How To Choose The Best Horse Shedding Tool

A shedding tool or deshedder can take lots of the hard work out of helping your horse slip out of his heavy winter coat, and allow the thinner summer coat to come through. In days gone by, we had to use curry combs and a lot of elbow grease to remove the clouds of excess winter hair, but these days we can use a shedding tool to help do the job quicker.

There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to finding the best horse shedding tool or deshedder, so how do you know what to spend your hard-earned dollars on?

Best Horse Shedding Tool Reviews

You read through the following list, that’s how, because we have selected three of the best deshedders on the market:


Shedding Tools


SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool (10 inch)TOP PICK: SleekEZ Original

An incredibly easy to use tool that has everything you need.

StripHair The Gentle Groomer (for Horses)Strip Hair The Gentle Groomer

A flexible shedding tool that can be used wet or dry.

EquiGroomer Large 9" Shedding/Grooming Tool for Horses (Turquoise)Equigroomer Premium

A slick little shedding tool competitively priced.


1. SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool Review

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool (10 inch)

This is an incredibly easy to use tool, which will give astonishing results really quickly. No matter how hard you brush with traditional brushes, it is impossible to remove all the dead hairs and dander from your horse’s coat. This tool will revolutionize your grooming life!


  • Long enough to use with two hands – This adds to the effectiveness of this tool, as two hands can be stronger than one and will remove more of the excess unwanted hair.
  • Unique, patented tooth pattern – This design is unique to SleekEZ and is designed to be as effective as possible at removing hair, dead skin and other undesirables from your horse’s coat.
  • Useful for removing hair from furnishings, clothes and tack – this tool is not only useful for removing the hair from your horse! It can also be used to take excess hair off your favourite sweater, the inside of your car or your horse’s most often used numnah.
  • Horses actually enjoy being groomed with this tool – Because it is gentle, and designed to be kind to your horse’s skin at the same time as removing excess hair, it is pleasant for them to be brushed with this tool.


  • May not work on very thick coats – If your horse has Cushings, or is an exceptionally thick coated breed, you may find that a different tool works better as it has been reported that this works better on slightly less hairy specimens.


This patented designed shedding tool will not make a hole in your bank account, but it will work to remove excess dead hair from your shedding horse. Makes it a much easier job than traditional grooming too!


2. Strip Hair The Gentle Groomer Review

StripHair The Gentle Groomer (for Horses)


This flexible shedding tool can be used wet or dry, and unlike some others it contains no blade whatsoever, so there is no danger of accidentally cutting your horse. It is easy to use, highly durable and does exactly what it says on the tin.


  • Stimulates blood supply and distributes natural oils to the skin – This tool is very beneficial to your horse’s coat, as it will encourage blood supply to the surface of the skin, as well as helping natural oils to spread through the coat.
  • Safe for use on the delicate skin areas of the face and legs – Because of the lack of blade in this product, it can be safely used on areas that can easily be damaged by other tools that contain blades.
  • Removes only the dead hairs – Unlike some tools, this one will only remove the loose, dead hairs and none of the healthy ones, leaving your horse’s coat smooth and sleek.
  • Flexible, durable and well made – Because this is one piece of rubber and contains no added bits or moving parts, it is a very strong piece of kit, one that should last in your grooming box for a long time to come.


  • Takes a lot of elbow grease – This product does need a lot of work to get the loose coat out, slightly more than some others on the market, which may put some people off.


A fantastic, simple shedding tool to remove excess dead hair, dirt and dander. This one can be used wet, to rub in shampoo and spread it about, or dry, to remove dead hair and dirt.


3. Equigroomer Premium Grooming Brush Review


EquiGroomer Large 9" Shedding/Grooming Tool for Horses (Turquoise)


This tool is great for year-round use, and it will improve your horse’s coat after a very short time. It doesn’t use a blade but tiny little teeth, which work at pulling out the dead hairs by their ends.


  • Will not damage the skin or the coat – Because the little teeth are so very little, there is no chance that it can scrape your horse’s skin or damage the healthy hairs.
  • Improves the quality of the coat with regular use – By removing the dead hairs, flakes of skin and dust, your horse’s coat can really have a chance to shine as it is meant to.
  • Made from quality materials – Because this product is designed to last, it is constructed with care from strong, hardy materials that prevent it from breaking or wearing out.
  • 100% risk free – The manufacturer is so convinced that you will love this product that they guarantee it risk free, and offer a lot of customer support to answer any questions you may have.


  • Some users have suggested that a curry comb works better – Let’s face it, there is no miracle to remove all your horse’s excess hair without a bit of input from you. Some people just prefer old fashioned tools!


This is a slick little shedding tool, that should help you to improve your horse’s appearance and his overall coat condition, much quicker than many others on the market.



Getting rid of winter hair, especially on a thick coated horse, can be a real pain. Of course, clipping your horse may help but not everyone is keen to do that regularly. Make your life much easier with a specially designed shedding tool. Choose one of the best horse shedding tool on our list, add it to your favorite grooming kit, and make your life that little bit easier!

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