How To Choose The Best Saddle Soap?

Keeping your tack clean is not only for making it look nice, but also for increasing its lifespan. If you clean off all the muck and sweat after every ride, then you will be making sure that your tack lasts for a long time, as well as keeping it in good condition and making it less likely to become brittle and damaged. Ok, cleaning tack is not really the most thrilling of pastimes, but it really will help keep all your equipment as strong as it can be.

If you are using the best saddle soap, you will find it far less of a gruelling task, as products that are designed for the purpose will make it much easier and should require less elbow grease.

Recommended Saddle Soap Reviews

We have selected three of the best soaps and conditioners on the market for you to choose from:


Saddle Soaps


(Pack of 3) Saddle Soap Glycerin Bar for LeatherTOP PICK: M.O.S.S Goat’s Milk Saddle Soap

A fantastic soap, all natural as well as highly effective.

M.O.S.S. Goat's Milk Saddle Soap - 7 Ounce LavendarDurveet Saddle Soap

A great, glycerin based saddle soap.

Meltonian Saddle Soap,3 1/8 oz (88g)Meltonian Saddle Soap

A good all round saddle soap.


1. M.O.S.S Goat’s Milk Saddle Soap 7oz Lavender Review

(Pack of 3) Saddle Soap Glycerin Bar for Leather

This is an all natural saddle soap that will clean your tack effectively, while also being kind to your skin. No need to wear gloves or worry about this soap getting onto other surfaces!


  • Made from high quality ingredients – When you’re looking after your tack, you need something that is going to feed and nourish the leather as well as clean it and make it soft and supple. This will make it last longer, and be more comfortable for your horse.
  • Contains goat’s milk and glycerin – These natural ingredients are gentle by nature, and glycerin in particular is designed for cleaning. They will leave your leather soft and nourished.
  • Lightly lavender scented – Having a nice fragrance to your saddle soap is a good added bonus. The lavender scent is natural too, and will make cleaning your tack a more pleasant experience (just watch out for lavender’s calming properties and don’t fall asleep while you’re cleaning!)
  • Increases the lifespan of your tack – Keeping your leather clean will prolong its lifespan, making this soap an investment in terms of making your saddle and bridle last. Think of this soap as saving you money!


  • Comes in a small tub – If you have lots of tack to clean, or you clean it regularly (as we all should!) then you may find that you are having to re-purchase this product quite frequently.


This is a fantastic saddle soap, as it is all natural as well as highly effective. You will notice that your hands are very soft after using it too!


2. Durveet Saddle Soap Glycerin Bar For Leather Review

M.O.S.S. Goat's Milk Saddle Soap - 7 Ounce Lavendar

A great, glycerin based saddle soap, this one will bring a shine back to even old and tired leather. It also comes in a three pack, making it an economical buy.


  • Cleans tack as well as conditions – This soap will remove dirt and sweat from your tack, even if it has been sitting on the leather for a while and dried out. It will also improve the overall condition of the leather.
  • Leaves leather soft and supple – Keeping leather’s natural shine is easy with this saddle soap. If you make sure your leather stays maintained and soft, you will be increasing its lifespan no end.
  • Ideal for old leather as well as new – This soap is great for all types of leather. It is perfect for maintaining new tack, as well as for drastically improving the condition of even old, neglected leather that hasn’t been cleaned for years.
  • Perfect for all leather items, not just tack – Because it is designed for cleaning and maintaining leather, this saddle soap can also be used on your boots and shoes as well as your saddle and bridle.


  • The pine scent can be a little overwhelming – Some people like a scented saddle soap, some prefer a more natural smell. If you are in the latter camp then you may find the smell of this one a bit too much.


This is a soap that does exactly what it says on the tine (or bar). It will replenish old leather and maintain new, and will offer the same nourishing properties to both.


3. Meltonian Saddle Soap 8oz Review

Meltonian Saddle Soap,3 1/8 oz (88g)

This tin of saddle soap will bring back memories for many of us! It is a highly effective leather cleaner, and will improve the quality and suppleness for your tack, both old and new.


  • Cleans off dirt and ingrained grime and sweat – This leather cleaner will do just that – clean your leather. Even those saddles and bridles that have been lying around without being cleaned will respond to this powerful cleaner.
  • Improves the lifespan of all leather – Keeping your tack clean will not only make it look nice, but will also increase its longevity. Think of this every time you get the sponge out; you are not only cleaning, but preventing tack repair or repurchasing costs.
  • Will clean all smooth leather items – You can use this saddle soap to clean your saddle and bridle, as well as your saddle bags, boots and shoes. Some people have even reported using it to clean leather car seats!
  • Has water repelling properties – Because of its ingredients this saddle soap will protect your tack from a light rain shower (though it is recommended that you clean it again after it gets wet).


  • Not great at cleaning off salt – If you have an excessively sweaty horse, you may find that you need a more heavy duty cleaner to remove sweat from his tack.


A good all round saddle soap, this one is highly effective at cleaning leather, and will condition it as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is easier to clean, a synthetic or leather saddle?

Leather is not especially difficult to clean, but synthetic materials are a breeze. Instructions for both synthetic and leather saddles can vary depending on your own personal preference. You can get a little bit fancier with products used and methods, but here are the basics.

2. How do you clean a leather saddle?

To clean a leather saddle, you will need a minimum of:

  • Saddle soap
  • Neatsfoot oil
  • A soft scrub brush
  • Several soft cotton cloths

To care for a leather saddle, you must:

  • Wash it gently with saddle soap and warm water.
    Allow it to air dry.
  • Treat it generously with Neatsfoot oil.
  • Allow the oil to soak in for several hours.
  • Buff the entire saddle with a clean dry cloth.

3. How do you clean a synthetic saddle?

To clean a synthetic saddle you must have a minimum of:

  • Gentle dish soap and warm water
  • At least one soft, dry cotton cloth

To care for synthetic saddle, you must:

  • Wipe the whole saddle down with a damp cloth soaked in warm water and a bit of dish soap.
  • Dry the whole saddle with a soft, dry cotton cloth.
  • Use leather care products on any leather parts, such as stirrup leathers.

4. How often must you clean a saddle?

Depending upon how much you ride and what kind of riding you do, you’ll want to remove the stirrups, unbuckle all buckles and generally take the saddle apart for a thorough cleaning anywhere ranging from once a week to once a month. If you ride very seldom, a couple of times a year may be enough.

5. How do you maintain a saddle day-to-day?

In between thorough cleanings, it’s a good idea to simply wipe your saddle down after each time you ride.

If you have a leather saddle, you can keep a cloth soaked with Neatsfoot oil in a plastic bag to dust down all of the leather surfaces of your saddle after each ride.

If you have a synthetic saddle, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or dust it with a dry cloth after each ride. Some riders like to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove loose hair from synthetic saddles.

6. How do you take care of fleece linings?

Western saddles usually have synthetic or natural fleece linings. It’s important to always ride with a good saddle pad to protect both your horse’s back and the fleece lining from damage.

Occasionally the fleece lining may become soiled or matted. When this happens, you can lay your saddle on its back carefully and use a mild carpet cleaning foam over the surface of the fleece. Allow it to sit overnight and then vacuum the fleece clean. You can also brush it gently from time to time with a soft brush.

How To Clean Your English Saddle

Cleaning And Conditioning A Western Saddle


The best saddle soap is an investment on behalf of your tack. It will not only remove dirt and grime from the leather but will also condition and soften it, making sure that it will last for longer. Having soft, supple tack will also keep your horse more comfortable on his rides too, so it will be a far more enjoyable experience for you both.

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  1. Saddle soap shouldn’t be used frequently because it’s intended to be a deep cleaning agent.
    Too much use can harm leather, causing it to crack or dry out. Use it no more frequently than every two to three months.


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