How To Choose The Best Heated Water Bucket For Horses?

Although in the summer we all crave cool water, we tend to forget in the winter months that things tend to freeze over. I doubt you or I would much fancy drinking freezing water for months on end, or having to lick away at a block of ice to get enough water for a proper drink. Having a water bucket or trough that is frozen solid is not only unpleasant for your horse, but it can be dangerous too, as it could lead to dehydration if he’s not drinking enough in a day. The solution to the winter freeze is to get a good heated water bucket for your four legged friend. Yes, such things really do exist!

Best Heated Water Bucket For Horses Reviews

We have done a bit of homework, and have come up with three of the best heated water bucket for horses:


Heated Water Buckets


WarmGuard WG05 Insulated Pail Band Heater - Bucket Heater, Fixed Internal Thermostat Max Temp 145 FTOP PICK: WarmGuard WG05 Heater

A portable bucket heater that can be used on any bucket.

API 5 Gallon 115 Watt Heated Flat Back Bucket 20FBAPI 5 Gallon Heated Flat Back Bucket

A convenient, good value for money, heated bucket.

Farm Innovators 5-Gallon Flat-Back Heated Bucket (Additional Sizes and Styles Available)Farm Innovators Heated Bucket

A super heavy duty heated winter bucket.


1. WarmGuard WG05 Insulated Pail Band Heater Review

WarmGuard WG05 Insulated Pail Band Heater - Bucket Heater, Fixed Internal Thermostat Max Temp 145 F

This is an easy to use, portable bucket heater that can be switched from bucket to bucket. Or alternatively you could just buy several, so you can make sure there is one in every stable!


  • Pre set thermostat allows you to control the temperature – Keeping your buckets at a constant temperature no longer has to be struggle; the thermostat will maintain the temperature up to 145 Farenheit/63 Celcius.
  • Saves you time in the winter – No more having to empty out the ice and refill the water pails at every visit to the barn – with this pail band heater you can be sure that ice won’t form and that the water stays at an even temperature all the time.
  • Ensures that your horse will drink – This s a great solution for preventing dehydration, by making sure that your horse will get enough water through the day.
  • Portable pail heater solution – You can take these handy wraps with you just about anywhere; all you need is a plug socket and you can keep your buckets warm.


  • Needs a plug socket – This heater will only work if you are near a power supply; they do not work stand alone, which may be an issue depending on where you want to use them.


A convenient way of keeping your horse’s drinking water above freezing, so that he will get enough fluid in him even on the coldest of days.


2. API 5 Gallon 115 Watt Heated Flat Back Bucket Review

API 5 Gallon 115 Watt Heated Flat Back Bucket 20FB

This is a heated bucket that doesn’t need anything to make it work apart from a plug socket. It will maintain your horse’s drinking water temperature, making his drinking habits in the winter as reliable as his summer ones.


  • 5 gallon capacity – This large bucket means that you shouldn’t have to make several trips to the barn in one day, to fill up the water bucket – there should be enough in this one (depending on his drinking habits).
  • Flat back for easy hanging – The shape of this bucket means that you can hang it in a stable without worrying that your horse is going to kick it or knock it over.
  • Heating mechanism completely hidden inside the wall of the bucket – There is no danger of your horse messing with the heater itself, as it is cleverly contained inside the all of the bucket.
  • Built in thermostat to maintain temperature – You can rest easy in the knowledge that this clever bucket will keep your horse’s drinking water above freezing throughout even the coldest of winters.


  • The handle may not be as strong as expected – The handle of this bucket is designed so the bucket can hang, but there have been reports of the handle snapping off suddenly.


A convenient, portable heated bucket that will make your horse’s winter much more comfortable, and put your mind at rest because you will know that he’s drinking enough.


3. Farm Innovators Heated Bucket Review

Farm Innovators 5-Gallon Flat-Back Heated Bucket (Additional Sizes and Styles Available)

This is a super heavy duty heated winter bucket, perfect for those really cold months or for the horse who likes to “explore” (ie chew and kick) his surroundings!


  • Anti chew cord protector – If you have electrical items in your horse’s stable, you need to know that they will be safe away from curious teeth. The cord on this bucket is designed to be strong enough to protect it from the odd nibble.
  • Thermostatically controlled to operate only when needed – This clever device will only start to operate its heating when the temperature falls below 35 Farenheit, and will turn off when it reaches 60 Farenheit.
  • Can be used as a year round bucket – The unique “hide away” compartment means that the cord can be completely hidden and this bucket can be used in the summer just as well as the winter.
  • Flat back for ease of hanging in a stable – This bucket is designed for horses, and as such it has a few little features which means it is easy to use in a stable – the flat back is one of these features.


  • May have a limited lifetime – Some people say that this bucket works perfectly for the first couple of years, but the starts to develop faults such as cracking.


All in all, a great bucket for keeping your horse in plenty of water that is warm enough to drink. The clever thermostat means that you won’t have to rush to turn it on in cold weather as it will do this all by itself.



The best heated water bucket for horses means that your four legged friend can get enough water to drink in the winter, and even though he may be a little chilly, at least his water won’t be! And you won’t have to worry about dehydration and all the issues that go with it. Hopefully you can find the perfect product for you from the list above.

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  1. Just wondering, does the Warm Guard ever heat the water too high. I’ve used the blue buckets for many for many years. They were very reliable, but one did stop working after four years.


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