Which Are The Best Magnetic Boots For Horses?

Magnetic therapy is becoming more and more popular, as people realise the good that it can do and how much it can support healing from injuries, as well as long term conditions like arthritis. If your horse has a chronic or acute problem with his legs and you are at a loss for what to try next to help him, why not have a look into the best magnetic boots for horses? You may find that they make a world of difference!

They work mainly by increasing thee blood flow to the area they are applied to, thus reducing inflammation and speeding up healing.

Best Magnetic Boots For Horses Reviews

We have taken away the hard work of searching for the best products, and below you will find the top three products out there.


Horse Magnetic Boots


Roma Magnetic Open Front BootsTOP PICK: Roma Magnetic Open Front Boots

Adjustable, easy to clean, durable and well fitted boots.

Tough-1 Magnetic Tendon BootsTough-1 Magnetic Tendon Boots

A great pair of magnetic boots for tendon injuries.

Professionals Choice Magnetic Bell Boot - Large - BlackProfessional’s Choice Magnetic Bell Boots

A good pair of boots which are ideal for hoof issues.


1. Roma Magnetic Open Front Boots Review

Roma Magnetic Open Front Boots

These boots offer great protection for the legs as well as being therapeutic aids to help improve your horse’s condition. They are helpful for old or new injuries, and will make healing faster.


  • Anatomically fitted to the leg – It can be really hard to keep the legs strapped up, as boots and bandages tend to slip. These are moulded to the shape of the leg, meaning there is less chance of them falling down.
  • Encourages blood flow to the tendons – Because of the magnets inside these boots, blood is drawn to the areas it is needed most. Increased blood supply will help your horse’s legs to heal, as well as to stay healthy in the first place.
  • Comfortable to wear – These boot have a cut out area behind the knee, and a neoprene liner which is soft and comfortable, so there is no danger of anything rubbing or being uncomfortable.
  • Ankle and tendon strike plates for protection – Keeping the delicate areas which are prone to knocks safe is a great feature of these boots, and means they will prevent further injury.


  • They only come in one size – Although they are adjustable, these boots are really only designed for a Full, or medium sized horse. If you are looking for magnetic boots for a Shetland you may have to look elsewhere!


These therapeutic boots will help your horse be more comfortable on his rides and in the field, and you should notice a difference in his gait before long. They are easy to clean, durable and well fitted.


2. Tough-1 Magnetic Tendon Boots Review

Tough-1 Magnetic Tendon Boots

These are the perfect boots for treating injuries, as well as increasing the blood supply and reducing inflammation and soreness of the tendons in general.


  • Ideal for use pre or post work out – These boots will help your horse warm up or down before or after heavy work, reducing the risk of any inflammation or swelling caused by injuries or hard riding.
  • Flexible and adjustable for larger horses – You can make these boots larger or smaller depending on the size of your horse’s legs; perfect for if you have a big horse who struggles to find boots that fit.
  • Ideal for treating leg injuries – These boots are designed for injuries to the legs and tendons, such as splints, suspensory ligament damage or bowed tendons. They will encourage blood flow to the area and reduce inflammation.
  • Sold in pairs – Even if your horse only has a problem in one leg, it is nice to balance him out! Also, using a boot on each leg will reduce the risk of damage to the ‘good’ leg.


  • Not really suitable for use riding – You shouldn’t really take these boots out on the trail with you. They are designed for use before or after exercise, to help reduce swelling and inflammation.


A great pair of magnetic boots which have reportedly made a lot of difference to swollen or injured legs, within a very short space of time.


3. Professional’s Choice Magnetic Bell Horse Boots Review

Professionals Choice Magnetic Bell Boot - Large - Black

These are a fantastically jazzy, unusual looking pair of boots. They are designed for the hoof rather than the leg, unlike some of their counterparts, and target a specific area which may be hard to get to with conventional methods.


  • Easy to direct the magnets to a specified area – These boots are made to sit snugly on the outside of the hoof, making them perfect for horses with hoof issues rather than leg ones.
  • Improves difficult to treat conditions – For horses with navicular or ringbone, these boots are a must. They target the hoof specifically, an area which is notoriously difficult to improve without resorting to surgery.
  • Can be left on 24/7 – For the horse who finds movement difficult all day every day, these boots can bring a lot of relief. They are well made and strong, so should survive life in the field!
  • Suitable for the front and back feet – Unlike many boots, these ones can be swapped between the front and back, depending where the problem area is. They are not fitted for a certain area, so they are easy to interchange between feet.


  • Small magnet area – Some magnetic boots cover a large area of leg, but these ones are targeted for just the hooves, so they don’t have a lot of cover. (Other types of boot are available from this same brand so you can augment).


These are a good pair of boots which are ideal for hoof issues. Like other magnetic boots, they encourage blood flow and help reduce any inflammation, improving many a painful condition and helping your horse be more comfortable.



Magnetic therapy is becoming more and more popular these days, as its effectiveness is becoming more noticed, and more mainstream. Magnets can help a number of chronic conditions, even those which are hard to treat with any other therapy or protections (e.g. knee boots), and can really make a startling difference quickly. Whether you are looking for help with ring bone, or for a really difficult case of laminitis, you will almost certainly find that the best magnetic boots for horses will help.

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