What Is The Best Hackamore On The Market?

The most well known method of controlling your horse is with a bitted bridle. Bits come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and strengths, but their main shared characteristic is a piece of metal that sits in the horse’s mouth and can be used for steering and brakes. But not all horses like bits, and not all riders think they are the kindest solution for keeping control of a horse whilst on board. If you or your horse fit into either of these camps, how about looking into the best hackamore bridles?

A hackamore works on the same principle as a halter, and will guide your horse around using pressure on the nose rather than in the mouth. Most horses respond very well to this method of control, and you will find that your horse may even become more responsive as his nose cannot become hardened to pressure, as his mouth can become hardened to a bit.

Best Hackamore Reviews

If you’re looking for the best hackamore out there, then scroll down to see the three best competitors we have picked out for you:




Reinsman 951 Mechanical Hackamore with Flat Leather Nose; Stage CTOP PICK: Reinsman 951 Mechanical Hackamore

A great, standard mechanical hackamore.

Classic Equine Bozo Sidepull Hackamore 6 3/4InClassic Equine Bozo Sidepull Hackamore

A good side pull bridle / hackamore for every day riding.

Mustang Nylon Breaking HackamoreMustang Nylon Breaking Hackamore

A simple starting solution for your youngster.


1. Reinsman 951 Mechanical Hackamore Review

Reinsman 951 Mechanical Hackamore with Flat Leather Nose; Stage C

This hackamore works on the basis that your horse responds better to poll pressure and features solid mouthpieces, cheek attachments and swivel cheek pieces with jointed mouthpieces.


  • Ideal for novice riders – Because of its simplicity and the fact that it offers great control and brakes, this hackamore is perfectly suited to beginners.
  • High quality and well made – Created from lightweight but strong materials, this hackamore is designed to last. It is guaranteed to be free of craftmanship defects, to the point that it will be repaired for free if anything breaks!
  • Flat leather nose – This offers excellent contact with the horse without being overly harsh or painful when applying the brakes.
  • Perfect for a horse who doesn’t like bits – If you have a sensitive horse who doesn’t like having things in his mouth, this hackamore is the perfect solution.


  • It may hang down on a short headed horse – If your horse has a long face then this hackamore is perfect; if not you may find yourself adjusting the rest of the bridle way up high to stop it hanging down on his nose.


This is a fantastic hackamore that is suitable for just about any horse, and offer a great level of contact and control to the rider. Plus, it really looks the part!


2. Classic Equine Bozo Sidepull Hackamore Review

Classic Equine Bozo Sidepull Hackamore 6 3/4In

Side pull bridles are excellent for horse that don’t like bits, as well as those who have dental issues or misformed mouths and can’t take a bit. This side pull is modeled on the one used by Kristie Peterson, the world champion barrel racer.


  • Comfortable for the horse yet offers control – This side pull gives good brakes and control, yet is still easy enough on the horse’s face that he won’t be uncomfortable in it.
  • Helps correct certain issues – Using this particular hackamore can prevent your horse from over bending.
  • Knots on the sides increase contact and control – These knots add to the control of thee horse, meaning that he will be more responsive to turns and quick changes of direction.
  • Wound rope nose band gives control and comfort – The rope band is less harsh on the nose than some, but still offers plenty of control for the rider.


  • More suitable for the finished horse than for training – If you are looking for a hackamore to train a youngster you would be better off looking elsewhere, as this one is designed for the horse who is already broken and responsive to a side pull.


A great hackamore for running in, racing and every day riding. This one gives you good contact and control of your horse, while being comfortable enough that you know he won’t hate being tacked up.


3. Mustang Nylon Breaking Hackamore Review

Mustang Nylon Breaking Hackamore

A fantastic solution to breaking a young horse, either with the intention of moving them onto bits or just keeping them in a hackamore. It will help youngsters learn the basics of being in a bridle, and get them used to the aids.


  • Comes as a full bridle – Unlike most hackamores, this one comes with browband, cheek pieces and throat lash, as well as flat braided reins.
  • Strong construction means it will last – Made from durable nylon, this hackamore is great – especially for a jumpy young horse who may spook or pull.
  • Rawhide braid on the nose with no knots – This feature means that it will be comfortable for your young horse, and won’t put him off tack before he’s even started his riding career.
  • Won’t break the bank – If you’re looking for equipment to break a youngster, chances are you won’t be using it forever so it needs to be cheap.


  • Knots holding the bridle in place are small – You may find that it slips around on your horse’s head somewhat, as the knots could be bigger.


This is a great start for your youngster, as it will help him learn the basics of steering and brakes, and the feel of a bridle on his face, without being harsh on his sensitive nose.



The best hackamore is gentle enough on your horse that he is comfortable, whilst offering you great control and effective brakes at the same time. Hackamores are great for horses who can’t or won’t take a bit, but do remember that some disciplines won’t allow you to compete in one.

There are a great many hackamores out there, some more suited to certain disciplines than others, so just have a think about your horse’s specific needs and decide what you want your hackamore for, then pop back here and pick the best hackamore for you and your horse.

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