7 Equestrian Apps {That Any Horse Rider Should Try}

In this day and age of fast, speedy technology at our fingertips, it is no longer enough to trudge up to the field twice a day to check that your horse still has four legs, or boast to your friend about the awesome ride you just had. Nowadays, as with just about any activity you can imagine, there is an app to track your progress, check on health and answer any questions you might have about horse riding. If you have been looking for good equestrian apps, then look no further!

Here is a selection of a few of the best.

Equestrian Apps That We Recommend

Equestrian Apps That We Recommend To Try

1. Equilab

This is a handy app that can help you to “track every hoofbeat”. It’s a great app for keeping an eye on your progress on a ride, and it will even give you statistics for how long you walked, trotted or cantered. This can help you to reach goals in your training program and keep an eye on how you are getting on.

You can also connect with friends and fellow riders, and plan your next rides with them without picking up a phone (except to check the app, of course!)

You can connect with others, including your vet, instantly, so if there are any problems or health issues you can get in touch straight away. If you want to look into this app more then click this link: https://equilab.horse/

2. Horse Notes Lite

Suitable for iPhone and Android systems, this accessible app is great for keeping records of your horse, and is ideal for keeping track if you have a large herd. It can store medical records, expenses, breeding history and more, and you will be sent email reminders to keep you on top of who needs which medication, or who is due new shoes.

This app is great for those who have several horses, and it can be easy to forget someone that needs an extra bit of something in their feed, and hard to remember who was due for foot trimming and when.

You can add pictures to track injury progress and general body condition, as well as add photos to professional records. This app can be found and downloaded here: http://horsenotes.co/

3. Horse Health Tracker from Guelph

This is a great app for keeping an eye on your horse’s health. You receive three free tools which are a general health check (a 16 point assessment for signs of fatigue, illness or injury), a numeric score to indicate the overall body health of your horse, and a body weight calculator to check whether your best friend is in the best shape they can be.

You can also buy in-app purchases such as a horse profile which is customizable to your horse, a reminder dashboard that is synced with your calendar, and the ability to track your results, meaning that you can monitor your horse’s health long term.

Having the ability to check on your horse’s health is a great tool, and the funds from the purchases go towards welfare tools and educational programming, so you are helping others as you help yourself. Cool, huh? Want to learn more? Click here: http://www.equineguelph.ca/Tools/app.php

4. Equisense

Equisense is a good alternative to Equilab.horse and a useful app which will help you track your horse’s progress thanks to a little gadget that sits on the girth and is connected to the app on your phone.

It enables you to monitor your progress, either in real time or after your riding session, so you can work out how well you and your horse are doing. This is ideal to work out your strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve in the future.

Equisense Motion also helps detect very early signs of lameness, so you can deal with the cause quickly – whether the problem is due to saddle fitting, tendon problems, or muscle issues.

It is a very sophisticated bit of kit that can measure things like time spent at each gait, the distribution of left and right leads, and trot symmetry.

This can help you adjust your riding style and make sure your horse is performing at his peak. If you’re interested in this clever gadget, then check this out: https://equisense.com/en

5. Horse Side Vet Guide

“Horse side” in this app’s name means just that – it is designed so that you can find answers to almost all of your questions while you are standing by your horse’s side. Have you ever looked at your horse and thought “I wonder what that is? Is it normal?!”

Well, now you can find the answers easily, with this useful app. It was designed by an equine vet, with over twenty years as a horseman, so you know you can trust the answers you receive!

Once it is downloaded to your device, you won’t even need mobile phone signal to access the answers you are looking for – an invaluable resource. If you want to find out more and download it for yourself, have a look at this: https://horsesidevetguide.com/

6. EquiTracker

This is a great app for Android systems, whether you have one horse or one hundred. You can personalise content for each and every horse you own, so that you can find anyone’s health records at the touch of a fingertip.

If you were wondering which field was last wormed and who usually has what, the information is stored and easily accessible. Looking through old receipts to find out when you last had your old horse’s teeth done?

No need any more, the information is all stored on this clever app! This is a free app, meaning it’s accessible to anyone and can really help with managing the health of your herd. If you want to find out more, just click on this: https://equitracker.net/license.html

7. Ridely

This is a great app that is really useful for tracking your goals, riding progress, and for keeping tabs on everything – from shoeing schedules to showing results.

With this free app, you will have access to hundreds of filmed riding exercises by well known riders like Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester, which will help to improve your horsemanship as you can watch various different ways of riding, and learn how to make your horse do what you want them to do whilst also learning yourself.

This is also a great way of achieving your goals; use the app to plan your next activity and what you want to achieve in the long term.
Ridely is like a digital journal crossed with a riding instructor, and it’s all available, free, at the click of a button!

You can upgrade for a small fee, or you can stick with the free version – it’s completely up to you. Here’s the link: https://ridely.com/

Final Words

Apps are a big part of modern day life, and having them to keep an eye on your horse’s health, wellbeing and performance can be an invaluable resource. Most of us use our phones for scrolling through Facebook endlessly, so why not put yours to good use instead, with one of these useful apps?

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  1. When do you ride Joy? How many days every week do you get to ride? I would like to ride more but i am in high school as a senior so my abilities aren’t as good as some people.

  2. Thank you for creating this article, the technology available today for riders is truly growing and allows riders to improve, track and trainer at a higher level than before. One app that I believe should certainly be on this list as well is Ride iQ! A guided training app or listen while you ride app that gives you access to lessons from world class trainers.


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