Which Are The Best Therapy Rugs For Horses?

Rugs these days are not just about keeping your horse warm, or keeping the flies off him. You can buy the best therapy rugs for horses to help with injuries, recovery, soft tissue damage and even long term chronic issues like arthritis. Some of these rugs use magnetic therapy, some use various techniques to keep your horse warm around certain areas to encourage blood flow, and some use ceramic powder for heat therapy.

If your horse has an injury, illness or long term condition that makes him sore and cranky, you really should consider looking into therapy rugs. They are a good investment into your horse’s health, and can reduce the need for vet’s visits.

Best Therapy Rugs For Horses Reviews

Here are three of the most recommended brands:


Therapy Rugs


Bucas Recuptex Therapy Rug 5ft9 Navy SilverTOP PICK: Bucas Recuptex Therapy Rug

An impressive magnetic rug with great healing properties.

Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Mesh Rug, 84-InchBack on Track Therapeutic Mesh Horse Rug

A fantastic rug that uses heat for sore, aching muscles.

Professionals Choice Blanket Magnetic Therapy 78 White PCMBProfessional’s Choice Magnetic Horse Blanket

A light, effective magnetic blanket.


1. Bucas Recuptex Therapy Rug Review

Bucas Recuptex Therapy Rug 5ft9 Navy Silver

This rug has been described as acting like a Faraday Cage, reflecting all the magnetic fields created inside a horse’s body, and directing it back to where it needed most to stimulate blood flow.


  • Good for preventing issues as well as dealing with existing ones – Even if your horse is fit as a fiddle, you can still use this rug and know that it is doing him no harm whatsoever, and is even working on making sure he doesn’t suffer in the future.
  • Suitable for a wide array of health issues – from soft tissue damage and wither soreness, to arthritis and kissing spine, this rug will help your horse overcome a number of problems, gently and almost imperceptibly.
  • Can be left on 24/7 – Although it is recommended that you slowly build up the use of this rug by using it for a couple of hours a day to start with, once he is used to it it can stay on throughout rain and shine, every day of the week.
  • Washing won’t destroy its healing properties – Unlike some magnetic rugs, this one will still be effective for up to 100 washes (as long as you stick to 30 degrees C).


  • Only comes in one color – You may not be so worried about making your horse’s therapy rug match the rest of his kit, but if you are then do bear in mind that you can only buy this rug in blue/silver.


An impressive rug with great healing and maintenance properties, this one will make your horse feel much better very quickly. Even chronic conditions can benefit enormously.


2. Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Horse Rug Review

Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Mesh Rug, 84-Inch

This rug uses heat therapy to improve your horse’s health issues; there is very little wrong with a body that a bit of increased blood flow won’t fix – or at least improve.


  • Great for reducing inflammation – This rug will help keep your horse’s muscles loose by increasing the blood flow, thus lubricating the area and preventing knots and stiffness.
  • Uses ceramic powder for an innovative warming effect – The ceramic powder infused in this rug will reflect the body heat and create a type of infra red warmth which is soothing and healing.
  • Can be used under your normal rug when it’s cold – Think of this rug like a set of thermal pyjamas for a human. You can layer it with his normal winter weight rug and know that he will stay snug and warm!
  • Benefits all horses in all types of work – Whether you have a top level show jumper or a ploddy pleasure horse, this rug can be used for any discipline, and will make a difference to every horse.


  • Does not have cut away withers – Very high-withered horses may experience a bit of rubbing and maybe even hair loss, as this rug is cut flat.


A fantastic rug that offers soothing warmth and comfort for sore, aching muscles. You should start to notice a difference in your horse’s comfort levels soon after you start using this rug.


3. Professional’s Choice Magnetic Horse Blanket/Sheet Review

Professionals Choice Blanket Magnetic Therapy 78 White PCMB

This magnetic therapy rug has magnets sewn into it in strategic places to allow for maximum benefit of the magnet’s healing properties, which encourage extra blood flow.


  • Light weight mesh fabric is cool and breathable – No worries if you want to use this rug in the height of summer – its mesh design makes it cool and should prevent your horse getting overheated.
  • Perfect for a pre-exercise warm up – If you want to make sure your horse won’t suffer after hard work, just pop this rug on him for a while before you go on that long trail ride. It will warm up his muscles and prevent pulling or strains.
  • Well made, durable blanket – You shouldn’t have to worry about your horse sneakily pulling this rug off, with or without the help of his field mates. A strong nylon surcingle and two elastic leg straps keep this rug firmly in place.
  • Fleece patch over the withers for comfort – This means that even high withered horses shouldn’t experience any discomfort, and it will prevent any loss of mane in the area.


  • Magnetic rugs are great, but a very sore horse may need more – Magnetic therapy is fantastic for stiff, sore muscles, inflammation and increasing blood flow. But if you have a horse with really serious pain issues you may find that he does not benefit hugely.


This is a light, effective magnetic blanket that should bring comfort to any horse suffering with stiffness, sore muscles and chronic conditions such as arthritis.



The best therapy rug for horses can help enormously with a wide range of issues, from acute to chronic ones. They may improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, and help even the stiffest horse walk smoothly and comfortably. There are a number of different types out there, so have a look through the list and decide what is the best option for your horse – he will definitely thank you!

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