Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Review

If you have a horse who is prone to bumps, bruises and scrapes, then you will need something keep in the tack box to apply as soon as you notice any wound. Keeping on top of wound care is essential to a good, quick healing process, and Vetericyn spray is the ideal thing to clean out wounds and scrapes – and it is veterinary recommended too! Read on to learn more in my Vetericyn review.

Vetericyn Review

Vetericyn Plus Horse Wound Care Spray | Equine Healing Aid and Skin Repair, Clean Wounds, Relieve Itchy Skin. 16 ounces
  • HEALING AID & SKIN REPAIR: Use a few times daily to flush the horse's cuts, abrasions, sores, and irritations.
  • HORSE FIRST AID KIT ESSENTIAL: Vetericyn Plus equine wound care spray is a must-have when looking for horse supplies.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Made with a non-toxic hypochlorous technology that is pH-balanced and non-irritating.
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Support wound healing with this anxiety-free, cost-effective alternative to antibiotic or steroid ointments.
  • MADE IN USA: From a company you can trust, Vetericyn is a leader in at-home animal health products manufactured to help equestrians take the best care of their horses.

What Am I Buying?

This magical spray is used for cleaning wounds of all sorts. It is very useful for cuts, rashes, sores and other skin issues (e.g. rain rots), and it will provide instant relief for dry or irritated skin. You will find that the healing process is much faster when you use this spray, as by keeping the wound clean you are reducing the risk of secondary infection, and keeping it clean also promotes healing.

It is a non-irritating formula, and can be safely used around the sensitive areas such as ears, eyes, mouth and nose. It’s also great for horses with allergies, seasonal or otherwise – though do bear in mind that you will have to apply it frequently to get the full benefit for your itchy horse.

How Easy Is It To Use?

The simple answer is yes, very. This spray comes with a handy nozzle so you can direct the wound ointment at a specific area – or if you have a horse who doesn’t like being sprayed, you can just apply some to a cloth and wipe it over the affected area. You can also use this product on a dressing over a wound, to ensure that the area is kept clean and sterile.

What’s Included?

You will receive a 16oz spray bottle with attached trigger, plus instructions on how to use it. This wound care ointment is made using advanced hypochlorous technology, which is a good and non toxic alternative to the overuse of antibiotics, to make sure that your horse is receiving the best.

What this spray does NOT include is steroids, which is great for those wishing to avoid too many potentially harmful chemicals, and adverse reactions.

Pros & Cons Of Vetericyn


  • Non cytoxic solution – This means that it will not affect healthy tissue, and allows for an ideal wound healing environment.
  • Can be used on dressings – Just saturate your dressing with the spray and apply it. Simple! This will keep the dressing site moist and encourage healing.
  • Contains no antibiotics or steroids – This means there is no potential for adverse reactions or increased skin issues.
  • Manufactured in the US – This product is made under the highest quality guidelines there are, and it is produced by a trusted manufacturer.


  • Pump sprayer may need encouraging – The spray may let the ointment down as you may find it needs physically moving back into position after a spray.
  • Runs out quickly – You may find that you need to repurchase this product sooner than you would like to, especially if you are using it frequently for irritated skin.

Final Words

This is a very high quality wound care solution. It may very well save you thousands in vet’s bills, as it will speed up the healing of wounds and prevent infection. It’s also great for use on horses with chronic itchy skin problems (note though – it didn’t do a lot for my mare who has sweet itch – but then, I’ve yet to find a product that helps with that!)

It is made by a US company who pride themselves on their high quality products, which meet stringent requirements for animal safety, so you can be sure that you are buying a tried and tested product that actually works. The fact that it is recommended by vets is also a massive selling point for this product – a vet wouldn’t put their name to something unless they were sure that it worked.

If you have a horse who gets a lot of small injuries, then this is definitely a product to keep in your grooming bag. It can help the healing process and prevent any secondary infections (and therefore possible vet bills), and it will do this without the use of antibiotics or steroids.

Most people are keen to avoid harsh chemicals for their horses unless absolutely necessary, but I for one have always been surprised by the amount of skin products out there which contain steroids. This one is a refreshing change, as it will help wound healing enormously, in the most natural way possible.

Where To Buy?

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