What Is The Best Lunge Line For Horses On The Market?

Lunging is a fantastic exercise for your horse. It helps them to move on the ground in a natural bend, which can improve muscle tone and fitness, and it can also help to get rid of any “itchy feet” if you do it before a hack, meaning that you can enjoy a calmer, more relaxed ride. It’s also a great way to engage your horse’s brain and make sure he is thinking, and paying attention to you.

Lunging can also help you to see any issues your horse may be having, as it is done from the ground so you can get a good look at how he is moving and check for any issues. Lunge lines can also be used for long reining, which is a great exercise to train young horses, or get a horse ready to learn how to pull a cart.

Best Lunge Line For Horses Reviews

Obviously, a good lunge line is very important. But where do you find such a thing? You can pick up any old lunge line at a tack sale, or maybe you have one lying around in the tack room somewhere – but wouldn’t it be nice to have a brand new shiny one? We have reviewed three of the best lunge lines out there, to take the hard work out of finding one!


Lunging Lines


Hamilton Single Thick Nylon Horse Longe Line with Swivel Snap, 1-Inch/26-Feet, BlackHamilton 1 Single Thick Nylon Lounge Line

A great lunge line, and value for money.

Intrepid International Cotton Lunge Line with Rubber Stop, 35 FeetTOP PICK: Cotton Lunge Line With Rubber Stop

A soft, natural product, both in look and construction.

Southwestern Equine 35' Flat Cotton Web Lunge Line with Bolt Snap & Rubber Stop (35', Turquoise)Southwestern Flat Cotton Web Lunge Line

Gentle on the hands and on the pocket + a swivelling snap.


1. Hamilton 1 Single Thick Nylon Horse Lounge Line Review

Hamilton Single Thick Nylon Horse Longe Line with Swivel Snap, 1-Inch/26-Feet, Black

This is a highly durable lunge line, great for the horse who likes to take an unexpected tug on the rope as it will withstand just about any amount of abuse. It is very heavy duty, and should last you for years and years.


  • Box stitching ensures a long life – There is nothing worse than having a good product give up you because of faulty stitching. This one uses an especially strong stitch to make sure that this doesn’t happen.
  • Made by a household brand – Hamilton are well known and recognised as makers of good quality products, so you know you’re buying a lunge line that will last.
  • Comes in a range of colors – For those who want to match their tack, this is a great option as you can choose the main color of your lunge line.
  • Useful handle on the end of the line – It is helpful to have a fail-safe that means you can keep hold of your horse if he decides to take off, trailing the rest of the 26 feet behind him!


  • Can cause rope burn – Wearing gloves while using this line is a must; because of its nylon construction, one sharp tug running through your hand could be very painful.


A great lunge line, for a small price, this one will perform the job well and will last you for years to come.


2. Cotton Lunge Line 35’ With Rubber Stop Review

Intrepid International Cotton Lunge Line with Rubber Stop, 35 Feet


This is a soft, well made piece of equipment that can revolutionise your lunging techniques. If you have been put off by hard lines in the past, you can restore your faith in lunging with this lovely rope.


  • 35 feet long gives you a lot of room to play with – You can choose whether you want to lunge on a long or short line; starting shorter is best but with this one you have the freedom to let your horse out the full distance.
  • Cotton construction is hard wearing – The fabric rope is very strong, and won’t hurt your hands as much as a nylon rope can.
  • Natural color – If you have a horse who baulks at bright colors you will be looking for something which is easy on the eye. This rope will practically blend in with the scenery!
  • Rubber stop at the end of the rope – It is very helpful to have something at the end of the rope to catch your horse if he takes off, and this rubber stop will be kind to your hands as well as effective


  • Can feel too long – Especially if you are used to keeping your horse on a short line, there may be enough of this rope to tangle up.


For those who want a natural product, both in look and construction, this is the lunge line for you.


3. Southwestern Equine 35’ Flat Cotton Web Lunge Line With Bolt Snap And Rubber Stop Review

Southwestern Equine 35' Flat Cotton Web Lunge Line with Bolt Snap & Rubber Stop (35', Turquoise)

This lunge line combines the best of all the worlds – it is made from soft yet durable cotton, comes in fantastic colors, and has a useful rubber stop and swivel clip. What more could you ask for?


  • Snap and swivel clip – The fact that the clip moves around to follow your horse’s movements is a fantastic plus, as it means he won’t be troubled by a clip pulling on his halter when he moves.
  • Cotton construction for comfort and strength – Cotton is a very strong material, and it has the added bonus of being kind to your hands.
  • Rubber stop at the end of the line – If your horses does decide to tank off, there is no chance that he will be able to whisk the line out of your hands with this useful addition.
  • Comes in fantastic colors – You can choose what shade you want your lunge line to be, which is great for those of us who want matchy tack.


  • Can be a little too long – There are very few downsides to this lunge line, but one complaint might be that having too much extra rope can get tangled if you like to keep your horse in a smaller circle.


This rope is gentle on the hands and on the pocket, and will help your horse have a more enjoyable experience too, thanks to the swivelling snap.



Lunging is a great training exercise for your horse, and can help you to see any issues he may have. Lunging can be done in a round pen, a ménage, or even out in the field – it’s a very versatile activity. So you will need a versatile rope, and to make sure you’ve found the best one you can. You may well have just done that!

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