Which Is The Best Roping Dummy On The Market?

Roping is just about the most fun you can have. Team roping is even more fun! If you want to practise at home on your own or with a friend or two, why not look into the best roping dummy? Roping dummies can help you improve your roping skills as they are the basic shape of a cow, so you can practise where to aim and how to land your rope for the best effect. Many of them are available in swinging or moving options, so the roping experience is even more authentic and you can practise heading and heeling with friends.

Best Roping Dummy Reviews

We have picked out three of the best dummies for you to choose from below:


Roping Dummies


Southwestern Equine Roping Heading and Heeling Dummy Stand - NEW VERSION Roping DummyTOP PICK: Southwestern Equine Roping Dummy

A durable, well made roping dummy with hinged legs.

Apple Picker Roping Dummy RedApple Picker Roping Dummy

A really good practise dummy, which is inexpensive.

Mustang Collapsible Junior Roping Dummy StandMustang Collapsible Junior Roping Dummy

Perfect for the young cowboy in your life.


1. Southwestern Equine Roping Heading And Heeling Dummy Stand Review

Southwestern Equine Roping Heading and Heeling Dummy Stand - NEW VERSION Roping Dummy

A great roping dummy that has hinged legs for a more authentic feel. It can fit most heads, and is durable and well made.


  • Powder coated steel for strength and weatherproofing – The steel construction is fantastically strong, added to which the powder coating will protect it from rusting in the weather.
  • Universal dummy stand for any head – This stand can fit most dummy heads, which is ideal as you can interchange them depending on what you want to rope that day.
  • Fully collapsible for ease of transport – The fact that this dummy can fold up completely means that you can take it out and about with you wherever you want to practise your roping.
  • Legs are hinged to the body for a realistic feel – The fact that the legs move make this dummy more like roping the real thing, meaning that it’s great to practise with.


  • Head shown is not included – You will have to purchase your own head separately, which will cost a bit extra but means that you can choose what type of head you want.


This dummy is great for practising roping anywhere and is easy to move about. The fact that you can interchange the heads adds another dimension to this dummy too!


2. Apple Picker Roping Dummy Review

Apple Picker Roping Dummy Red

A sturdy roping dummy designed with heading and heeling in mind. It is a realistic size and shape, meaning that it is perfect for practising roping.


  • Fully rotating body and swinging legs – This makes roping this dummy a whole lot more like roping the real thing, as it is movable and not fixed. Even the head moves, giving it a real authentic feel.
  • Sturdy, powder coated design – This is a dummy that is built to last! It is well made and durable, and features a powder coating to keep the metal safe from rust and weather damage.
  • Easy to put together – You won’t need a lot of expertise to get this dummy up and running! Just a few screws and follow the useful instructions and you’re away.
  • Ideal for heading and heeling practise – The body swings around once the head is roped, leaving the back end free for the heeler. It is a great way to practise these skills with a buddy!


  • Body may swing too far around – There is no way of stopping the body swinging to allow the heeler to get a good enough shot. A bit of tape around the central pin should solve this issue though!


This is a really good practise dummy, which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than some others on the market. It is great fun to use and an excellent way to hone your heading and heeling skills.


3. Mustang Collapsible Junior Roping Dummy Stand Review

Mustang Collapsible Junior Roping Dummy Stand

This junior dummy stand is perfect for the young cowboy in your life. Being smaller than some other dummies it is the perfect size for a child to practise on.


  • Comes with a universal metal head plate – Unlike many other dummies, this one comes with its own head so you won’t have to buy one separately. It is a universal head too, so it can fit on other dummies.
  • Folds down completely flat for easy transportation – You can literally take this dummy anywhere with you as it folds down into pretty much nothing! Take it to shows, exhibitions – or just over to your friend’s so you can practise roping together.
  • Strong sturdy design with powder coating – The well made metal will stand up to any amount of abuse, and the powder coating means that you can leave it out in the rain without worrying about rust.
  • Hinged legs for authenticity – The fact that this dummy has hinged legs means that it can be roped with the feeling of roping a real animal, and it can be used for heading and heeling practise.


  • May be a little small for adults – This dummy is mainly suitable for children, though you can get away with having a sneaky play with it when the kidas aren’t around!


The ideal gift for any small person in your life who wants to get into roping, this dummy will stand up to all sorts of abuse and still manage to stay in one piece. It has an authentic feel to it and is great to get kids into roping.



Roping is great fun, there is no doubt about that. It’s also a great skill to learn if you live on a working ranch and need to get out there and rope actual cattle! Roping dummies are also great to use for practising for a competition, to hone your skills and give you a fighting chance.

If you don’t have your own cows to practise on, or you just want to get a bit more of a feel for this fantastic sport, then look into the best roping dummy. You can practise on your own, or get friends involve for heading and heeling practise – whatever your roping ambitions, you can achieve them with one of these great dummies and good roping gloves.

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