What Is The Best Horse Blanket On The Market?

Of course, as we all know, keeping a horse comes with a lot of added extras. You’ve got the shoes, the tack, the fancy boots – but what about rugs? Unless you have a woolly mammoth of a horse who never feels the cold, you’re going to need to rug him at some point (and even if your mammoth doesn’t feel the cold he might like a little light cover after a particularly sweaty ride).

But which is the best horse blanket? This depends on what sort of rug you are looking for; be it a heavyweight winter warmer or a light turnout rug or something in between.

Best Horse Blanket Reviews

Buying a rug can be a confusing business though! We have taken the hard work out of shopping for your horse’s ideal wardrobe, and have compiled a list of the best for you to peruse…


Horse Blankets


Tough 1 Timber 1200D Waterproof Poly Snuggit Turnout Blanket, Orange, 81"Tough 1 Waterproof Turnout Blanket

A good all round rug which will keep your horse dry.

Heavy Weight Horse Turnout Blanket 1200D Rip Stop Water Proof Black 70TOP PICK: AJ Tack Waterproof Blanket

A great winter jacket for the horse who needs to keep warm.

HILASON 72" 1200D Waterproof Winter Horse Blanket Neck Cover Belly WRAP HOT PinkHilason Blanket With Detachable Neck

A great addition to your horse’s winter wardrobe.


1. Tough 1 Timber 1200D Waterproof Poly Snuggit Turnout Blanket Review

Tough 1 Timber 1200D Waterproof Poly Snuggit Turnout Blanket, Orange, 81"

This great sheet is ideal for horses who are turned out without a field shelter. It is strong and long lasting, and will keep him warm and dry whilst also being comfortable.


  • 1200 denier ripstop outer shell – The durability of ripstop is legendary, so you shouldn’t have to deal with rips and tears. It is also waterproof, so will stop your horse getting cold and wet.
  • 250 grams of Polyfill inside the rug – This material is a great insulator, so it will keep your horse warm and protected against cold winds.
  • Protection around the withers – There is nothing worse than a rug which rubs raw patches into the skin, or a mane that is rubbed away by the edges of a rug. This one has fleece protection around the withers for comfort.
  • Adjustable size to fit your horse comfortably – The fact that you can play with the straps to make it customised to your horse is a great feature of this rug. It will also prevent slipping and coming to see your horse to find his rug trailing on the floor.


  • The color has been reported to be a little misleading – Although the picture looks quite autumnal, in reality some users say that it is not a very “masculine” look for their geldings!


This is a good all round rug which will keep your horse warm and dry in all but the very worst weather. It has the added bonus of a soft lining that will help to keep the coat shiny – perfect for those days you don’t want to spend hours grooming!


2. AJ Tack Heavyweight Horse Turnout 1200D Rip Stop Waterproof Blanket Review

Heavy Weight Horse Turnout Blanket 1200D Rip Stop Water Proof Black 70

A fantastic, hardy, heavyweight rug which is perfect for the coldest of winters, this one is warm and waterproof and will keep your horse toasty warm and comfortable.


  • 400g heavyweight Polyfill insulation – This extra padding makes this rug ideal for a cold winter or an exposed field, even without an undersheet.
  • Tail flap to prevent rain running down the inside of the legs – I can’t imagine anything worse than having a great warm coat, which allowed rain to drip down inside! The tail flap will direct the rain away from your horse’s sensitive areas.
  • Fleece collar for comfort – Having a good thick lining around the edge of the rug where it touches your horse’s withers is a great feature and makes the rug more comfortable because it won’t rub.
  • 1200 denier ripstop outer – This means the outside of the rug is strong enough to withstand bramble scratches, and will be waterproof to prevent your horse getting cold and damp.


  • Rug can shift to the side – It is worth checking the fit to make sure it is snug enough to avoid the rug slipping.


This is a great winter jacket for the thin-coated horse who needs to keep warm, or for those really chilly days when being exposed to the elements is no fun for man or beast. It is so well made and durable that it should last you for many winters to come!


3. Hilason 1200D Horse Winter Waterproof Blanket With Detachable Neck Review

HILASON 72" 1200D Waterproof Winter Horse Blanket Neck Cover Belly WRAP HOT Pink

A perfect waterproof winter rug, this one will keep your best friend snugly till spring! Made of strong, long lasting materials it can withstand just about anything your horse decides to throw at it.


  • Polyester and ripstop outer – The combination of these waterproof and strong materials means this rug should last and last, and keep your horse dry while it does so!
  • Double stitched and reinforced – This is a great rug for those who like a bit of acrobatics in the field, as it is very unlikely to rip or fall apart.
  • Comes with a free belly strap – This is a great addition to a rug as it can help to lock in that little bit more warmth. The fact that it is detachable means you can use it or not, depending on the weather.
  • Comes in a huge range of colours – Great for making an eyecatching statement in the field, or for colour coordinating your horse accessories (until he rolls in the mud, that is!)


  • Clips may need replacing – It has been reported that the clips are not as a high quality as the rest of the rug, and may need swapping for more heavy duty ones.


This is a great addition to your horse’s winter wardrobe, and it will be worth every penny when your horse stays warm and cosy in the field instead of greeting you with irritation because he’s been cold all night.



Horse blankets or rugs are an essential part of horse owning and training, especially if you live in a cold part of the world or keep your horse in a place where he has no shelter. Rugs can help keep the horse warm, meaning he has to expend less energy doing it himself so he will keep weight on better, and generally stay in better condition and be healthier. Also, it’s no fun standing out for hours in the cold and wet, is it? Your horse will thank you for his nice new warm winter jacket!

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