What Is The Best Lasso Rope For Beginners?

Whether you’re a practiced cowboy or just setting out into the world of roping, a good lasso is an absolute must. If you’ve been roping for years and years you probably have hundreds of them and have no need for more, but if you’re just starting out then you will be wondering how to find the best lasso rope for beginners. We have selected three of the best products for those just starting out in their roping career.

Best Lasso Rope For Beginners

The following products are perfect for learning with, but also fantastic products in their own right, that may become your go to rope for the future:


Lasso Ropes


AJ Tack Wholesale Adult Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope Hand Sewn Leather Burner 30 Feet Made in USA WaxedTOP PICK: AJ Tack Adult Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope

A great lasso rope from good quality materials.

Mustang Headin Ranch Rope w/Quick Release HondaMustang Headin Ranch Rope

A good rope made from cheaper nylon.

AJ Tack Wholesale Kid Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope with Burner Medium Lay 20ft White Made in USAAJ Tack Supreme Kids’ Rodeo Lariat Rope

Perfect rope for kids just starting out in roping.


1. AJ Tack Wholesale Adult Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope Leather Burner Review

AJ Tack Wholesale Adult Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope Hand Sewn Leather Burner 30 Feet Made in USA Waxed

This high quality twisted rope is perfect for learning, as well as for use by experienced ropers. It is well made and durable and should last you for years to come.


  • Hand sewn leather burner – The burner helps the honda keep its shape and allows the rope to slide through it. Unlike many ropes that come with plastic “speed” burners, this one is quality leather.
  • A good length and width – At 30’ in length, and 7/16” thick, this rope is slim and long enough to really get your teeth into roping.
  • Lightly hand waxed – Keeping your rope in good condition is essential, and this one will arrive having already been lovingly cared for. The wax will help to weatherproof and protect the rope.
  • It throws very well – Unlike some ropes, which are a little more like toys, this one is the real deal and will allow you to get a feel for throwing so you can start roping straight away.


  • Takes a little time to work in – Because it is quite a stiff rope, you may find you have to use it several times to allow it to develop suppleness.


A great rope for practicing and starting out roping, this one will be a valuable asset to your throwing career.


2. Mustang Headin Ranch Rope w/Quick Release Honda Review

Mustang Headin Ranch Rope w/Quick Release Honda

This is a useful rope to start out practising with, or to add to your rope collection! It is lightweight, good to throw and features a couple of useful points.


  • Made from waxed nylon – Nylon is a durable material that will last for years to come, and the fact that it is waxed means it will have even more life in it.
  • 30’ long for catching far away beasts – This is a standard length rope that you will find ideal for throwing over both close up and distant targets.
  • Quick release honda – This is a feature that not all ropes have, and one that will make your roping life even easier and more convenient.
  • Rawhide burner – This burner is not made of plastic like some, so it will not be as speedy. The burner helps the rope slide through the honda, so having it made of heavy duty material is a plus.


  • Construction is not the highest quality – Although nylon is a good material for a rope, it is not at the very top of the range for rope workmanship.


This is a good rope for lassoing anything, from calves and young stock to bigger beasts. You will find it a good length, and strong and comfortable to use.


3. AJ Tack Wholesale Supreme Western Kids’ Rodeo 20’ Lariat Rope Leather Burner Review

AJ Tack Wholesale Kid Rodeo Lasso Lariat Rope with Burner Medium Lay 20ft White Made in USA

This is the perfect rope for kids just starting out in roping – or even for those who just like a shorter rope! It is slightly shorter than the standard so it is easier for small arms to throw.


  • 20’ length perfect for shorter arms – A standard length rope may be too long and heavy for small people to handle; the length of this rope is ideal for them to start roping.
  • Good quality rope – When you’re a child, sometimes you want to feel more like a grown up. Having equipment that doesn’t feel like a toy is great for building confidence and skill, and this rope fits that bill as it has an air of professionalism.
  • Well made, strong construction – Even if your child wants to take up roping and you don’t feel it is a hobby that will last, it is good to buy something that will stand the test of time just in case the new hobby turns out to be their new favorite thing.
  • Suitable for a good range of ages – This rope will be perfect for budding cowboys and cowgirl between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.


  • May be slightly too stiff for little hands – You may find that when it is first used that the rope has not worn in yet, and smaller inexperienced ropers may find it tricky to use.


This is a great rope for your budding rope enthusiast to take out and about with them. Its length and weight will be easy for them to handle and encourage them to enjoy their new hobby. They can practice on chairs, stumps, skulls – and even younger siblings!



The best lasso rope for beginners is soft enough to be gentle on the hands yet sturdy and strong enough to stand up to the weight of a charging cow. It needs to be well made and strong, as well as durable and long lasting. When you first start out in roping you will quickly learn how enjoyable it is, and you will remember how the best lasso rope for beginners helped you branch out into your roping career – whether it’s team roping, breakaway roping or calf roping!

One of these ropes could help the young cow girl or boy in your life realize their dream, so help them discover the joy of roping and continue a generations-long habit. Have a look at best lasso ropes for beginners and find them something to really get stuck into.

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