What Are The Best Riding Breeches On The Market?

Having the right gear for your favorite hobby is very important. As horse riders, we often spend all our money making sure our horses have all the right attire to keep them safe and comfortable on rides, but tend to neglect ourselves! Obviously safety comes first, so you need to make sure you have a certified hat that has never been in an accident, and good boots that are well fitted are also important to protect your legs – but what about riding breeches?

The best riding breeches are comfortable enough to wear on long trial rides or cross country courses, with all the bending, stretching and odd leg positions that go with these activities, and they should be made of strong fabric that won’t rip or tear as you gallop through the forest.

Best Riding Breeches Reviews

We have taken the hard work out of finding the best riding breeches, and have picked out three of the best products for you to choose from:


Riding Breeches


Kerrits Cross-Over Breech Kneepatch Tan Size: SmallTOP PICK: Kerrit’s Cross Over Breech

A great, high quality, versatile pair of breeches.

Ovation Women's Euro Melange Full Seat Cotton Breeches, Indigo, 30 RegularOvation Women’s Euro Melange

Great breeches with a lower waist and deep useful pockets.

HR Farm Women's Full Seat Silicone Grip Breeches Horse Riding Jodhpurs (Beige, 34)HR Farm Full Seat Silicone Grip Breeches

A hard wearing breeches with great silicone grip.


1. Kerrit’s Cross Over Breech Knee Patch Review

Kerrits Cross-Over Breech Kneepatch Tan Size: Small

A fabulous pair of standard type breeches that are well made, high quality and won’t break the bank. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable, making them ideal for whatever discipline you want them for.


  • Stain and water resistant – There is nothing worse than losing your nice pair of show breeches to a stain that just won’t come out! These will resist all but the most stubborn stains, and will even resist a bit of light rain.
  • Made from Kerrit’s signature fabric – This company uses Dynamic Extreme fabric, which is super stretchy and strong, making the breeches comfortable and long lasting.
  • Nubuck patches afford great grip – You need something solid to grip on with your knees, and the patches on these breeches are grippy Nubuck leather, so you’ll be able to stick like glue!
  • Machine wash friendly – Maintaining these breeches is super easy. You just need to wash them cold, tumble dry on low, then ride and repeat!


  • Quite high waisted – For those who like a lower riding pair of breeches, these may not be ideal.


These are great breeches, which look the part and do the job extremely well. Suitable for all types of riding as well as all types of weather, they are a great versatile pair of breeches.


2. Ovation Women’s Euro Melange Full Seat Cotton Breeches Review

Ovation Women's Euro Melange Full Seat Cotton Breeches, Indigo, 30 Regular

These breeches will make you stand out from the crowd. With a denim look you will be cool as a cucumber as you ride around the countryside! They are also very comfortable and hard wearing.


  • Cotton/Polyester/Spandex construction – This mix of fabrics means that these breeches are not only super stretchy and comfortable, but also seriously strong.
  • High wicking properties to reduce sweating – As we all know, horse riding can be a pretty hot hobby! These breeches will keep you cool and comfortable by preventing perspiration from sticking to your skin.
  • Full suede seat – Suede is a fantastically grippy material, so having it on the seat of a pair of breeches is a really good thing – you’ll stick to the saddle much better.
  • They look classy and stylish – Ok, I know this is not at the forefront of your mind when looking for the best riding breeches, but who says you can’t look nice while on a horse?


  • Sizes run on the large size – It is worth bearing in mind, to avoid disappointment and the hassle of exchanging, that these breeches may be large on you, so order a smaller size to begin with.


These are great riding breeches, with a lower waist than some and deep useful pockets. The suede seat grip is also a great plus point and cannot be mentioned enough!


3. HR Farm Women’s Full Seat Silicone Grip Breeches Review

HR Farm Women's Full Seat Silicone Grip Breeches Horse Riding Jodhpurs (Beige, 34)

A quality, hard wearing pair of breeches, these ones will see you though some great rides and help you stay in the saddle even when all around you are losing theirs!


  • Full seat silicone grip –A grippy seat is essential, especially if you’re using a leather saddle that can be slippery, or if your horse is particularly spooky. The full seat grip on these breeches is second to none.
  • Four sided stretchable, breathable fabric – This tough construction makes the breeches extremely durable, whilst still allowing your skin to breathe. The best combination!
  • Zip up pocket – Carrying things around on your rides can be tricky, and although many other breeches have pockets there are very few that have zips to keep your items safe.
  • Middle rise waist – For those who don’t like the very high waist on a lot of riding breeches, these are the perfect answer.


  • Breeches may stretch with prolonged use – The cotton in the fabric mix can lead these breeches to sag out of shape a little after many long rides.


These breeches are great for any type of riding, and are especially great for those whose horses dance across the road at the sight of something scary – you won’t leave the saddle with this great silicone grip! They are also pretty easy on the bank account, unlike some breeches.



The best riding breeches (the same like good bra or riding boots) should make your rides even more fun. You need to be comfortable, especially in the crotch area, and riding breeches are designed to be comfortable enough to wear in the saddle for many hours at a time.

The best riding breeches will feature some sort of grippy material to help you keep your seat, and will be suitable for all types of riding (just remember that if you want to show, you need white breeches). Trawling through the internet is hard work, so put your feet up with a cup of coffee and have a look through our list – you are bound to find the perfect breeches for you, or some of your friends if you are looking for a gift idea!

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