How To Choose The Best Garlic Supplement For Horses?

Garlic is truly a wonderful thing. It not only adds flavor to anything it is added to, but it also has a wealth of health benefits. Garlic is an antiseptic, a vermifuge; it cleanses the blood and is excellent for heart health. Also it is a really great all-round immune boost, and as such it is something that we should all be consuming on a daily basis. You can probably imagine, based on those health benefits, that it is very good for your horse too! There are many garlic supplements out there, so it can be hard to know which is the best garlic supplement for horses.

Best Garlic Supplement For Horses Reviews

We have spent some time researching, and have narrowed down the selection to three of the finest products:


Garlic Supplements


Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Fly Garlic Granules 4.4 lbsHilton Herbs Bye Bye Fly Garlic Granules

A great, natural product from a trusted company.

Equine Products Garlic Granules Horse Supplement, 2.5 KgEquine Products Garlic Granules

A pure garlic supplement with no extras.

Baileys Garlic Supplement 5 Kilo From Baileys Horse Feeds - With Pure Garlic OilTOP PICK: Baileys Garlic Supplements

A fast acting, highly efficient garlic supplement.


1. Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Fly Garlic Granules Review

Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Fly Garlic Granules 4.4 lbs

This is a pure pressed garlic supplement that will not only help your horse’s food taste even more delicious, but will boost his immune system and his respiratory system, as well as keeping flies away.


  • Rich in Sulphur and B vitamins – Both Sulphur and B vitamins are excellent for the skin, and are known fly deterrents, making this an ideal supplement to feed during fly season, and especially to horses who are prone to sweet itch.
  • Great for supporting the immune system – Garlic is a known immune booster, so feeding your horse this supplement will help protect him against seasonal illnesses and keep him generally healthy.
  • Good for balancing the digestive system – No one can be completely healthy if their digestive system isn’t working well, and this garlic addition will help your horse’s gut, keeping him in tip top health.
  • Will last for a long time – Because you only have to add a small scoop to your horses feed to notice the benefits, this 4.4lb tub should last you quite a while.


  • It’s a long term solution – You can’t just feed your horse a bit of this and expect to see him in the prime of health for the rest of time – you have to give it on a daily basis to see results.


This is a great, natural product from a trusted company, which does exactly what it claims to do and will make a real difference to your horse’s health. Most horses seem to like it too, even the fussy eaters!


2. Equine Products Garlic Granules Horse Supplement Review

Equine Products Garlic Granules Horse Supplement, 2.5 Kg

This is a pure garlic supplement that will help your horse in many ways, from supporting his natural immunity to preventing coughs.


  • 100% pure garlic, no extras – You don’t want to be feeding your horse anything but the best, most natural products. This one is simply pressed garlic granules and nothing else whatsoever, so you don’t have to worry about added ingredients.
  • Garlic is very good for the respiratory tract – Feeding your horse a garlic supplement like this one can really help his airways, making it perfect for the horse who has breathing difficulties or respiratory illness.
  • Tasty and palatable, even for picky eaters – You shouldn’t have any worries about getting this garlic into your horse – it’s proven quite yummy for horses, and you may even find he gives you a questioning look if you miss a dose one day!
  • Supports the digestive system – Garlic is very good for all parts of the body, digestion included. This is great as it means you can even feed it even to a horse with a delicate tummy and know that it will be helping him.


  • The packaging could be better – It’s great to find a supplement that comes in a good solid tub – this one, however, is supplied in a ziplock bag. You can always decant it into a stronger tub, however.


A good source of garlic for your horse’s feed, this one offers all the properties of pure garlic to help your horse be as healthy as he can be.


3. Baileys Garlic Supplements Review

Baileys Garlic Supplement 5 Kilo From Baileys Horse Feeds - With Pure Garlic Oil

This is a hefty tub of garlic supplement; weighing in at 5kg it should keep you going for a long time to come!


  • Contains garlic oil – The active ingredient in garlic’s magical health giving properties is Allicin. This component is far higher in the oil than in pressed dry garlic, which makes this supplement highly potent.
  • Works as a natural insect repellent – Perfect for fly season, and especially for particularly itchy horses or those who suffer from sweet itch, this product acts as a deterrent for irritating flying insects.
  • Contains key vitamins and minerals which have antioxidant properties – Garlic is wonderful by itself, but it also has a few added extras that make it even more amazing, such as Sulphur, among others.
  • Comes in an airtight tub and will keep for a year – This supplement is resistant to oxidization, due to its strong packaging which keeps it safe from the air. It also keeps really well, and will be good for a year or more.


  • Contains other ingredients as well as garlic – If you are looking for a pure garlic supplement then bear in mind that this product is garlic oil in a base powder which contains wheat, oat feed, soya and molasses.


This is a fast acting, highly efficient garlic supplement that will get to work quickly on boosting your horse’s immune system and improving his digestion and breathing.



The best garlic supplement for horses is far more than something which makes his feed taste nice and his breath smell sweet. Garlic will boost the immune system, improve digestion, help with respiratory issues, keep flies away and soothe itchy skin. Feeding your horse a garlic supplement is a relatively cheap and easy way to improve his overall health. Have a look through the products above and choose the one that suits you the best!

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  1. I grow high quality music hardback garlic in ontario canada; Often there are times we have large quantities of very small garlic that is harder to market as human table stock.

    Are you ever in the market for extra garlic for processing?


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