How To Choose The Best Foal Milk Replacer?

In an ideal world, every foal would nurse from its mother until it was ready to go off and start eating grass, and then combine solid food and mare’s milk for a while until it was weaned. However, there are times when that situation just might not be possible. Sometimes a mare might not have enough milk for her baby; or she may reject it outright and refuse to feed it; or she may tragically lose her life during birth or shortly after.

In these situations, you need to urgently find a substitute so that the new addition to your stables can get the right nutrition to support its growth.

Best Foal Milk Replacer Reviews

Here are three of the best foal milk replacer products that we could find:


Foal Milk Replacers


Foal-Lac Instantized Powder, 40-PoundTOP PICK: Foal-Lac Instantized Powder

A great replacer designed solely for foals.

Land O Lakes ProNurse Specialty Milk ReplacerLand O Lake Pro Nurse Milk Replacer

A universal milk replacer that is easy to mix and feed.

MARE'S MATCH LAND O' LAKES Enhanced Formulation Milk Replacer for young Horses - Fortified with 24% milk protein and 16% homogenized fat - Highly Digestable - 8 LBMare’s Match Enhanced Formulation

A milk replacer with the right ratios of protein and fat.


1. Foal-Lac Instantized Powder Review

Foal-Lac Instantized Powder, 40-Pound

This foal milk replacer has raised thousands of foals to be strong, vigorous and healthy, even without the benefit of their mother’s milk.


  • Formulated specifically for foals – Unlike some other milk replacers, this one is designed solely for foals and no other type of baby animal. This means that it is perfectly formulated for a horse’s specific needs.
  • Easily digested for delicate tummies – Young mammals do not always have the best digestion, as it has not yet had time to fully form, so they may struggle with hard to digest formula. This one is gentle on the gut, so all the right nutrients are absorbed with no problems.
  • Cane be either bottle or bucket fed – Depending on the age of your foal, you may have to either give this milk replacer in a bottle or from a bucket – either way, this is easy to make up and easy to feed.
  • Mimics the composition of mare’s milk – When you are using a milk replacer, you want it to be as similar to the horse’s natural diet as possible, and the make up of this milk is as close to mare’s milk as it can be.


  • Some horses do not take to it – There will be the odd foal, usually one that is already eating other solid food, that will turn their nose up at this product.


A great milk replacer for any foal, Foal-Lac will help your little one grow up strong and healthy, despite missing out on some of the finest liquid gold straight from his mother.


2. Land O Lake Pro Nurse Specialty Milk Replacer Review

Land O Lakes ProNurse Specialty Milk Replacer

Perfect for giving young horses the best start that they can possibly have, Land O Lake’s product is suitable from birth to when the foal has already started on solid foods.


  • Provides essential nutrients for early development – When you have to use a milk replacer, you may worry that your foal is not getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals to support his growing system. This one contains the right balance to ensure optimum growth.
  • Highly digestible and palatable – Keeping young stomachs comfortable is important, and making sure that the digestion can properly absorb the nutrients is even more so. This formula is easy on the stomach, as well as being tasty, so most foals should love it.
  • Suitable for the bottle or for top dressing feed – This milk replacer can be fed directly in a bottle, or used to add to a young horse’s solid feed to ensure that he is still getting all that he needs.
  • Easy to mix and feed – The Instantizing process is easy to follow and will help you mix up the product so that it is at its best to give to your foal.


  • Has a relatively short shelf life – Some milk replacers can be made up in batches to save time, but this one may go bad quite quickly if you don’t use it soon after you mix it.


A great milk replacement formula that will help your foals thrive. It mimics mother’s milk as closely as possible, with the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to make sure your orphaned or neglected foal will grow up healthy and happy.


3. Mare’s Match Land O Lakes Enhanced Formulation Milk Replacer Review

MARE'S MATCH LAND O' LAKES Enhanced Formulation Milk Replacer for young Horses - Fortified with 24% milk protein and 16% homogenized fat - Highly Digestable - 8 LB

In terms of similarities to mare’s milk, this milk replacer has ticked all the right boxes. It will support the health and growing bodies of your youngstock, as well as giving them a much needed boost of vitamins and minerals.


  • Contains the right ratios of protein and fat – Without a good balance of these things, your foal will not thrive. This product contains 24% milk protein and 16& homogenized fat, making it perfect for a growing foal’s needs.
  • Very easily tolerated by the digestion – Because this food is gentle on the stomach, it will be readily absorbed by the foal’s digestive system and make sure all the energy he needs will be right there at his finger, I mean hoof, tips.
  • Will last for a year if unopened – This product will keep very well, thanks to the strong seal on the bucket. This is great news if your mare suddenly decides to accept the foal, or a foster mother is found – you can keep the powder in case you find yourself in the same position again.
  • Very similar to mare’s milk in composition – Having a milk replacer that is very close to your foal’s natural milk is a very good thing, as it will allow him to grow and flourish to his full capacity.


  • Comes in a relatively small tub – You may find that 8lb I not enough to keep a hungry little hose going for months on end, so be prepared to spend a little more that you had planned!


This is a superior milk replacer that will make a huge difference to your foal’s life, despite the fact that he was weaned early or never allowed to wean, for whatever reason.



Although having to use a milk replacer is far from an ideal situation, whether the reason for needing it is an orphaned foal or one that was rejected it is comforting to know that at least there are alternatives and your little one won’t have to starve. The best foal milk replacer is out there, you just have to search through this list until you find the one that is right for you!

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