Which Is The Best Probiotic Supplement For Horses?

The stomach is such a huge, complicated organ, and it is connected to so much of the rest of the body that it is no wonder that if your stomach feels bad then so does the rest of you. Probiotocs are designed to help improve the gut’s natural flora, thus improving digestion and so overall health and wellbeing.

Probiotics are not only great for people, but also for horses – especially if you have one with a sensitive stomach. The best probiotic supplement for horses will make a big difference to your horse’s health and general behaviour – if he feels better, he will behave better!

Best Probiotic Supplement Reviews

Have a look through the list of products we have selected as three of the best, and see which one you think would suit your horse.


Probiotic Supplements


Opti-Zyme Probiotic Supplement For HorsesOpti Zyme Probiotic Supplement

Ideal for the horse who has to have limited grazing.

Probios Probiotic Dispersible Powder Bonus PackProbios Probiotic Dispersible Powder

Easily dispersible and is suitable for every day use.

LMF Feeds, Inc. Digest 911" 5 lb prebiotic and probiotic Supplement for Horses ruminants and PetsTOP PICK: HLMF Feeds Inc Digest

A fantastic all round probiotic supplement.


1. Opti Zyme Probiotic Supplement For Horses Review

Opti-Zyme Probiotic Supplement For Horses

This is a great supplement designed to be taken alongside your horse’s normal feed. It will promote great digestion, and lasts a long time.


  • Aids digestion of just about anything – This product is designed to help your horse’s digestion, making short and easy work of sugars, starch, protein and fiber.
  • Contains naturally occurring yeast and enzymes – Natural yeast is a very useful little thing; not only does it contain its own protein and vitamins and minerals, but it can also help prevent against damage from free radicals.
  • Easy to feed to horses – Even the pickiest horse will polish off his feed with a little of this supplement mixed in, so you will have no worries about how to get it into him.
  • 48 day supply – The fact that this product lasts longer than a month should endear it to you even more!


  • It’s relatively expensive – Compared to some other probiotic supplements, this one is a little on the pricey side.


This will help to maintain a good, healthy weight on even a reduced feed diet, making it ideal for the horse who has to have limited grazing or food for health reasons. Just because he’s on a diet, doesn’t mean he can’t still be healthy!


2. Probios Probiotic Dispersible Powder Bonus Pack Review

Probios Probiotic Dispersible Powder Bonus Pack

This powder is easily dispersible and is suitable for every day use. It is gentle on the gut, and will work wonders to transform the condition and overall health of any horse.


  • Excellent at healing the gut after antibiotics – Although sometimes necessary, antibiotics can wreak havoc on the digestive system. A good probiotic, like this one, will restore the balance of the natural gut flora and keep your best friend healthy.
  • Easy to feed and palatable – Because it is a dispersible powder, it can be stirred into other food and your horse won’t even notice it’s there. If he does notice however, you don’t have to worry because it has a tasty flavour.
  • Helps to calm the stomach after stressful events – Anything stressful, as we all know, can tie your stomach up in knots. The same is true for horses, so this is a great product to use after a yard move, or the sad loss of a field mate.
  • Keeps horses healthy and in good condition – When the guts are working well, everything is working well. You will probably notice an improvement in your horse’s overall condition when using this probiotic supplement.


  • Container fullness can be inconsistent – There have been a couple of reports about the amount of powder in the tub being different for subsequent orders.


This lactic acid enzyme probiotic is a great all rounder, which can be given to other animals as well as horses. Whether you want to use it to get over some acute issue your horse is having, or for general every day use, you won’t be disappointed with the results.


3. LMF Feeds Inc Digest Prebiotic And Probiotic Supplement Review

LMF Feeds, Inc. Digest 911" 5 lb prebiotic and probiotic Supplement for Horses ruminants and Pets

A great supplement to improve the digestive health of your horse, this one is easy to measure out and feed, and can be sprinkled directly onto other feed – the horse won’t even notice it’s there.


  • Promotes overall health as well as digestive health – The stomach is connected to so much of the rest of the body, that if the stomach is healthy there’s a good chance that the rest of the body will be too.
  • Enhances nutrient absorption – Using this supplement will not only improve your horse’s health, but can also help him to take on more nutrients from his other foods, thus improving his overall health no end.
  • Can be used during times of stress or daily – There is no restrictions on this supplement; you can give it to your horse if he is going through a stressful time or has health problems, or just add it to daily feed for constant maintenance.
  • Comes with a measuring scoop – This is a great bonus as it means you can measure out exactly how much your horse needs, and not just guess or judge by eye.


  • Can stimulate the appetite – This is a huge plus point if you have a horse who struggles to keep weight on, or who is naturally on the slim side – not so great if you have a horse who naturally runs to fat and already wants to eat everything in sight!


A fantastic all round probiotic supplement, great for horses during difficult times or every day – you will find that their condition improves as their gut health does, and you should also notice that your horse is happier.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do horses need probiotics?

Horses have a very complex digestive system. The hindgut contains colonies of microorganisms that some refer to as “good bugs“. These beneficial organisms play a big part in keeping your horse’s digestive system healthy, thereby keeping the whole horse healthy. Adding probiotics to your horse’s diet can help keep these colonies of beneficial fauna strong and healthy.

2. What do good bugs do?

Beneficial fauna in your horses intestines help to break down foods that could not be otherwise digested. For example, they help to break down the fiber contained in hay and other forage, and they help convert food to energy.

3. How do probiotics increase beneficial fauna in a horse’s digestive tract?

High-quality probiotics contain millions of beneficial live microorganisms that help support good digestion. Some of the most common are:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Bifidobacteriumlongum
  • Enterococcus lactis

Adding these exotic sounding beneficial fauna to your horse’s daily diet is easy and can have impressive results on your horse’s overall health.

4. How can you tell if your horse needs probiotics?

All horses need a healthy digestive system to maintain good overall health and performance, so adding probiotics to your horse‘s daily diet is generally a good idea. Additionally, changes and stressors of all sorts may cause your horse to need a boost in these beneficial fauna. Some examples of events that can cause stress for horses include:

  • Changes or increases in training
  • The normal processes of aging
  • Weather changes
  • Changes in diet
  • Illness or injury

Any of these events and much more can cause your horse’s digestive system to become unbalanced.

5. What happens when a horse has an unbalanced digestive system?

You may notice a wide array of problems if your horse’s digestive system is thrown off balance. Examples include:

In fact, your horse may become very ill or may become ill more frequently if his digestive system is thrown off balance. The reason for this is that 65% of horse’s immune system is found in the digestive tract. Imbalance in the digestive tract weakens the immune system.

6. What should you look for in a good probiotic supplement for a horse?

Generally speaking, a good quality overall digestive supplement will contain an adequate balance of beneficial fauna to support your horse’s digestive system. If your horse is under a great deal of stress due to being involved in competition, lots of travel, training or multiple feed changes you may want to look for a more aggressive type of digestive supplement.

7. What is a more aggressive digestive supplement for horses?

For very stressed horses, pre-biotics are a good idea. These are sources of soluble, non-digestible fiber that help encourage a thriving population of beneficial fauna. The good bugs feed on this fiber so that they can multiply and maintain healthy colonies in your horse’s digestive tract. You would use pre-biotics along with probiotics as a supplement for a very stressed horse.

8. When should you feed probiotics and pre-biotics?

Generally speaking, giving your horse a probiotic supplement on a regular daily basis in his feed is a good idea. If your horse will be facing an excessively stressful event such as shipping or change in diet, you may want to provide him with a dose of a digestive support paste containing pre-biotics.

9. Will probiotics and pre-biotics alone keep my horse’s digestive system strong?

It’s important to understand that having a healthy horse takes a great deal of holistic care. In addition to feeding probiotics and occasional pre-biotics, you should:

  • Examine your horse’s teeth regularly to be sure that they are clean, in good condition and working properly.
  • Be sure that your horse is drinking an ample amount of water, and keep his water clean and fresh at all times.
  • Make any changes in feed and hay in a very gradual manner to prevent upset.
  • Keep your horse securely housed and protected from extreme weather.
  • Maintain a regular program of the worming and consistent veterinary care.
  • Provide your horse with ample forage and grazing time.

All of these things work together to ensure that your horse has a healthy hindgut and good overall health.

This PDF document from Colorado State University provides valuable information about probiotics and pre-biotics for horses.


The best probiotic supplement for horses will improve the digestion, deliver great nutrients and improve the overall condition, weight and temperament of your horse. Probiotics are a natural substance, so you don’t have to worry about adding anything unpleasant to your horse’s diet – it’s just supplementing the existing gut flora with carefully selected strains that will really help improve their general health.

Probiotic supplements are especially great for horses who have previous digestion issues, as well as being suitable for every other horse in the world! Try out a probiotic supplement today, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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