Collegiate Saddle Review: Degree Mono Event Saddle

Collegiate saddles are high end, quality saddles and are designed to be as close a connection between horse and rider as possible. Everyone knows that having a good connection between horse and rider is the key to a good riding relationship, and having a good, close saddle is the answer to that.

Collegiate make a wide variety of different saddles, along with all the other leatherwear that goes with riding – bridles, girths, stirrup leathers – just about any piece of leather to do with riding will be provided. Read on to learn more in my Collegiate Saddle review.

Collegiate Saddle Review

Collegiate Saddle

We are looking at the Degree Mono Event Saddle, which is a fine example of an English saddle. It is designed as a jumping saddle, which you can tell from the padding in all the right places, which allows your leg to sit in just the right position for a good jumping stance.

It has front thigh blocks and a deep seat, which are both ideal for supporting your leg and your bottom, and giving you the maximum amount of padding and comfort as you sail over those jumps.

What Am I Buying?

This is a quality leather saddle, made from the finest materials to give you and your horse the best jumping experience possible. It has a mono flap, which means there is just the one flap, allowing for a closer contact between the horse and the rider’s leg.

This is ideal for those times when you need to have really good communication with your horse, and jumping is definitely one of those times. The long girth system adds to this close contact, as there won’t be any irritating buckles between your horse and your leg. It is a naturally tanned pigmented color; a lovely pale nutty brown, which will suit most horse coat and rider accessory colors.

How Comfortable Is It?

All saddles need to be comfortable, and jumping saddles are no exception. Especially if you have a tricky jump or a harder than usual landing, you will need a seat that is padded and comfortable, to cushion both yourself and your horse’s back, and this saddle offers just that.

The seat is deep and padded, and the knee pads and thigh blocks help your leg sit in a natural, comfortable position, adding to the overall comfort.

It is very important that your saddle fits your horse extremely well, so that he can perform to his best, and this saddle has a quick changeable gullet system.

This means that you can adjust the saddle incrementally to suit your horse in changing body conditions, making it even more of a good fit and more likely to allow him freedom of movement without rubbing or chafing.

What Comes With It?

You will receive a beautiful leather saddle designed with jumping in mind, which will arrive well packaged to prevent any damage in transit. You won’t receive a girth or stirrups, which some people find irritating – but I think this omission is actually a good thing. You will have spent years finding which stirrups fit you best, and chances are you have a favorite girth already, so why would you need freebies?

Collegiate Saddle Pros & Cons


  • High quality hand crafted leather manufacturing – The materials used to make this saddle are second to none, and it is hand finished for that extra touch of class.
  • Doesn’t need breaking in – The leather is so soft and supple that you won’t notice any stiffness even in the first few rides.
  • Changeable gullet allows adjustment – The fact that you can tweak this saddle to fit your horse is a massive bonus.
  • Allows the perfect jumping position – Having a saddle that puts you in the right place is great, especially for hairy jumps where you might lose your perfect position.


  • May be an adjustment if you have never ridden in a monoflap – Your horse especially may take a while to get used to how much closer your leg is.
  • Needs careful looking after – Because it is fine quality leather, you really need to make sure you take care of it and clean it well after every ride.

Final Words

If you are looking for an excellent quality saddle that will improve your jumping career, then look no further. This saddle will get your body and your leg in the optimal jumping position, and it will feel comfortable for you and your horse. It is made of fine materials which will stand the test of time and will last you for years to come.

It has been suggested that these saddles are “budget” options, and some people don’t like them, but don’t be put off by this! Many people love them, and find them a great buy for the price.

If you fall in love with this one you can be sure of a good quality saddle, which offers close contact with your horse and a comfortable position for you. Now there’s no excuse to not enter the top jumping competitions!

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