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how do I build my horse's topline Work On Yourself

How Do I Build My Horse’s Topline?

Ok, so you came here to find an answer to the question: “how do I build my horse’s topline“. A well ridden and well cared for horse should display a symmetrical, rounded shape from head to tail. He should have a well muscled chest as well as a well muscled topline, and he should appear … Read more

training mustangs

Tips For Training Mustangs And Wild Horses

These days with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rounding up more and more of our horses from our public lands every day, it behooves genuine horse lovers to do everything they can to provide safe and appropriate homes for these American icons. Beautiful as they are, Mustangs and wild horses present specific challenges that … Read more

how to catch a horse Frequently Asked Questions

How To Catch A Horse {My Tips & Tricks}

Anytime you’re around your horse, you’re teaching him something. Horses are keen observers of human behavior, so it’s important that we always behave in consistent and trustworthy ways around our horses. You may see some folks chasing their horses around in an attempt to catch them, and this tells you two things about these folks: … Read more

how to teach a horse to back up Frequently Asked Questions

How To Teach A Horse To Back Up?

Backing up is an important skill for a horse to know, whether you’re on the ground or in the saddle. The ability to back is integral part of many everyday tasks, rodeo events and show disciplines. On the trail, you may find yourself in a tight situation where your horse can’t turnaround or in a … Read more

how high can a horse jump Frequently Asked Questions

How High Can A Horse Jump?

How high a horse can jump will, obviously, depend on the size of the horse – you cannot expect a Shetland to clear a five bar gate! Breed also helps to determine how high a horse can jump, as some breeds have been bred for it over the centuries and are generally better at it. … Read more

do horses eat meat Frequently Asked Questions

Do Horses Eat Meat {Explained!}

Do horses eat meat? The quick and simple answer is no, they do not. But a one word answer doesn’t make a very interesting read, so let’s have a more in depth look at what horses eat and why. Do Horses Eat Meat In The Wild? Do horses eat meat in the wild? Not voluntarily, … Read more

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