What Are The Best Horse Ear Plugs On The Market?

Ear plugs for horses? What on earth could be the point of these? It’s not as if your horse is likely to be snuggled up in a stable with a snoring companion; nor are they likely to be spending a lot of time at loud rock concerts. But ear plugs definitely have a use, especially for extra spooky horses who don’t like loud noises.

Imagine the carnage on Bonfire Night, if your horse startles easily and lives close to a place where there will be lots of fireworks! Ear plugs can solve this problem. If your horse goes wild in the indoor arena when it’s raining, you may not know what is bothering him – ever thought that it might be the sound of the rain on the roof? Ear plugs can muffle the noise and keep your horse from his natural “flight” instinct.

Best Horse Ear Plugs Reviews

If you have a sensitive horse who doesn’t like loud noises, ear plugs can be a real life saver. But where do you get them, and what are the best ones to get? To help your decision we have reviewed three of the best:


Ear Plugs


Equine Healthcare International Pomms Ear Plugs Black Horse TOP PICK: Pomms Horse Ear Plugs

Small, light ear plugs do exactly what they’re meant to.

Cashel Ear Plugs with String for Large Horse, Warmblood, Large Cashel Ear Plugs With String For Large Horse

A great pair of ear plugs for the larger horse.

ECP Sheepskin Horse Earplug ECP Sheepskin Horse Earplug

A well made pair of ear plugs for sensitive ears.


1. Equine Healthcare International Pomms Ear Plugs Review

Equine Healthcare International Pomms Ear Plugs Black Horse

These are simple ear plugs, just what you need to muffle environmental noise and help keep your horse calm and concentrating. They are made of foam so will expand or contract to fit their particular slot, meaning they can be used in a variety of different sized ears.


  • Foam construction means they don’t fall out easily – There’s nothing worse than having an ear plug fall out at an inopportune moment and your horse suddenly going wild at the unexpected noise!
  • Perfect for big shows – If you are competing on your spooky horse you will need to find a way to block the noise from the spectators and the other horses, and these ear plugs are ideal.
  • They come with their own storage – You won’t have to worry about losing these in the bottom of the tack box as they are supplied with a handy plastic tube to keep them safe.
  • Light and unobtrusive – These little plugs are barely visible, so no one but you would know your horse is wearing them. They are also so light that your horse will barely know either!


  • They are relatively easy to lose – Because they are not attached to a cord, it can be easy to drop one if your horse shakes his head.


These small, light ear plugs do exactly what they’re meant to, and are an inexpensive solution to your horse turning into a cowboy rodeo pony every time he hears a loud noise.


2. Cashel Ear Plugs With String For Large Horse Review

Cashel Ear Plugs with String for Large Horse, Warmblood, Large

These moulded foam ear plugs are specially designed to be narrower at the end to be inserted, which makes putting them in easier. Made for the larger horse, they will prevent loud and startling noises spooking your horse (which is ideal, because the last thing you want when on board a 17hh hunter is to have him spook!)


  • Plugs are attached to a string – This makes it easier to remove them, and also reduces the chance of losing one if your horse shakes his head.
  • Easy to clean – Simply wash with soapy water and dry with a towel, to remove any residues of ear gunk (nice!)
  • Perfect for muffling noise at shows, shoots and others – Even if you are not planning to go anywhere but your horse goes through the roof at the noise of the clippers, these will help enormously.
  • Easy to insert – Having a narrower end to fit into the ear canal makes putting the ear plugs in fantastically easy, quick and convenient – even for horses that don’t like to be messed with.


  • Fits larger horses – If you are looking for ear plugs for your Shetland or miniature pony you would be better off looking elsewhere!


These are a great pair of ear plugs for the larger horse. They will prevent spooking caused by loud noises, and they are easy to put in and take out. What more do you need in a pair of ear plugs?


3. ECP Sheepskin Horse Earplug Review

ECP Sheepskin Horse Earplug

These fantastically soft ear plugs will be super comfortable in your horse’s ear, as well as making him more comfortable because he can’t hear scary noises. They are easy to use and easy to clean, and are a must-have addition to your spooky horse’s tack box.


  • 100% Australian Merino sheepskin construction – This not only makes them soft and comfortable for your horse, they will also be fantastically durable and long-lasting.
  • Comes with a tiny price tag – Unlike most horse equipment, these ear plugs will not require a serious look at your finances!
  • Can be machine washed – This adds to the convenience of these ear plugs. Just make sure you use a cold cycle or a specific wool wash, and air dry somewhere out of the direct sunlight.
  • Prevents background noise to keep your horse calm – Whether you need them for fireworks, shooting, clippers or show noise, these ear plugs will work wonders at keeping your horse calm.


  • May not add to the look for showing – Some users state that these are not ideal for the smartest of equine events as they can make the ears look hairy!


A high quality, well made pair of ear plugs to help muffle loud noises and keep your sensitive horse calm and focused on the job at hand; you won’t regret buying these.



Horses are prey animals, so to them anything can be terrifying and can trigger the flight response. Removing some of the things that can trigger your horse to do this, such as loud unexpected noises, can really reduce their stress levels – and yours at the same time! Ear plugs can make a big difference to your horse’s demeanour out and about, in a horse competition (if it’s allowed), or even in the yard surrounded by large machinery, other animals or the dreaded clippers.

If you are looking for something that is small, light, well made and will do the job, Pomms Horse Ear Plugs is the right solution for you. For something that is more suitable for larger horses and is easy to manipulate, try Cashel Ear Plugs With String. And if your horse’s ears are more sensitive, you may find ECP Sheepskin Horse Earplug very useful.

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