What Is The Best Coat Supplement For Horses?

A good, shiny coat is not only nice to look at and soft to the touch, it is also a great indicator of how healthy your horse is on the inside. If a horse isn’t getting the right balance of nutrients and vitamins, it shows in his coat, which may become dull and staring. To help keep your horse as shiny and glossy as he can be, and to keep him in tip top health, you may want to look into the best coat supplement for horses.

Best Coat Supplement For Horses Reviews

If you’re stuck for ideas of what to buy, then just read on, as we have selected three of the best, most effective and recommended products for you to choose from.


Coat Supplements


Manna Pro Simply Flax, 8 lbTOP PICK: Manna Pro Simply Flax

A flaxseed supplement which is as natural as it can be.

Majesty's Omega Wafers - Horse/Equine Skin, Coat, Immune Support Supplement - Omega 3, 6, 9, Biotin - Reduces Inflammation & Skin Allergy, Improves Immune System - 4 Month Supply (2 Bags/120 Count)Majesty’s Omega Wafers

A high quality, well designed supplement.

RICHDEL 784299790506 Ultra Finish Nu-Image Hoof & Coat Support for Horse, 5 lbRichdel Ultra Finish Hoof & Coat Support

A good supplement especially the lighter colored horses.


1. Manna Pro Simply Flax for Horses 8lb Review

Manna Pro Simply Flax, 8 lb

This is a flaxseed supplement which is as natural as it can be – perfect for those who want to stay away from chemicals or additives in supplements while still giving their horse the best.


  • Provides a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids – These trace elements are hard to find in a horse’s natural diet of forage and hay, so must be added to his feed to keep him in tip top condition.
  • Good for the immune system – Keeping the whole system healthy is key to keeping a shiny, glossy coat. This supplement supports the horse from the inside out to keep him and his coat as healthy as they can be.
  • Easy to feed to any horse – Because this supplement doesn’t have a strong taste, it is easy to slip it into the most fussy of eaters. All you need to do is feed between 1 and 6 scoops per day, depending on your horse’s size and working habits, and you will soon see results.
  • Lasts for a long time – Although it is advised to feed this supplement daily, because it comes in a large 8lb tub it should keep your horse going for ages. Also, it’s guaranteed fresh for 12 months, so no worries about it spoiling.


  • May have to mixed with oil or molasses – Some horses find this supplement a bit dry, so it may be advised to mix it with a base.


A pure, natural support for your horse’s entire body and not just his coat, this one will guarantee good results in a very short time.


2. Majesty’s Omega Wafers Horse / Equine Skin Review

Majesty's Omega Wafers - Horse/Equine Skin, Coat, Immune Support Supplement - Omega 3, 6, 9, Biotin - Reduces Inflammation & Skin Allergy, Improves Immune System - 4 Month Supply (2 Bags/120 Count)

This is a high quality, well designed supplement that delivers the optimum amount of nutrient to your horse with the minimum of mess and fuss.


  • Designed in a unique wafer formula – No need to top dress your horse’s feed or worry about adding the right amount – just give one of these wafers daily, and you can be sure that he is receiving all the right nutrients.
  • Mixed with molasses, oat and apple sauce for feedability – You shouldn’t have any trouble getting your fussy eater to chomp away on these little wafers. They have been designed over years of trial and error to make them as palatable as they can possibly be.
  • Contains a great balance of Omega-3 fatty acids – These elements have all sorts of functions in a healthy horse, from reducing inflammation to supporting gastrointestinal function, improving joint health and supporting the immune system.
  • Prevents waste and mess – Some horses spit out their top dressed feed, or kick over the bucket, losing the supplement you have so carefully added! These wafers will be munched up quickly, making sure that your horse has all the right nutrients.


  • Safety in pregnant mares or those intended for breeding has not been established – It’s always good to be careful of what you put into a breeding mare, just in case. Although these are a natural product and as such should be fine, it’s always best to err on the safe side.


A great and innovative way to get a supplement into your horse, these wafers cannot be beaten on convenience!


3. Richdel Ultra Finish Nu-Image Hoof & Coat Support Review

RICHDEL 784299790506 Ultra Finish Nu-Image Hoof & Coat Support for Horse, 5 lb

A good, well balanced supplement designed to improve the coat condition as well as general condition of your horses.


  • Fortified with B vitamins, zinc, copper and Omega-3 – There are a few vitamins and minerals that your horse will find hard to get on just his usual diet of grass and hay. Supplementing with a fortified feed dressing is therefore a great way to ensure he is getting all the right nutrients.
  • Formulated to improve the coat, mane and tail – By making a shiny coat, you are also helping to improve the condition of your horse’s other hair too. Great news for those of us who love long, flowing manes and tails!
  • Specially formulated for lighter colored horses – It can be hard to improve the shine on a pale colored horse, or at least hard to make it noticeable. This supplement is made with the lighter horses in mind, though it will work just as well on darker ones.
  • Lasts for over a month – If you are looking to supplement for a long time, as is recommended, you need a product that will last. This one should still be going after a month (giving you a chance to order the next one!)


  • Contains soy – Some people do not like the production of soy, and it can be an allergen for some.


A good supplement that should bring a high sheen to the coat of any horse, especially the lighter colored ones.



You can tell the health of a horse by looking at his coat. If your horse is looking a little dull, you should definitely think about supplementing his feed with the best coat supplement for horses – it will not only help his coat, but his general health too.

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