What Is The Best Weedkiller For Horse Pasture?

Horses are vegetarians, and foragers who are designed to roam over hill and down dale, finding the best grazing as they go. But horses can eat things that aren’t just grass; their gut is designed to make the most of the nutrients they get, so they can survive on limited grazing and scrubby pickings for a surprisingly long time.

But what about horses that are kept in one place, and cannot roam about? What if said place is plagued by weeds that overtake the grass and make it difficult for the horse to find ANY decent grazing at all? Well, that’s where the best weedkiller for horse pasture comes in. It is important to get rid of weeds that may be harmful to horses, as well as those that overtake the grass and prevent it from growing.

Best Weedkiller For Horse Pasture Reviews

How do you choose from the billions of products out there? We have made this job a whole lot easier for you! Below are three of the best products we could find.




Natural Weed Killer Made with Ocean Water and Commercial Food Grade Vinegar Pet Friendly (2.5 Gallon)TOP PICK: Natural Weedkiller with Ocean Water

A good, effective weedkiller that is also natural.

Prescott Herbicide Replaces Redeem Range and Pasture R&P 1 galPrescott Herbicide

A bit pricey but very efficient and strong weedkiller.

Crossbow Herbicide (1 Gallon)Crossbow Herbicide

An efficient weedkiller that is also value for money.


1. Natural Weedkiller Made with Ocean Water and Vinegar Review

Natural Weed Killer Made with Ocean Water and Commercial Food Grade Vinegar Pet Friendly (2.5 Gallon)

For those who like their weedkiller to be as natural and safe as possible, this is a great product. It does what it says on the tin, and will not harm any other wildlife as it is made from entirely natural ingredients with no added chemicals.


  • Comes ready to use – There is no fussy mixing or careful preparations needed with this natural weedkiller – it’s all ready to use from the second it arrives on your doorstep.
  • Totally safe for the environment – Because it uses all natural ingredients, this one won’t pose any threat at all to your other livestock, children or even the surroundings.
  • Really simple to use – all you need to do is spray the product onto the weeds till they are wet with it. Then sit back and wait for the results!
  • Extremely fast acting – You should see very satisfying results within hours. Stronger, grassier weeds may take 12-24 hours to start to wither and turn brown, but in general this is a very fast acting weedkiller.


  • May lose its efficacy in the rain – It has been reported that this product works really well in hot, dry conditions, but may lose its powers somewhat in prolonged wet weather as the components will be washed off the weeds.


A really good, effective weedkiller that is also natural and not harmful to other wildlife or the environment. This is an unusual combination, and one that should make you – and your horses – very happy!


2. Prescott Herbicide Replaces Redeem And Pasture Review

Prescott Herbicide Replaces Redeem Range and Pasture R&P 1 gal

This is a serious herbicide that covers a huge range of undesirable weeds – it will get rid of them incredibly quickly and effectively, and comes from a renowned US company that has a great history with making effective weedkillers.


  • Works very well on troublesome weeds that are hard to kill – Even thistle and clover, two notoriously hardy weeds that can be very difficult to get rid of, will run a mile at the first application of this weedkiller.
  • Specially formulated for grazing areas – This weedkiller has been designed to kill weeds without harming the grass surrounding them. Great for use in pastures where horses graze!
  • No license is required to use this weedkiller – Absolutely anyone can use it, with no special requirements being needed for its use. This is comforting, as it means you can be sure there is nothing too harmful in its makeup
  • A little goes a long way – You will receive a whole gallon of this product, and because of its efficacy you won’t need to use a lot, so it should last and last. This also saves you money because you won’t have to keep replacing the product when it runs out!


  • You have to take care not to get it on certain trees – Because it is a strong herbicide, it must not be allowed contact with desirable trees as it can harm them. Just spray it on the weeds you don’t want, and avoid anything else.


This is a very efficient weedkiller that is very good at its job and will save you a lot of frustration at having your horse’s grazing covered with weeds.


3. Crossbow Herbicide 1 Gallon Review

Crossbow Herbicide (1 Gallon)

Another great product which will kill unwanted weeds while leaving grazing areas safe, this one will efficiently do its job while you sit back and watch.


  • Targets woody plants and brush – If your field is plagued by blackberry or poison oak then this is the product for you, as it will specifically get rid of these troublesome invaders.
  • Can be applied any way you like – From hand held sprayers to tractor mounted spray rigs, this product will work whichever way you decide to apply it.
  • Rainfast within two hours – As long as you apply it on a dry day, it will not wash off and become ineffective in the heaviest of downpours.
  • Suitable for just about any area you want to use it in – Whether it’s pasture, rangeland, non irrigation ditches, roadsides – this product is suitable for just about anywhere.


  • It’s quite a chemical rich product – It is advised to wear a breathing mask when you apply it, so you don’t end up breathing in any of the components.


A very efficient weedkiller that will save your pastures from unwanted visitors that interfere with your horse’s grazing, this product will do exactly what it’s meant to.



Weeds in your pasture are not just an irritation but they can be really dangerous – some weeds, such as ragwort, are highly toxic to horses, and can lead to expensive vet bills or even worse.

Using a good quality, highly rated weedkiller will really help you out in terms of making sure your horse’s food isn’t overtaken by unwanted weeds, and can actually save his life. Buying the best weedkiller for horse pasture is an absolute must! And if you regularly mow your pasture to prevent these problems, that will help, too.

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    • On the Amazon website it is advertised as a weed and GRASS killer. It contains vinegar, which will kill grass. I would not put this on my pasture.


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