Most Profitable Horse Racing System: Is There One?

You may be a seasoned better, or you may be the type of person who likes a little flutter if you happen to find yourself at a race. Whichever you are, the idea is to win money, right? So what’s the best way to guarantee this? Obviously there is no hard and fast way of being certain that you will win, but there are some betting systems that are more reliable than others. So which is the most profitable horse racing system? Let’s have a look together.



You’ve probably heard the phrase “hedging your bets”, and this betting system is where it comes from. Also known as Dutching, this system is a financial services industry strategy which is basically spreading your bets out over a number of different outcomes.

Dutching is the most common form of hedging, and it works by picking out more than one potential winners of a race, and betting on all of them. This drastically increase your chances of winning something – unless a surprise outlier pops up out of nowhere and takes the race, in which case you will have lost everything you put down.

Jockey Form

A horse is often only as good as his jockey. He can be the strongest, fastest race horse, but he can’t get over the line unless he’s guided by the hand of an experienced, talented jockey. A good way to follow success is to follow the career of a winning jockey.

They often ride the same horse, but will also swap and change to many different mounts – you don’t have to bet on every single horse they ride, but you stand more chance of winning if you put your money on a tried and tested jockey.

Trainer Form

Although trainers rarely ride themselves, they hold all the strings to a winning horse – knowing when to race them and when to hold them back, deciding which jockey to pair them with, working out how they will perform best and on what sort of terrain.

Also, a successful trainer will be able to afford better horses and better training facilities, so following the trainers to the money is a good way forward. Of course, this system can fall down if a trainer has a bad season, or if an unknown pops up and takes the race world by storm!

Course And Distance

Course And Distance

Some horses favor certain tracks, types of ground and lengths of race, the same as human athletes. Basing your bets on what a horse has previously performed well in is a good way of betting, but it is not without risk.

Data shows that betting this way offers only a 2-4% better win rate, but no higher than that, and the bookies will always already have factored these characteristics into the odds, which will also affect your potential winnings.


This is a long-favored way of backing the winning horse, and it involves taking the advice and recommendations of those who are in the industry, and who may even be professional tipsters. They may have inside knowledge, or just have a long history of picking the right horse. The dangers about this system is that it can be ruined by industry scams, personal vendettas, and the fact that people can be wrong.

That being said, there is a lot you can learn from someone who has been in the business a long time and knows the ins and outs. There are paid services you can sign up to that will offer this, and that may be more effective than that shady character you met in the bar who promises you that he knows the next big winner!

Extra Places

This is a popular horse racing strategy which can be used by any gambler using Each Way bets. Bookies will pay out a fixed number of places, depending on the type of race and the number of horses involved, but they will sometimes pay an extra place on each way bets, meaning that you have a greater chance of winning even when you only lay out a small amount initially. You will have to research each race to find out if this option is available.

Each Way Sniper

Each Way Sniper

As well as these tried and tested systems above, there are also a great many online betting systems that promise to win you thousands – but like so many things online, these come with their own issues. Many are scams, some will lose you more money than you lay out, and all will take a bit of time and knowledge to get to grips with.

The Each Way Sniper is recognised as one of the best; it takes advantage of a flaw in the setting up of each way bets by the bookies. They are aware of this loophole and have tried to get it removed, but there is nothing that can legally be done about it.

You will need a special piece of software which identifies the most profitable bets around at any given time, and you will need to learn the ropes and apply the mathematics meticulously – no gut feelings or a preference for the jockey’s colors with this one!


Remember, when you are looking for the most profitable horse racing system, that nothing is certain. The odds are always stacked against the better – after all, have you ever heard of a poor bookie? It is said that the only way to not lose at horse racing is not to bet in the first place. But there’s not a lot of fun in that option!

As a final tip, it is always worth keeping an eye on your purse strings, and however tempting it may be or how sure you are about you “sure fire” tip, don’t ever bet more than you can afford to lose. The consequences are just not worth it. However, if you bet responsibly and knowledgeably, you can have a great time at the races – and maybe even win a bit (or a lot!) of pocket money.

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