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What Can Your Vet Do For Heaves?

Heaves In Horses {What You Need To Know}

If you’ve been hearing your horse cough in his stall, you may have concluded that it was dust making him cough. You may not have realized how very serious this can be. Even though mold, pollen, dust and other allergens can make people cough without serious repercussions, the fact is when horses have this response … Read more

miniature horse training tips

Top 7 Miniature Horse Training Tips

Many people believe that because miniature horses are so small and cute, they don’t really need comprehensive horse training. This is a big mistake! If you’re going to take on a miniature horse, you need to be prepared to train it just as you would a full-sized horse. A well trained miniature horse can be … Read more

dressage training pyramid Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Dressage Training Pyramid?

If you’re participating in dressage, you are sure to frequently hear about the Dressage Pyramid or scale of training. This method of training was developed by the German cavalry in the early 1900s and translated from the original German, it is simply called the training scale. It was taken up by dressage trainers in Europe … Read more

Early Preparation Paves The Way

How To Get Ready For A Horse Show

No matter what your level of experience or what type of riding you do, preparing for a horse show or event can be very anxiety producing. There are lots of things you need to do to get ready, and many things you must remember to take along. In this article, we provide good advice to … Read more

horse racing deaths Frequently Asked Questions

Horse Racing Deaths And Injuries {FAQs}

Horse racing is a highly popular sport, which has been around for centuries and shows no sign of losing its popularity any time soon. It is, however, becoming a more controversial sport, as more and more people are becoming increasingly concerned with animal welfare. It is true that racehorses are very well looked after and … Read more

Is There Any Upside To Building A Round Pen With Pallets?

How To Build A Round Pen Out Of Pallets?

These days all sorts of things are being built out of pallets, and while this is an intriguing way of constructing everything from garden fencing to furniture to round pens, is it really a good idea? The simple answer to this question is “Yes and no”. If you’re able to score very high quality, uniform … Read more

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