6 Funny Horse Barn Signs To Tickle Your Funny Bone

There is no denying that horses and everything that goes with them can sometimes be hilarious. At other times, a laugh is as far from the mind as it can be! For those times, it is helpful to have a little reminder about the fact that life can still be amusing – even when your horse has thrown you, trodden on your toe, and run out into the field to roll in a week’s worth of mud after you have just spent hours grooming him with a shedding tool. This selection of the best funny horse barn signs that we could find should help tickle your funny bone.

6 Funny Horse Barn Signs

1. Fergus Stall/Barn Sign Sweep Up

FERGUS Stall/Barn Sign Sweep Up

This durable sign is not only amusing, but it also promotes safety and tidiness around the yard. It is easy to hang and easy to clean, and being made of plastic it can simply be wiped down if it gets dirty. It’s a great way to maintain a clean yard, as it gets the message across without being too aggressive, and may just do the trick if you have lazy stable mates.

The image of the horse is whimsical and well drawn, and the expression on its face is just perfect! It’s a good quality sign, thick enough to not bend yet light enough that it won’t fall off its nail and land on anyone’s head.


2. Keep Gate Closed, No Matter What The Horses Say

Keep Gate Closed, No matter what the horses say

This is the sort of thing we all want to tell visitors to our yards! There is nothing more frustrating than someone carelessly leaving a gate open and letting horses roam around where they’re not supposed to be. It’s important to always keep gates closed (despite the fact that the horses would often disagree), and this sign should hopefully get the message across.

It is screen printed on 0.6 gauge polystyrene, and comes with pre drilled holes so it is very easy to hang. It has rounded corners so you won’t catch your clothes on it, and the graphics are crisp and clear so the sign can be read from a distance.


3. If My Horse Doesn’t Like You I Probably Won’t Either

Ohio Wholesale Notice If My Horse Doesn't Like You I Probably Won't Either, Vintage Look Metal, 12.625 Inches X 7.75 Inches

A vintage look metal sign that will give a touch of class and eye catching humor to your stables. It’s a good size, being 13 inches high and 7 inches wide, meaning that its message can be read from across the yard, to warn anyone who may be approaching with the intent of getting to know your horses!

It has a really good vintage look to it, with artistic fading and artificial scuff marks, and it will be a fantastic addition to any barn. (You can, of course, hang it anywhere -it doesn’t have to hang in a barn, but its message will be most fully understood here). This is a great one for anyone who prefers the company of their horse over people, but is too polite to say so!


4. Horse People Are Stable People

Rogue River Tactical Funny Horse Tin Sign Wall Decor Bar Very Stable People Barn Horses Pony Country

Another metal sign, with a sarcastically funny message which we can all relate to. Horse people are “stable”, are we? Some may say we’re all a bit mad, especially when it comes to our horses! This sign will bring a smile to anyone who sees it, whether it is hung in a stable, a barn, an office, a cabin or simply on your bedroom wall.

This well made sign was constructed in the USA, and comes with two pre-drilled holes for ease of hanging. It has a really good quality look to it, and well drawn, vibrant colors which really stand out. It is 12 by 8 inches, meaning that it is large enough to be noticed without being so big that it takes over the wall.


5. Barn Rules Metal Signs

Barn Rules Metal Sign, Stable, Rustic Décor, Cowboy, Ranch, Horses

A very well made, solid metal sign that spells out the rules for the stable. These include such gems as “If it drinks water, give it some” and “If you fall off, get back on”, which are all fantastic rules for life as well as for the barn! This sign is made from 24 gauge steel, so it is strong and durable and will last well over the years, and it comes with rounded corners to prevent accidental snagging, as well as pre drilled holes so it can be hung with ease.

It is recommended that this sign is kept indoors or in a shaded area, so that the sun will not fade it. That shouldn’t be a problem though, as this sign is very well made – enamelized ink is baked into a tough polyester coating on a thick steel blank, making this one of the toughest barn signs you will ever come across.


6. Crosswalks Cowgirl Crossing

CROSSWALKS Cowgirl Crossing 12" X 12" Aluminum Sign

This sign is a great gift for any young rider, or even a girl who likes horses but does not yet have her own. It is a smallish sign, reminiscent of a Caution sign in yellow aluminium, which is perfect for hanging in a bedroom or a stable.

It is screen printed on sturdy .032 aluminium, meaning that it will be strong enough to stand up to a knock or two, and it has rounded corners so there is no danger of hurting yourself on the edges. One pre drilled hole at the top of this sign means that it can be hung with ease, and the quality of the graphics are crisp and clear. The horse is very well drawn, and the fact that it is in silhouette form makes it stand out even more.


Final Words

Whether you’re looking for an amusing gift for a horsey friend, or you want to add some humorous rules to your newly painted barn walls to make your stable mates pick up after themselves, look no further for the best funny horse barn signs.

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