What Is The Best Horse Calming Supplement On The Market?

Having a calm, quiet, collected horse is every rider’s dream. Of course, there are some that are like this naturally, but the vast majority can make a drama out of pretty much nothing. What if I told you there was something you could do to make your horse calmer and more relaxed? And what if I went on to explain that this magical thing was as simple as something you could add to his food?

I bet you’d burst out laughing and tell me to pull the other one! But trust me on this, there are actually supplements out there that you can add to your horse’s dinner that will make him calmer, and so more receptive to your aids.

Best Horse Calming Supplement Reviews

There are so many supplements out there that if you type “best horse calming supplement” into Google you will be swamped with information – which do you go for? I and my wife Nicky have taken the hard work out of this search, and have picked out three of the best for you to choose from.


Calming Supplements


Formula 707 Calming Equine Supplement, Daily Fresh Packs, 28 Day Supply - L-Tryptophan, Thiamine & Magnesium Provide Support to Improve Focus in HorsesTOP PICK: Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs

An easy to administer supplement with proven results.

SynChill Daily Horse Calming PelletsSynChill Daily Horse Calming Pellets

A fantastic, all natural calming supplement.

Mare Magic 32 ozMare Magic

A great supplement for helping your mare.


1. Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs Equine Supplements Review

Formula 707 Calming Equine Supplement, Daily Fresh Packs, 28 Day Supply - L-Tryptophan, Thiamine & Magnesium Provide Support to Improve Focus in Horses

This is a complete feed that can really help keep your horse calm, collected and focused. It contains ingredients that are specific to maintaining a chilled out horse – which means a chilled out rider! This one offers support for the whole nervous system, making it ideal for those who want to maintain a calm demeanour long term.


  • Contains L-Tryptophan – This element is renowned for helping serotonin delivery and for decreasing anxiety, making it perfect for the horse who is naturally nervous.
  • Also contains Magnesium – Magnesium Oxide helps with bioavailability and can allow the Tryptophan to spread around the body doing its work.
  • Can help with weight gain – Keeping weight on older horses and certain breeds can be tricky, and this supplement can help put weight on and keep it there, thus improving the whole body system.
  • Ready made packets for convenience – No need to worry if you’re feeding your horse the right amount; it’s measured out for you so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re giving the correct dosage.


  • Apple flavor may be unpalatable – Some horses don’t like artificial flavourings so this may not be suitable for those who spit out anything that doesn’t taste like what they’re used to.


This is a fantastically convenient, easy to administer supplement that has proven results. Giving it to your horse can only do him good, due to the easily available minerals that can help the entire body function better.


2. SynChill Daily Horse Calming Pellets Review

SynChill Daily Horse Calming Pellets

This supplement is great for the horse who is naturally highly strung. It is equivalent in human terms to taking 5HTP – natural, harmless, and something which can really help with nervousness and unwanted, difficult behaviours.


  • Contains L-Theanine – This particular element can help with increasing calmness because it enhances activity in the hippocampus.
  • All natural ingredients – Most people don’t want to feed their horse anything artificial, so will love this supplement’s natural composition.
  • Palatable composition – Supplied in an alfalfa base, this one will be attractive and tasty to any horse, meaning that you can guarantee you can get it into him easily!
  • Developed by equine vets – In case you needed any other encouragement that this is a great supplement, the fact that it has been designed and is used by equine vets is a huge boost for its appeal.


  • It’s pretty pricey – Of course, we all know that we pay for quality. Luckily this supplement delivers, because it is an expensive investment.


A fantastic, all natural supplement that does exactly what it says on the tin. This one can be taken a few hours before a stressful event, or daily for the horse that is naturally highly strung to achieve a long-lasting calm.


3. Mare Magic Review

Mare Magic 32 oz

As we all know, mares (like some women!) can be a bit hormonal. This can result in some pretty hair raising rides, or even just a lot of drama on the ground, neither of which are ideal for a relaxing environment. You can get a supplement that is specific to mares to help her through this time and which will make her more calm and more fun to be around.


  • Tones the uterus and helps the reproductive tract – This means that your mare will be much more comfortable during her cycle, which will make her happier and less cranky.
  • Natural ingredients include raspberry leaf – Long used for humans as well as horses, raspberry leaf is specific to the female reproductive system and can help make things easier for horse and rider.
  • One pack lasts a long time – The amount provided will last approximately 240 days, making this a fantastic investment. Nearly a year’s worth of supplement for this price is amazing!
  • Can also be used for geldings – Although this supplement is made to be specific for mares, it can also be used to induce a calm demeanour in geldings, with great effect.


  • Can affect bowel movements – Because this product is very relaxing, it may have a similar effect on the bowels. Keep an eye out for any unusual movements.


This is a fantastic supplement for helping your mare get through her “time of the month” as well as the rest of the time. There is no need to put up with a “mareish” mare anymore! Just add a bit of this to her feed and be amazed at the change in personality.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different kinds of calming supplements?

Generally speaking, there are three types of calming supplements . They are:

  • Nutrient-based supplements provide your horse with vitamins and minerals that help improve the function of his central nervous system and calm his mood with regular use over a long period of time.
  • Herbal supplements contain calming herbs that can work right away to calm your horse down so that you can work with him. Be advised that very often the herbs found in these supplements may disqualify your horse for certain types of competitions. Before you use an herbal calming supplement, you should check and make sure that it won’t interfere with participation in horse show and rodeo events.
  • Moody mare supplements are specifically designed to help balance your mare’s hormones when she is in heat and/or when she is pregnant. These calming supplements are usually made of herbs and may also interfere with participation in some events.

2. What nutrients are found in nutrient-based calming supplements?

Typical nutrients used for supporting the central nervous system and calming your horse include:

  • Magnesium
  • Tryptophan
  • Vitamin B1
  • Inositol

3. What does magnesium do?

Magnesium is an extremely important nutrient for all living beings. It works to support the proper functioning of almost every bodily system including the central nervous system. Magnesium deficiency can cause anxiety and nervousness and a host of other health problems.

4. What does Tryptophan do?

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid and a critical protein building block. It is somewhat like vitamin B1 in that if your horse is not able to graze freely, you must supplement it in his diet. Your horse’s body converts Tryptophan into hormones such as melatonin and serotonin that are essential in transmitting nerve signals to your horse’s brain.

Serotonin also helps increase a sense of contentment and well-being, so it’s very important that you add this essential amino acid to your horse’s diet to help him feel relaxed and calm.

5. What does vitamin B1 do?

Vitamin B1 helps transmit impulses along your horse’s nerves. Horses who have free access to pasture usually get plenty of B1, but horses who rely on grain and hay for their nutrition may not. It’s always a good idea to supplement with B1.

6. What does Inositol do?

This is also a form of vitamin B that helps with nerve transmission and facilitates the correct action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter. Lack of serotonin contributes greatly to feelings of anxiety.

7. What herbs are usually used in herbal calming supplements?

You will typically find Valerian root, chamomile, hops, vervain and passionflower in herbal calming supplements for horses.

8. What does Valerian do?

Valerian is the natural herb from which Valium is derived. It calms your horse by balancing the central nervous system and quelling feelings of anxiety. It also helps your horse’s muscles relax when they are tense with fear. Valerian is very helpful for horses before shipping, hoof trims and shoeing, vet visits or other events that cause anxiety.

9. What does Chamomile do?

Chamomile is an old-fashioned herb that is well known for settling a nervous stomach. It also helps calm a nervous horse altogether. If your horse has anxiety because of problems in the gut, chamomile is a very good idea.

10. What does Hops do?

Hops is an herb that is often used in herbal medicine to combat irritability, anxiety and tension. It can help your horse avoid distraction and become more focused when you are working with him or her.

11. What does Vervain do?

Vervain (also called Verbena) is a central nervous system balancer that helps hot horses to calm down, slow down and concentrate on their work.

12. What does Passionflower do?

Passionflower is another calming herb that works best in combination with the other herbs mentioned. It enhances and facilitates their efficacy.

13. What herbs are usually found in supplements for moody mares?

Look for cramp bark, raspberry and chaste berry.

14. What does Cramp Bark do?

Cramp Bark relaxes muscle tension in both skeletal muscles and smooth muscles and is very helpful in calming spasms in the digestive system and the reproductive system.

15. What does Raspberry do?

Raspberry is very helpful for mares in heat because it calms muscles in spasm and promotes healthy smooth muscle tone throughout the digestive and reproductive tract.

16. What does Chaste Berry do?

Chaste Berry is a well-known hormone balancer.

17. Which calming supplement should you choose?

If you’re dealing with a hot horse and you’re not involved in any sort of competition, a combination of nutritional and herbal supplements is advised. The herbal supplements will calm your horse within half an hour or so of ingesting. The nutritional supplements work on an ongoing basis for long-term improvement to help build a calm horse.

If you are involved in competitions in which you would be disqualified by anything like a drug in your horse’s bloodstream, you should just stick with the nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements for calming and overall good health are good idea in all circumstances.


We all know that supplements can really help with dietary issues, medical issues, keeping weight on and the like. But the fact that supplements can actually help keep your horse calm and relaxed too is an absolute godsend! Finding a supplement that contains natural ingredients and actually does what it’s meant to is even better. Have a look through the above and see which suits your horse the best, and you can thank us later.

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