How To Choose The Best Horse Tack Trunk?

When you have finally finished stocking your horse’s wardrobe, and you’ve got him all the best tack that money can buy, you are faced with the problem of where to store it. If you have a tack room the issue is not so bad, as you can store saddles and bridles on designated hooks – but if you don’t have such facilities then where can you store your equipment? In the best horse tack trunk, of course!

These things will revolutionise your life, especially if you have been used to carting all your gear around in the back of a truck. Now you can keep it all in one place, safe and secure!

Best Horse Tack Trunk Reviews

We have selected three of the finest products so you can look through and choose the best one for you.


Tack Trunks


Horsemen's Pride Tack Trunk w/Tote Tray BlueTOP PICK: Horsemen’s Pride Tack Trunk

A great, strong and sturdy tack box.

Horse Fare Products Starter Wood Tack TrunkHorse Fare Products Starter Wood Trunk

A truly beautiful example of a classy tack box.

Pelican Storm iM2975 Case No Foam (Black)Pelican Storm iM2975 Case

A seriously heavy duty tack box that is very safe.


1. Horsemen’s Pride Tack Trunk Review

Horsemen's Pride Tack Trunk w/Tote Tray Blue

This sturdy tack box is made in the US by a trusted manufacturer that has been established since 1976, so you will know that it is a quality product which will keep your valuables safe.


  • Durable, quality materials – This trunk is constructed from strong, hard wearing Polyurethane, so it can stand up to a lot of abuse without getting damaged, and will keep your tack protected.
  • Plenty of room inside – A very important factor when looking for tack boxes is the size – this one will easily fit either a Western or an English saddle with room for extra bits and bobs to spare.
  • Includes a tray inside for storing grooming products – This is a little touch that makes a lot of difference – having a space that you can store grooming gear and other things is very helpful.
  • Comes in a variety of colors – You can easily match your tack box to your color scheme, as this one can be bought in blue, black or green.


  • The blue color is very blue – This color option is quite a bright one, so some users have suggested that it may not be suitable for those who like a more muted color scheme.


A great, strong and sturdy tack box for storing your saddle and bridle along with a few extra bits too, this one will keep your riding gear safe and secure.


2. Horse Fare Products Starter Wood Trunk Review

Horse Fare Products Starter Wood Tack Trunk

This is a truly beautiful example of a tack box, made from strong wood materials and with a classy look and finish.


  • Solid brass hardware – The handles, hasp and lid stay are brass or plated brass, which is not only a good strong material which will not rust under proper care, but it is also an attractive metal which sets off the look of the wood.
  • Strong, durable hardwood construction – The wood of this trunk is sturdy and long lasting, with an attractive Walnut finish and a clear coat of varnish for keeping the wood protected.
  • Removable sliding tray for extra storage – Having an extra space to store smaller bits of tack and brushes is very handy, and this box has a tray that can be totally removed for ease and convenience.
  • Hand crafted in the US by a trusted manufacturer – Horse Fare have been making horse equipment for over 30 years, and they have a good reputation for making quality products.


  • Slightly smaller than some other tack trunks – You may find it more of a squeeze to fit your tack into this box, as it is on the smaller side than some others.


For a really good, solid tack box that will store your tack and keep it dry and safe in storage as well as looking truly beautiful in the tack room, then this is the box to go for.


3. Pelican Storm iM2975 Case No Foam Review

Pelican Storm iM2975 Case No Foam (Black)

This heavy duty tack box will store your tack safely and very securely, and will protect it from any knocks and damage on the road or in the tack room.


  • Comes with in-line wheels for easy transport – Being able to move your tack box with ease is a great feature, and this one can be easily rolled about to save your muscles and back.
  • Hasps can be locked for extra security – You can keep your tack and riding gear extra safe and secure with this box, as you can lock it and keep everything extra safe. No worries about anyone tampering with your tack when you have it stored in this box!
  • Rugged and resistant to damage – Because this tack box is made from HPX Polymer it will stand up to a lot of impacts; even a horse kicking it or a fall out of the back of trailer shouldn’t damage it.
  • Rounded corners to absorb impact – The rounded edges of this tack box means that any kinetic energy from an impact is spread all around the box rather than in one area, keeping your tack safe from harm.


  • Not great for stacking – If you plan on buying more than one of these boxes (and why wouldn’t you?) do bear in mind that they are quite slippery on the tops, and will not be safe piled one on top of the other.


This is a seriously heavy duty tack box. As well as being almost impervious to damage, it is also waterproof, meaning that your tack will be undamaged if you happen to leave this box in the rain.



Tack is one of the most expensive parts of horse ownership. Saddles and bridles of the best quality can really set you back, and as such you will want to keep them as safe as you possibly can while travelling, and protected from the rain and the weather, or even damp air at the barn. The best horse tack trunk will keep your horse’s wardrobe – and your bank balance – safe from damage and will help it last as long as it can.

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