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most popular horse breeds a to z

Horse Breeds: The 30 Most Popular Equine Types A To Z

Horses are ungulate mammals with elongated heads, muscular torsos, thick necks, long tails and short hair. Taxonomically, they belong to the family of Equidae. Horses have evolved for more than fifty million years with the first horse breeds having originated from North America then spread into Europe and Asia. According to the Oklahoma State University, … Read more

Common Equine Ailments

Horse Health Basics: Common Diseases And Vaccines

When you have a horse, you naturally want to provide the best of horse care. Good nutrition, regular attention, grooming and exercise go a long way toward keeping your horse healthy and happy. Regular veterinary exams, deworming your horse with a good dewormer, and a comprehensive schedule of vaccines are also essential. Unfortunately, even these good … Read more

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