Which Is The Best Horse Training DVD On The Maket?

There are so many books out there on how to train your horse, improve your riding, learn a different discipline and many other horse related topics. But some people just don’t get on with book learning, or need a more visual way of finding out new things. If you are one of those people, have you thought about looking for the best horse training DVD?

It’s a great way to learn, and you will get a running commentary on how to do each type of training as you watch. DVD learning is great because you can re-watch sections over and over to make sure you’re doing it right, and pause on other areas if you’re not ready to move on.

Best Horse Training DVD Reviews

But how do you find the best horse training DVD? You carry on reading this article, because we have selected six of the best ones for you to get your teeth into!

1. Training Your Horse For Trail Riding – Chris Cox

Training for your horse for TRAIL RIDING - Chris Cox 2 DVDS

Trail riding is one of the most fun, rewarding and natural ways of riding. It mimics the horse’s own way of moving about, albeit that they are not in a herd, and not stopping to forage all day. Chris’ helpful instructions will teach you the basics of trail riding, from how to prepare to how to deal with some of the most common issues you will face, such as shying, steep inclines and water crossings.

A great introduction into how to enjoy one of the most enjoyable forms of riding, and at 1 hour 38 minutes it is easy to watch in one go.


2. 7 Clinics With Buck Brannaman

7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman: Set 1: Groundwork (Discs 1-2)

Buck uses a natural horsemanship approach which, thankfully, is becoming far more popular than the old fashioned methods of treating horses. He travels the country extensively, delivering clinics and teaching people how to ride more responsively and get the most out of their relationship with their horse.

This DVD is great for those who can’t make it to a clinic, as it features over 10 hours of instructional footage on all of the most common horse training techniques – such as halter training, saddle and bridling, working in circles, and so on. A fantastic introduction to a natural way of enjoying your horse riding experiences.


3. John Lyons – From Ground To Saddle – A Beginner’s Guide To Horse Handling

John Lyons--From Ground to Saddle--A Beginner's Guide to Horse Handling

If you are looking for the basics of horse training, this one is the one for you. It covers absolutely everything, starting from safe handling techniques. You will learn how to catch your horse, how to lead him, safe ways of moving around him that don’t spook him, the basic grooming techniques, tacking up, mounting and dismounting, proper seat and hand position, learning how to direct the horse, and finally stepping up the gears.

This is a really comprehensive instructional DVD, which has over 4 hours of information to turn you from a clueless novice to a confident horse person in no time. This DVD also comes with a 70 page book, for extra reference.


4. Basic Training For Riding Horses – Ingrid Klimke

Basic Training for Riding Horses, Vol.1 - 3 Ingrid Klimke

Ingrid Klimke is an Olympic medal winner, so you already know you are in good hands with this 3 and a bit hour instructional DVD. You will learn some basic dressage exercises which are designed to improve suppleness and good collection, along with those which will help you and your horse learn extension, contact between your hands and your horse, and rhythm. The dressage exercise increase in hardship until you are able to practise flying changes and pirouettes!

The DVD also features exercises to improve your jumping, starting with pole work and moving through cavalettis and skinny jumps. This is a great DVD to help you improve your riding in several disciplines, working under the tuition of a world renowned rider.


5. Training For Dressage Horses Part 1

Training For Dressage Horses Part 1 DVD

This DVD is a step up from the previous one, as it takes the dressage training further and focuses solely on the dressage for those who want to concentrate more on this style of riding, whether for competition or just to improve yourself and your horse’s co ordination, flexibility and responsiveness.

Ingrid Klimke is joined by her mentor Paul Stecken and in-hand expert Wilfred Gehrmann in this 1 hour 20 min DVD, to show you how to perfect your lateral movements, work on flying changes and improve your mid-canter changes. Klimke is a highly successful trainer who also promotes respect and care for the horse, making her work highly regarded and very useful for the budding dressage enthusiast.


6. John Lyons Trail Riding Series

John Lyons The Trail Riding Series - Training From The Heart 3 DVD Set - Groundwork, Riding and Performance Topics for You and Your Horse

This is great all round overview of different techniques to help you improve your relationship with your horse as well as your riding skills. John Lyons covers everything in this 6 hour epic, from the most basic catching the horse and ground work, to learning about some interesting horse behaviours and how to prevent them, or at least make them into positives.

For example, if you find out about horse pecking orders you can work out why some horses misbehave around each other, while learning about buddy behaviour can improve your experiences with other riders on the trail. There is a lot of information covered in this DVD, and you will find that it improves your riding and your understanding of your horse.


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  1. You should add Clinton Anderson and all of his training levels, that include everything from breaking a horse to performance training.


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