How To Choose The Best Horse Pasture Seed Mix

Horses are designed to eat grass – lots of it! They spend the majority of their waking hours foraging and eating, and in the wild they would roam freely over the meadows and pastures looking for the best places to munch grass. Horses also need a variety of different grasses; one single type, as is common in fields today, will not really meet all their nutritional needs.

If you have a poor pasture full of weeds, or one which has a monoculture to which you would like to add a bit of variety, you may want to look into the best horse pasture seed mix, so you can add a bit of variety to your horse’s diet.

Best Horse Pasture Seed Mix Reviews

Here are three of my favorite horse pasture seed varieties that I’ve tried and been happy with:


Horse Pasture Seed Mixes


Horse Pasture Grass Seed Mix in Vintage Burlap 10 lb Bag Plants 1 Acre - Non-GMO All Natural SeedTOP PICK: Horse Pasture Grass Seed Mix

All natural seeds, very safe for horses to graze.

Premium Dryland Pasture Mix (10 Pound Bag)Premium Dryland Pasture Mix

For performance in areas with less rainfall.

Hancock's Bermuda Grass Seed MixHancock’s Bermuda Grass Seed Mix

A great all round seed mix that is very hardy.


1. Horse Pasture Grass Seed Mix 10lb Non-GMO All Natural Seed Review

Horse Pasture Grass Seed Mix in Vintage Burlap 10 lb Bag Plants 1 Acre - Non-GMO All Natural Seed

This is a fantastic option for reseeding your pasture with some really good seed, and adding a bit of a different flavour to your horse’s diet.


  • 10lb bag suitable for 1 acre – This is a good amount of seed, to cover a good amount of ground. If you have a larger field you can either buy more seed, or spread it out more thinly so that the field more closely resembles natural forage.
  • Quick to grow, drought and heat tolerant – Having seed that germinates quickly is an important feature of any grass seed, and resistance to drought and high temperatures is a massive plus.
  • All natural with no GMOs – For anyone who cares about their horse’s health, a mix that is as natural as possible is very important. The fact that this seed contains no GMO is a great feature of this seed too.
  • Sold in reusable burlap bag – These days, we should be moving away from single-use plastics and even aper bags, and heading to a more sustainable future. This seed comes in a fantastic fabric bag that you can repurpose for other things.


  • Contains crabgrass – In the unlikely event that you were to turn your horse’s pasture into a garden, you may not be happy with this wiry, hard-to-remove grass!


This is a fantastic option for adding nutrition to your pasture, and this seed can be used for grazing or baling into hay – either way it will be good for the soil as well as your horse.


2. Premium Dryland Pasture Mix Review

Premium Dryland Pasture Mix (10 Pound Bag)

This is a good, clean grass seed which is designed for use in dry areas, and is made up of seeds specially selected for their performance in areas with less rainfall.


  • Carefully selected seed varieties with no fillers – The seeds in this mix are carefully chosen to be suitable for drylands. There are no cheap “filler” seeds which will up the weight yet provide no useful growing function.
  • Can be broadcast or sown – If you have the time to drill the seed in then they will reward you with strong growth, and if you are only able to spread the seed around then it will grow just the same!
  • Performs in areas with annual rainfall down to 10” – Unlike a great many pasture mixes, this one will still produce reliable seed even in the most arid conditions.
  • Contains detailed instructions on how to sow – For anyone inexperienced or who has not tried this particular mix before, comprehensive instructions are included that will make sowing and growing easy and simple.


  • Performs best with 12-14” of rain – Although this seed will still grow in areas with less rainfall, between 12 and 14” will produce the best results.


A fantastic seed mix for those who are despairing because of a lack of rainfall! This one will transform your arid meadows into lush, waving pastures.


3. Hancock’s Bermuda Grass Seed Mix Review

Hancock's Bermuda Grass Seed Mix

This seed mix is a great all-rounder, suitable for dry areas, wash outs, sandy areas, and generally everywhere that other grass seeds have failed. It is a reliable seed that will turn desert into green!


  • Perfect for erosion control – Putting decent grass seed into areas where soil erosion is a problem will help the soil and the surrounding areas immensely, as the grass roots will hold the soil together.
  • Performs well pretty much anywhere – This is a very unfussy grass seed mix! It will grow in sand or mud, in dry conditions or wetter, and will consistently give great results with very little effort on your part.
  • Suitable for pasture or lawn applications – Whether you want to rebuild your patchy lawn or add nutritious grass to your horse’s field, this seed mix will be perfect for you.
  • Includes planting and maintenance instructions – For those who are new to seeding lawns and pastures, instructions are very useful, and this seed mix contains detailed instructions to help you make the very most out of your new seed mix.


  • Recommended for the Southern US – That’s not to say this mix won’t work in other places, but it is most suited to these areas.


A great all round seed mix, that is very hardy and suited to just about any application you need it for, this seed mix will produce results quickly and efficiently and is very forgiving about where it will grow.



The best horse pasture seed mix will not only provide vital nutrition to your horse, either in the form of grazing or as hay, but it will also improve the condition of your soil and the surrounding land. A good seed mix is a great addition to any horse field and an important part of any successful pasture management for horses.

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  1. What would be suggested to plant in the winter in Gainesville Florida it freezes maybe 4 times a year is there anything I can plant?


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