Billy Cook Saddle Review: The Most Beautiful Saddle On The Market?

Billy Cook make high quality, comfortable Western saddles in a huge variety of different styles, colors and materials. Billy Cook make saddles designed specifically for different activities, such as roping, reining, cutting cattle and even for the show ring. They even make saddles designed for different breeds!

Each horse breed has specific heights, weights and widths, so it stands that certain saddles will be better for different horses. As well as being well designed, Billy Cook saddles are generally very decorated, making them eye catching and attractive, perfect for the show ring or those who like to look a little flashy on the trail. Read my full Billy Cook Saddle review.

Billy Cook Saddle Review

The Feather III saddle is a truly beautiful example of a Western saddle. It’s the perfect fit for a Quarter Horse, with their wider barrel and withers, so if you have been searching for the perfect saddle to fit your cowboy horse then you have just found it.

It features elaborate tooling, scalloping and silver work, so it really fits the bill of what a Western saddle “should” look like. It will be sure to get you noticed when out and about! It’s also highly practical, as any good saddle should be, and you can be guaranteed a good, comfortable fit for horse and rider.

What Am I Buying?

This is a Western saddle, so bear this in mind if you are used to English style riding – the seat is much deeper, the stirrups much wider and you will have a pommel and rigging as well as all the other bits and bobs that come with a standard Western saddle.

The Feather III is a very attractive saddle, with scalloped jockeys and fenders in a contrasting color to the rest of the leather, with extensive silver work too, so you know you will catch the judge’s eye in the show ring. It also features a couple of extra bits you won’t find on every Western saddle – straps and clips for attaching saddle bags and ropes – so it is a very useful as well as a beautiful saddle.

How Comfortable Is It?

All Western saddles are comfortable, there’s pretty much no argument about that. Because you are placed much deeper in the saddle that with an English style, you sit lower and your leg is placed at a more comfortable angle. Some people say it is like riding in an armchair, and one user has even reported that this saddle is “like riding in a cloud”!

The Feather III is extra comfy. It has a padded seat, making it ideal for long trail rides and you can be sure you won’t get any sore or rubbed places. You will find that these saddles, especially as you can choose a fit based on your horse’s breed, will be very comfortable for your horse too.

We all know how much a horse can protest if he does not feel totally comfortable, so having a saddle that fits well is an absolute must. The seat is suede, which is a good grippy material, making this saddle even more useful, especially for those with jumpy horses. There is no chance of slipping off the seat when it’s made of suede!

What Comes With It?

This one has everything that you could want in a Western saddle, and more. The stirrups are attached, like most, and you will also find some very useful extra straps to hang bags, ropes and other kit from. The only thing it doesn’t come with is a cinch, so you will have to provide your own – but the attachments are present so you just have to find the perfect cinch and you can be out and about on your new saddle in no time.

Billy Cook Saddle Pros & Cons


  • It’s very attractive – This may not be your first concern when looking for a saddle, but it’s hard not to notice the beauty of this one.
  • Fits your horse very well – As long as you pay attention to the sizing guide, you will find this saddle fits your horse like a glove.
  • Fine leather craftsmanship – Good, strong materials to make your saddle are a must, and this one is made from quality leather.
  • Ideal for just about any discipline – Whether you want a saddle for roping, reining, showing, or trail riding, this saddle will be suitable.


  • It’s expensive – If you are looking for a budget saddle, this is not it (look for King Series instead). It is high quality, and the price reflects this.
  • Not adjustable – Some saddles can be tweaked for individual sizes and shapes; this one comes as it is. As long as you pick the right size though, it should fit well.

Final Words

This is a breathtakingly gorgeous saddle, there’s no doubt about that. It will certainly get you noticed, as long as you keep it well oiled and take care of it with a good clean after every ride. The leather is strong, quality leather, so you should have no worries about it getting damaged or worn out (just remember not to oil the seat with the same oil as you do the rest of the saddle, as suede will discolor if oiled with standard saddle oil).

It is also highly functional and very comfortable, so you should have no worries about it fitting you or your horse well, whatever you decide to do in it.

If you are looking for a saddle as an investment, to keep for years and enjoy, then this is the one for you. Yes, it is expensive – but if you work out how much you would spend on less quality equipment, and the fact that various bits might need replacing, then you will realise that this saddle will actually save you money in the long run. Billy Cook is my favorite Western saddle, while I consider Pessoas the best choice for myself amongst English saddles.

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