How To Choose The Best Ulcer Supplement For Horses?

Did you know that horses can get ulcers too? They are just as painful and debilitating in horses as they are for people – but the difference is that horses can’t tell us what they are feeling and where the pain is. You will need a vet diagnosis to tell you whether your horse has an ulcer, but once you know about it there are a few things you can do to help him feed, heal, and to prevent it happening again. Have you had a look into the best ulcer supplement for horses?

It is well worth doing a bit of homework – and that’s where we come in!

Best Ulcer Supplements Reviews

We have selected three of the best products on the market to help your horse feel more comfortable:


Ulcer Supplement


Dac Cool Gut, Ulcer Treatment for Horses, 5 lbTOP PICK: Dac Cool Gut

A great ulcer supplement that is ideal for any horse.

T.H.E. Equine Edge GastroPLUS - Digestion & Ulcer Supplement for Horses, 30 ServingsT.H.E Equine Edge GastroPLUS

A supplement for severe cases of ulcers.

MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses with Ulcers or Digestive Issues, 4 lbsMagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement

A trusted supplement that works fast.


1. Dac Cool Gut, Ulcer Treatment For Horses Review

Dac Cool Gut, Ulcer Treatment for Horses, 5 lb

This ulcer supplement is ideal for horses that get stressed with moving, competing, stable rest and more. It will support the gut in many ways and should help prevent further ulcers.


  • Helps maintain good gut PH and flora – The intestines are delicate things, especially in nervy or highly strung horses. Ensuring that the balance of acids is right and that the gut is populated with the right sort of bacteria is essential for health.
  • Formulated for both fore and hind gut support – Having an ulcer supplement that supports all the areas of the gut makes it a really good all round supplement, and means you don’t have to buy extra products to do the work that just one can do.
  • Makes travelling and competing much less stressful – If you have a horse who gets upset by big changes such as moving fields, travelling to competitions or simply going in a box on the way to a hack, then this supplement is for you. It calms the gut and therefore the horse as well.
  • Inhibits gastric secretions and supports healthy gastric mucosa – Preventing the secretions that aggravate the gut is important for an ulcer supplement. This one contains Omega 3 to support beneficial colon bacteria and inhibit the acids which cause ulcers.


  • Lasts about a month – If you are looking for a product to last for a very long time to support a horse with chronic ulcers, you may wish to look elsewhere – or just buy this one in bulk!


A great ulcer supplement that not only inhibits the cause of ulcers but also gives your horse some extra, beneficial nutrients, this supplement is ideal for any horse.


2. T.H.E Equine Edge GastroPLUS – Digestion & Ulcer Supplement Review

T.H.E. Equine Edge GastroPLUS - Digestion & Ulcer Supplement for Horses, 30 Servings

This is a great ulcer supplement that helps get to the root cause of the ulcer, rather than just masking the symptoms. It will help your horse feel better in his stomach, as well as having other benefits all over his body.


  • Helps promote healthy digestion even in severe cases – Chronic ulcers can lead to digestive problems such as diarrhoea, which can weaken the system and prevent the absorption of nutrients. This supplement will help prevent the added symptoms of ulcers.
  • Improves the condition of the coat – As well as helping your horse’s ulcers, this supplement has the unexpected added benefit of improving his coat, mane and tail too.
  • Helps your horse produce more mucous in the stomach lining – Added mucous in the lining of the gut allows the acid which causes the ulcers to be contained, thus lessening your horse’s symptoms as well as making him more resistant to ulcers in the future.
  • Supports the hind gut as well as the fore – It is important to consider the whole digestive system, not just the part with the ulcer, and this supplement does just that in an efficient way.


  • Comes in a small package – This is a relatively small amount of ulcer supplement; enough for roughly 30 servings. But, with any luck, you shouldn’t need much more!


This is a fast acting ulcer supplement that is used by top level racing stables and is suitable for even severe cases of ulcers. It not only supports the digestion but has a beneficial effect on the whole body of the horse.


3. MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement For Horses With Ulcers Review

MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses with Ulcers or Digestive Issues, 4 lbs

An alkalizing supplement, this one prevents the causes of ulcers as well as soothing the gut for horses who already have an active ulcer.


  • Provides vital nutrients as well as ulcer support – This supplement contains trace elements such as calcium and magnesium, so it is excellent for your horse’s all round health as well as his ulcers.
  • Completely natural and show safe – If you want an ulcer supplement because your horse is a nervous competitor, you need to know that it is safe, and permitted in the show ring. This all natural supplement is both of these things.
  • Calms and soothes the gut – This is a fast acting supplement which will help neutralise the acid in your horse’s stomach, making him feel better very soon after he has taken it.
  • Good for whole-body health – As well as soothing your horse’s ulcers this supplement will help improve his coat and hooves. Also, it’s useful as a colic preventative.


  • Fussy eaters may not like it – Some horse who are averse to new flavours and medicines might turn their noses up at this supplement. You can easily disguise it with apple juice or his favourite treat, however.


This is a trusted supplement that works fast at removing the pain and discomfort associated with ulcers, as well as removing the causes and thus preventing recurrance.



Dealing with a horse who has ulcers is not fun for anyone, least of all for the horse himself. Hopefully, now you’ve had a look at some of the best ulcer supplement for horses, you can find one that suits your situation and quickly find relief for your horse.

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