the Cashel Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag.

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  1. I feel like this type of purchase would be a trial and error thing. Even if I feel there is a functionality to a saddle or the bags, it would have to come down to me trying them out. Either way, this is a good list of options to start with.


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