norwegian horse breeds

5 Norwegian Horse Breeds From The North

Norway is a beautiful country, famous for its scenery and particularly the Fjords. There are also a good few horse breeds that come from this fine country! Norwegian horse breeds share some characteristics, as they are made for their native terrain and climate, but there are also a few differences to set them apart from … Read more

belgian horse breeds

8 Belgian Horse Breeds That You May Have Heard About

Belgium is a fine tourist attraction, being famous for (among other things), waffles, chocolate and beer! Stepping away from the edible interests of this European country however, we find a very interesting list of native Belgian horse breeds. Belgium has eight in total, each with their own unique characteristics. Ardennais Also known as the Ardennes … Read more

spanish horse breeds

15 Spanish Horse Breeds That Are So Delightful

Spain is a beautiful country which is well known for its wine, weather and other such delightful things. It also has some very delightful horses! Here is a little more information about some of the Spanish horse breeds. Andalusian The Andalusian comes from the Iberian Peninsula, and it has changed very little from its ancestors … Read more

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