How To Choose The Best Horse Treats?

Everyone loves treats! Just about everyone I know has a treat cupboard, stocked with biscuits, cake, chocolate or crisps, to reward themselves with after a long day, or a job well done. Treats are a great way to train animals, and horses are no exception. If you want to encourage your horse to do what you ask him to, or to reward him after he does a good job, you will want to look into the best horse treats.

But which horse treats should you invest in? Should you be looking for all natural ingredients, or those treats which prioritize a good flavor?

Horse Treats Reviews

We have decided to make the search easier for you, and have searched the internet to come with these three products which all fit the bill of the best horse treats.


Horse Treats


Omega Nibblers Low Sugar & Starch, 3.5 lbTOP PICK: Omega Nibblers Low Sugar

A great sugar-free and natural treat.

Stud Muffins 1060/1050 Stud Muffins Horse Treat, 60 OzStud Muffins

A good value for money bucket of healthy treats.

SQZY Buns Horse TREATS3# by Squeezy Buns MfrPartNo UJSBLSqzy Buns Horse Treats

A good all round treat that horses seem to love.


1. Omega Nibblers Low Sugar And Starch Review

Omega Nibblers Low Sugar & Starch, 3.5 lb

These are an all natural, low sugar treat that contain all sorts of good stuff to keep your horse in tip top health, as well as rewarding him for good behaviour.


  • Functional as well as a treat – This nibble will not only work as a great treat for your horse, but also as a way to help restore cracked hooves, promote a healthy coat and even get rid of sweet itch.
  • Great for stiff and sore horses – The Omega Nibbler can help soothe stiff joints and aching muscles, due to the levels of Omega EFAs it contains.The levels of 3 and 9 are higher than 6, which is the best ratio for the EFAs there is.
  • All natural supplement – Obviously, we all want to give our horses only the very best, and with this treat you can be sure that he is receiving only natural ingredients with no nasties.
  • Perfect for horses on restricted diet – No more feeling sorry for your horse who cannot have treats because he isn’t allowed sugar – these little treats are so low in sugar that they are permitted on restricted diets. Also, you can break them in half so you’re giving even less!


  • May not be suitable for picky eaters – For the suspicious horse who doesn’t like to try new things, these treats may not be ideal as they may be spat out! Some horses just like the sugar hit of sweeter treats.


A great treat for any horse on a sugar-free diet, or those who need a more natural treat, these are sure to find a favorite spot in your feed room.


2. Stud Muffins 1060/1050 Horse Treat Review

Stud Muffins 1060/1050 Stud Muffins Horse Treat, 60 Oz

A healthy, natural horse treat that your best friend will love! Great for masking medication, giving as a reward or simply as a tasty treat, these are a great horse treat.


  • 100% natural ingredients – These are a very healthy treat, as they contain nothing that your horse may not find while out foraging. Natural ingredients are very important in a horse treat, so that you now there is nothing chemical-based in them that might cause a reaction.
  • Perfect for giving pills – If you have a horse that needs to take medication but refuses, these treats are the perfect answer to a horse that need medication yet refuses to take! Simply pop a pill inside the soft treat and your horse will unknowingly gobble it up.
  • A good sized bucket of treats for your money – It is often cheaper to buy in bulk, and with this 60oz bucket you will find that you have enough treats for a long time to come!
  • Easy to break into pieces – If you have a greedy horse, or a large herd, you may want to give them smaller treats to spread them out. You can easily divide these treats into smaller portions, giving you even more for your buck.


  • Packaging is not the best – Some buyers have suggested that the quality of the bucket is not the best, and that it is hard to get the lid to stay on. If you have this problem you could simply decant the treats into another container so that they stay airtight.


This is a good value for money bucket of treats, that your horse is guaranteed to love and which will last you for ages (unless your four-legged finds a way to break into the feed room, that is!)


3. Sqzy Buns Horse Treats Review

SQZY Buns Horse TREATS3# by Squeezy Buns MfrPartNo UJSBL

These cute treats come with an amusing product name to make you smile as much as the treats will make your horse smile!


  • Individually wrapped for freshness – No more being disappointed when your entire treat selection dries out as soon as it has been opened! Each of these treats is wrapped to keep it fresh, and to prevent treats sticking to each other.
  • Natural, nutritional ingredients – It is important to keep an eye on the nutritional value of a treat, as well as its appeal to the horse. These treats are designed to be good for your horse as well as giving him something he enjoys to eat.
  • Very good value for money – Sadly, money is always a consideration when buying anything for our horses or ourselves. You can buy these treats guilt free, knowing that they will last for a long time, give your horse pleasure, and not break the bank either.
  • Easy to take out and about with you – Unlike some treats that do not come with their own wrapping, these treats will not dissolve into crumbs in your pockets, making them ideal to take to the show ring, or even just out on a hack.


  • Higher in sugar than some other treats – For a horse on a restricted sugar diet, these may not be as suitable as some other treats on the market.


A good all round treat that horses seem to love, these will make you very popular on the yard. Some people even say that just the noise of the wrapper crinkling is enough to bring their horse running!



The best horse treats should be good for your horse, as well as being a tasty treat. The above list are not only not unhealthy, but actually contain ingredients that are highly beneficial to your horse. You can treat his health at the same time as you’re treating him!

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