How To Choose The Best Manure Fork

Cleaning up after our horses is never the most fun job, but it is essential for their well being and hygiene. If you have the right tools for job, it can make this less than pleasant task seem much easier and will help you get it done quicker too. Instead of using an old fork gleaned from somewhere with no handle that is tied together with string, why not splash out? Treat yourself to the best manure fork, and you will find it surprisingly rewarding!

Best Manure Fork Reviews

So here they are – my favorite manure forks! 🙂


Manure Forks


Truper 880154539 Truper 30323 Pro Manure Fork, 5-Tine, Fiberglass Handle, 10-Inch Grip, 50-InchTOP PICK: Truper 30323 Pro

A strong, sturdy, lightweight fork with a lifetime warranty.

The Ames Companies, Inc 2826800 Forged Manure ForkAmes Company Forged Manure Fork

A very hard working fork made from quality materials.

Dover Saddlery Forever ForkDover Saddlery Forever Fork

Great for sifting through sawdust bedding.


1. Truper 30323 Pro Manure Fork Review

Truper 880154539 Truper 30323 Pro Manure Fork, 5-Tine, Fiberglass Handle, 10-Inch Grip, 50-Inch

This long, lightweight fork is specially designed for the job of lifting horse manure, and it will make your job much easier. It is created to be strong as well as light, so it will last you for years to come.


  • Soft cushion grip for balance and control – The handle of this fork is perfectly designed for you to lift and pitch, and the cushioning means that you won’t hurt your hands or get blisters, even with prolonged use.
  • Forged head with a rivet for strength – The forged head is super strong, meaning that the tines won’t bend or break. The rivet holding the head onto the handle ensures that the head will stay where it’s mean to – firmly attached to the body.
  • Handle is long and very lightweight – The handle is made from fibreglass, making it light enough to use for prolonged periods without tiring you out too much.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty – The manufacturers are so confident about this product that it comes with a full lifetime guarantee in case of any defects or problems.


  • Tines may bend if used to pick up extremely heavy weight – This is a bedding fork, not to be used for extremely heavy loads or the tines may bend out of shape.


If you are looking for a strong, sturdy, lightweight fork to help take the back breaking effort out of cleaning your horse’s stall, then look no further than this one.


2. The Ames Company Inc Forged Manure Fork Review

The Ames Companies, Inc 2826800 Forged Manure Fork

This fork is suitable for shifting manure, straw, wood chips and mulch, and it is a very hard working, heavy duty fork. Made from quality materials, it is designed to do its job and to last well.


  • Hardwood handle is very strong and sturdy – The handle of this fork is treated hard wood, so although it won’t be the lightest there is it should stand up to all sorts of abuse and last for years.
  • Cushion grip for comfort – The handle has an oversized cushion grip to protect your hands against bruising and blisters, meaning that you can use it for long periods of time without blisters or chafing.
  • Extra strong tines for longevity – The forged tines are made from tempered steel, meaning that they won’t bend or break even under pressure.
  • Smooth and well balanced – A long handle can be unwieldy, but as long as it is nicely balanced with the weight of the head then it can be really comfortable to use. This fork has just the right combination of weight and balance.


  • The cover may split – The cushioning of the handle sometimes doesn’t last as long as the fork itself, being made of more perishable material than the handle, so the cushioning may give way before the fork.


A great fork for the job of moving manure. It is made in America by a trusted company, using strong workmanship and quality components, so it should last you for many years and do a good job of helping you clean out your stables.


3. Dover Saddlery Forever Fork Review

Dover Saddlery Forever Fork

This one is called the “Forever” fork for good reason – it should last you pretty much forever! It’s incredibly light, and has many more tines than traditional forks, making it perfect for picking up those small bits of manure that can’t be picked up with your standard fork.


  • Light and durable aluminium handle – The construction of aluminium is extremely strong, yet also incredibly light. This is ideal for a mucking out fork, which needs to be light in order to be useful for the purpose.
  • Flexible polycarbonate tines – The tines of this fork are numerous, and flexible in order to pick up small pieces of dirt and manure more easily. The polycarbonate construction also makes them very strong.
  • Made by a highly trusted manufacturer – Dover Saddlery products are known and loved all over, which makes them a good bet to buy products from, because they have a reputation to uphold!
  • The tines have a UV stabiliser – This not only protects them from damage and breaking, but also reduces any jarring of your arms and shoulders, which means that you can continue forking for longer.


  • Tines may break under excessive pressure – The tines are strong, but with extremely heavy lifting one or two of them may give way. The advantage is that there are so many of them that one or two missing shouldn’t make too much of a difference!


This is a manure fork with a difference. Great for sifting through sawdust bedding to get at those little bits that bigger forks can’t get, and will save you a lot on bedding as you won’t be picking up big bits to get to the manure. It is lightweight and well balanced so it should be comfortable to use.



The best manure fork will make your mucking out job far more pleasant and less painful. I won’t go so far as to say enjoyable, but at least it will be much easier to clean all your stall mats! If you have a good wheelbarrow and good fork that will last well and be durable and strong enough to last you for a long time, you will consider it a great investment.

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