Which Is The Best Horse Saddle On The Market?

Most people choose to ride in a saddle. Some opt for bareback riding with pads, or even just bareback, but for the most part it is more comfortable to ride with some sort of saddle. But how do you find the best horse saddle? What type you go for depends on your riding style – do you go for an English saddle? A Western? What about a treeless saddle, or a side saddle? This list is pretty long!

So the first step is to identify what type of saddle you want, then go shopping for it. Or, you could have a read through the products below – we have picked out the best saddle from one of three types – English, Trail/Endurance, and Barrel.

Best Horse Saddle Reviews




Wintec 2000 All Purpose Saddle CAIR Wintec 2000 All Purpose Saddle

One of the best English saddles on the market.

Abetta Endurance AIRE-Grip Saddle Abetta Endurance AIRE-Grip Saddle

Lightweight, durable, great for trail/endurance riding.

Circle Y High Saddle Mustang Collapsible Junior Roping Dummy

A typical “cowboy” saddle, perfect for barrel racing.


1. Best English Saddle: Wintec 2000 All Purpose Saddle CAIR Review

Wintec 2000 All Purpose Saddle CAIR

This is a fantastic saddle for all round riding. It is suitable for just about any discipline, and is very comfortable for both horse and rider.


  • Easy Change Fit Solution means you can adjust the saddle – No more expensive visits from the saddle fitter – with the Wintec’s easy change gullets and new Riser system, you can mould the saddle to your horse’s changing shape, ensuring it stays comfortable.
  • Saddle ensures the correct riding position for jumping, flat work and trail riding – The deep seat and moulded knee rolls make sure that your seat and legs are in the optimum position.
  • CAIR panel cushion system – This encourages easier, freer movement from your horse, and therefore a better performance. If he is more comfortable he will perform better, and this is a very comfortable saddle!
  • Lightweight, water resistant and easy to care for – The fact that this saddle is synthetic material and not leather means that it is lighter than most saddles and also easier to clean – no need for oiling, just wipe with a damp cloth.


  • Not everyone likes synthetic saddles – For the purists, or those who just really like a good leather saddle, this one may not be the best option.


A great all round saddle, which can be adjusted to fit just about any horse and is suitable for just about any discipline. What more could you ask for in a saddle?


2. Best Trail/Endurance Saddle: Abetta Endurance AIRE-Grip Saddle Review

Best Trail/Endurance Saddle review

This is a very fine example of a really good endurance saddle. It is comfortable for both you and your horse, as well as being hard wearing and ideal for long trail rides.


  • Breathable, shock absorbent Cool-Grip lining – This is perfect for those spooky moments on the trail when everything shoots sideways suddenly, or for a harder than expected landing from a jump.
  • Wider than most other synthetic saddles – This encourages a better fit, and spreads the weight out on the horse’s back so it will be a more comfortable ride for him.
  • Easier to keep clean than leather – The fact that this saddle is synthetic is a big plus, as it needs no oiling or lots of cleaning after a ride. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re done!
  • AIRE-grip shock absorbing closed cell lining – This material makes the saddle even more comfortable for the horse, something which is very important at all times but especially on long, gruelling trail rides.


  • May not be suitable for a high withered horse – The fact that this saddle is very wide may not be ideal for those with high withers as the tree may rest on them and be uncomfortable.


This lightweight, durable saddle is great for long hours of riding and will keep both you and your horse comfortable and happy.


3. Best Barrel Saddle: Circle Y High Horse Liberty Saddle Review

best barrel saddle review

This is a saddle made by a well known and loved manufacturer, which is definitely a selling point. Buying a saddle from a trusted brand always make sense as they have the experience to produce some really good equipment.


  • Brown suede hip hugging seat – Suede is a super grippy leather that will hold you in place better than other, slippier types of leather. The seat is nice and deep, which, along with the suede, will help you stay in position around tight turns.
  • 5” high cantle allows a great grip – It is very useful to have something to grab onto on a barrel saddle, and this cantle is made for that.
  • Hand made in America – A hand stitched saddle is bound to be much better quality than a machined one, and the fact that this one is made in Yoakum, Texas means that it is made with the barrel rider in mind.
  • Hand tooled so it really looks the part – Although this is not the first consideration when buying a saddle, it helps if you have a really attrractive one! The Circle Y is floral tooled with silver plated conchos and The Proven silvere billet slot.


  • It may a bit on the pricey side – There is very little about this saddle that isn’t absolutely amazing. The one thing that may out you off is the price – but then think of it as an investment that will last you for years and it won’t seem so expensive!


This is a beautiful example of a typical “cowboy” saddle which is designed to be great at what is is made for as well as looking extremely attractive.



There are a million and one saddles out there, for just about any type of riding you want to get into. The best horse saddle will not only help your horse perform his at best because he will be comfortable, but will help you enjoy your rides more as you will be comfortable too. Whether you want an English saddle, an Endurance saddle or a Barrel saddle, you are bound to find your forever saddle from the lists above.

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