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calf roping Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Calf Roping Or Tiedown Roping?

Calf roping or tiedown roping originated as a routine, necessary task performed by genuine cowboys. It involves the skills necessary to collect and hold very young calves that need to be branded, given vaccinations or doctored. How Is Rodeo Calf Roping Different? Although the skills used are the same, the timed rodeo event which is … Read more

how much does a horse weigh Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Horse Weigh?

Horses come in all shapes and sizes, as you probably already know. Therefore, the question how much does a horse weigh will be based on lots of factors – what breed they are; whether they are in work or out of it; whether they are pregnant or lactating; what sort of muscle mass they have. … Read more

equitation tips

Top Ten Equitation Tips To Get A Head Start

Equitation is the term used to refer to the practice or art of horsemanship or horseback riding. It especially refers to the position of the rider, along with the rider’s skill at using aids effectively and riding correctly overall. In equitation classes, it is the rider who is evaluated and not so much the horse. … Read more

best feed for pregnant mare Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Feed For A Pregnant Mare?

I know you’re here because you want to identify the best feed for pregnant mare. However, the topic of feeding a pregnant mare is a complex one. A mare’s needs change throughout the experience of pregnancy. She will need a regular, nourishing maintenance diet prior to breeding and can continue on this diet throughout the … Read more

Why Is It Better To Use CBD Oil Than Hemp Protein, Oils And Seeds?

Important Information About CBD Oil For Horses

Cannabinoids (CBD) are substances which can be sourced from medicinal hemp plants. The hemp plant contains more than a hundred different sorts of cannabinoids, and all of them have beneficial health properties. Hemp plants also contain compounds known as terpenes. These compounds can be found in fruit and some herbs also. Terpenes are responsible for … Read more

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