What To Wear To A Horse Race Party

Horse racing days out showcase some of the most incredible, high end fashion that there is. One of the most fun things about race days – apart from the possibility of winning hundreds of dollars using your favorite racing system, that is – is the chance to dress up and show off your wardrobe! It doesn’t really matter whether it’s raining or you face some cold weather, there are literally thousands of options out there. So let’s just have a look at a few of your horse racing outfits for ladies choices. Let’s have a look together at what to wear to a horse race or even a horse polo game.

What To Wear To A Horse Race

Black/White Or Orange Dress

If your tastes veer away from black, you could go for the Calvin Klein Sheath Dress. This is a beautiful color which will make you stand out in the crowds, and the flattering shape will make you feel comfortable and confident.

Try adding a pair of Sterling Silver French Wire Earrings. These will set off the dress perfectly; silver marries well with this sort of color, and the length looks very elegant.

As this is a simple dress, it goes well with a bolder fascinator, and this flower fascinator hat will suit perfectly.

For a dress with a little more of an hourglass shape, try this retro mermaid dress. This is a refreshingly light dress, with just enough detail to keep it interesting, but still conservative enough for a formal day at the races.

Pair it with this diamond ring, for a dash of confident bling and a bit of sparkle.

A bold, striking fascinator, such as this one will set this outfit off perfectly.

If you are looking for a truly striking dress to take the race day into the race night, go for this Ruffle Dress. This is a beautiful, quirky dress with just the right amount of style and class, coupled with a very flattering shape and an unusual off-the-shoulder effect.

Team it with this fascinator. It is small enough to not detract from the dress, yet interesting enough that it will finish off the outfit effortlessly.

For a final touch, try adding this ring. It is simple and classy, and will add some gleam to your outfit without being too sparkly.

White Floral Dress

If you like a classic white dress, this one is for you. It is long and elegant, with a few bright floral splashes to make it stand out.

A colorful fascinator, such as this one, would be perfect, as the color will pick out the flowery patterns of the dress.

Alternately, this fascinator will also add color, with a bit more feathers added to the mix.

For a final touch, add this vintage cinch belt – this will draw in your waist for a flattering silhouette, as well as add another dimension to your dress.

Or you could try this dress, to bring a touch of the countryside to the races. It’s a beautiful dress that looks casual at first glance, but it has real class. The lace is genuine and gorgeous, and the fit and flow of this dress has to be seen to be believed.

Jazz it up with a bit of jewelry – the Miabella 18k Gold Bracelet is intricate enough to be interesting, yet simple enough that it doesn’t detract from the detail of the dress.

You can add to your up-do with Pearls Hair Clips, or if you prefer a fascinator then go for this fascinator – the contrasting black color will set off your outfit nicely.

Either of these dresses will look great with a Micheal Kors Tote – its neutral brown color will accentuate both of them, and it is a convenient large size so you can keep all your belongings safe – and maybe look after your friend’s stuff too!

Little Black Dress

The classic LBD is always a good option. You can dress it up or down, and really have fun with accessories. Calvin Klein make some gorgeous, timeless dresses oozing with class and elegance, so you could choose this Calvin Klein Dress. It is highly flattering, and is a mix of Polyester and Spandex, so it has a tiny bit of stretch that allows it to be a forgiving sort of dress.

This one looks fantastic when paired with these floral lace gloves; these gloves are close fitting and elegant, with a little lace edge that adds a bit more of a party feel to them.

If you’re going for the sultry look, go for a pair of sunglasses – Michael Kors Women’s OMK2024 are the perfect blend of functional and attractive. They will protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as well as adding an air of allure to your outfit!

Top the whole look off with another Michael Kors piece – the Michael Kors Saffiano Leather 3-in-1 Crossbody. This is a great way to store your credit cards, phone and spare lipstick, and it looks great as well! The fact that it’s a cross-body one only adds to the look of the dress.

Another Calvin Klein option is the similar-sounding Calvin Klein Dress. This one is a sheath dress as before, which flatters most body shapes, and it is long enough in the leg so that it looks classy.

Team it with a simple bracelet – round bangle bracelet – to add a touch of glamour.

This outfit can be finished off with a stylish floppy hat – try this wool floppy hat. Great for shading you from the sun, and gives you a nice wide brim to peep under.

As for a place to store your bits and bobs, go for this flat glittery clutch – this is a great clutch for keeping everything safe, as well as adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit.

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