Which Is The Best Fly Trap For Horse Barn?

Flies are a big problem when it comes to any livestock, and horses are no exception. Especially during the warm weather, flies can be the bane of our lives! They are not only irritating and unhygienic, they can also be dangerous to horses’ health – some carry diseases that they can then spread between horses, and some can cause the dreaded sweet itch. Flies can also get into wounds and cause infection, and are a real problem for those that suffer from sarcoids. The good news is that you can help keep them under control with the best fly trap for horse barn.

Best Fly Trap For Horse Barn Reviews

We have found three fantastic products for you to choose from:


Fly Traps


Coburn SI1008 Sticky Roll Fly Tape 1000' Deluxe Kit with HardwareCoburn Sticky Roll Fly Tape

A natural, chemical free and convenient fly trap.

Black Flag Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap, 1-Count, 12-PackTOP PICK: Black Flag Outdoor Fly Trap

A simple to install, chemical free and highly effective.

Farnam Home and Garden 14680 Starbar Captivator Fly Trap, (1.06 ounces or 30 grams) (2)Farnam Starbar Captivator Fly Trap

A great fly trap suitable for larger barn areas.


1. Coburn SI1008 Sticky Roll Fly Tape 1000’ Deluxe Kit Review

Coburn SI1008 Sticky Roll Fly Tape 1000' Deluxe Kit with Hardware

This is a heavy duty version of the kinds of fly paper that we hang up in our own homes. It’s a fantastically easy to use, chemical free and effective fly control system for your horse’s barn.


  • All natural product with no chemicals – You don’t have to worry about your horse ingesting or breathing in any nasties with this product – no insecticides are used, and it’s an environmentally friendly way of dealing with a fly problem.
  • A highly effective fly solution – You won’t have to worry about this product not working – it’s one of the most effective fly solutions, even though the roll has no attractants – the flies just buzz into it!
  • Easy to install and use – This product could not be easier to hang, and it comes with all the necessary instructions and hardware for hanging it.
  • Will last and last – All you need to do when the paper is filled with flies is unroll a new section, and there is lots and lots of it so it should see you through a lot of flies!


  • Will snag people if it’s hung too low – This is a very effective fly trap, so effective that it may catch unwary people if it is within range! Just hang it higher than the tallest person at the yard and you should be fine.


A great solution to flies for those who are looking for a natural, chemical free and convenient way to get rid of those irritating pests. The tape, once filled with flies, can be simply folded up and disposed of.


2. Black Flag Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap 1-Count Review

Black Flag Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap, 1-Count, 12-Pack

This is a clever solution to fly problems, and it will not only get rid of all the major fly species but all the other irritating flying pests as well. It is simple to install, chemical free and highly effective.


  • Very easy to use – All you need to do is fill the bag with water to dissolve the attractant, then hang it up and wait! Flies and other flying creatures will be falling into it in no time.
  • Convenient to dispose of flies – When the bag is full, or the water has evaporated, you simply pop the entire thing into the bin, bodies and all. Simple and mess-free!
  • Discreet design which is leak proof – The rattan bag will not look glaringly out of place in your stables, and it is strong and durable so you won’t get any leakage of the contents.
  • Attractant is non toxic – Although you wouldn’t want to feed the bag to your horses, you can be safe in the knowledge that if one of them takes a cheeky nibble at it, he won’t suffer any nasty consequences.


  • It’s pretty smelly – Flies love disgusting smells, as we all know! The lure in this trap is quite pungent, shall we say – but surely that’s a small price to pay for a fly free barn?


A great, convenient and effective product, which is guaranteed to work or your money back. It comes in a pack of twelve, so you can get a really good head start on the flies in your barn.


3. Farnam Home and Garden 14680 Starbar Captivator Fly Trap Review

Farnam Home and Garden 14680 Starbar Captivator Fly Trap, (1.06 ounces or 30 grams) (2)

A heavy duty fly trap which will make short work of your fly problem. It is a bigger trap than some others, which may make it suitable for larger barn areas.


  • One way entry system – This is a great feature of the trap, as it ensures that once the flies get in, they can’t get out again. No half-dead flies buzzing around as well as the untrapped ones!
  • Traps flies but not bees – As we all know, our favourite pollinators are having a bit of a rough time at the moment. You can be safe in the knowledge that your new fly trap will only attract flies, and leave the bees unharmed.
  • Insecticide free – The last thing you want, when putting fly traps in your barn, is nasty chemicals that may harm your horses or other wildlife. This fly trap is perfectly safe and chemical free.
  • Rugged and heavy duty – A great feature of a fly trap is that it is strong and durable, and this one is made from heavy plastic. It is also reusable!


  • Might work too well – This fly trap is so attractive to flies that you may even attract flies from further afield. At least they will all end up in the trap, and not buzzing around you and your horses!


This is a fantastic fly trap for your horse barn, that will astonish you with the amount of flies it captures.



Flies are the bane of the warmer months (and in some cases even the colder ones too!). Of course, things such as equine fly masks help, but you don’t want your horse to wear them 24/7. You can find some great, chemical free and highly effective solutions to a fly problem online – just look through the list above and choose the best fly trap for horse barn that suits your individual needs.

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