Which Is The Best Vitamin E Supplement For Horses?

Vitamins and minerals are as much of a vital part of a horse’s diet as they are yours and mine. With the right balance of nutrients going into his body, your horse will remain as healthy and as happy as he can possibly be. Different supplements provide different functions, and for now we are going to look at the best vitamin E supplement for horses.

Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, and plays a vital role in supporting the immune system so that overall health is maintained, so it is quite an important one to keep on top of.

Recommended Vitamin E Supplement For Horses

We have chosen three of the best vitamin E supplements for you to have a look at:


Vitamin E Supplements


Elevate Se for HORSES (2 lbs)TOP PICK: Elevate Se For Horses

A natural source of Vitamin E recommended by vets.

Med-Vet Natural E 5000 Pellets 2 lbMed-Vet Natural E 5000 Pellets

A great value for money supplement.

Equithrive Vitamin E PelletsEquithrive Vitamin E Pellets

A supplement that is easy to feed, and quick to absorb.


1. Elevate Se For Horses 2lb Review

Elevate Se for HORSES (2 lbs)

A great supplement which help horses who have deficient diets plug the gaps in their nutrients, this one is natural and effective. It helps improve the entire health of the horse, from inside to out, by providing a good balance of essential vitamins.


  • A natural product without synthetic vitamins – A good, natural source of Vitamin E is very important, and while this can be achieved with the use of man made materials it is definitely better in the long run if it is made from as natural a source as possible.
  • Recommended by veterinarians – This supplement has been developed at the request of veterinarians and is suggested for use in performance horses and for those used for breeding.
  • Contains Selenium as well as Vitamin E – Selenium is useful at preventing various cancers and diseases of the heart, so it is an important one. This supplement also contains this essential nutrient, making it even more versatile and useful for your horse’s health.
  • Perfect for horses without access to pasture – For those horses who are on box rest, or those on restricted grazing, getting access to the right range of minerals and vitamins can be hard. This supplement will help keep them as healthy as possible even when they can’t get out ad graze.


  • May have an off putting smell – Some horses don’t like the odor of this supplement, meaning that you may have to add it to a larger than planned amount of feed, to mask the smell.


This is a highly effective, natural source of Vitamin E that has been recommended by vets. What more of an accolade could it need?


2. Med-Vet Natural E 5000 Pellets Review

Med-Vet Natural E 5000 Pellets 2 lb

A well tolerated, easy to absorb source of Vitamin E, this one comes in a handy pellet that is easy to feed to horses. Most, even picky eaters, will happily eat this supplement.


  • Good bio availability and easy to absorb – Natural sources of Vitamin E are far more readily absorbed by the body, making them far more effective as a supplement. This one offers the equivalent of 10,000 IU of synthetic absorption.
  • Concentrated in pellet form – These little pellets are packed with bio available Vitamin E, and are very easy to feed to your horse – just sprinkle it onto his feed and you’re done!
  • Tasty and palatable for most horses – Some supplements have a taste or a smell that horses don’t like, but most seem to tolerate and even actively enjoy this one.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes – If you haven’t tried this supplement before then you may want to try a small sample before wading in to buying a big bag. This one comes in a handy selection of sizes and weights so you can try before you invest in a years’ supply.


  • Contains quite a few other ingredients – For those who want to feed their horse as natural a supplement as possible, this one may not appeal as it does have a lot of other things in it, including grains and soy.


This convenient way of feeding your horse Vitamin E will make your life a lot easier – easy to feed, easy to absorb, and great value for money.


3. Equithrive Vitamin E Pellets Review

Equithrive Vitamin E Pellets

This is a great Vitamin E supplement that will help your horse maintain a healthy body, and is suitable for all ages and breeds. It is simple and convenient to add to your horse’s food, and completely mess free.


  • Contains Omega 3 as well as Vitamin E – Omega 3 is an important fatty acid that supports your horse in many ways, including a healthy inflammatory response, good digestive support and overall health.
  • Easily available source of Vitamin E – This supplement contains a natural form of this essential vitamin, which is far better absorbed by the body and therefore better for him overall.
  • Ideal supplement for any horse, regardless of age or type – Absolutely all horses will benefit from this supplement, whether old or young, male or female, pregnant or not. There are no contraindications, and it will work its magic for all.
  • Comes in a large tub – When you’re feeding a supplement every day, you need it to last as long as possible so that it gives you value for money by not running out quickly. This one doesn’t need to be fed in large quantities to work effectively, so it should last a while.


  • Contains flavoring – Most people want their horse’s feed to be as natural as possible, without any added extras. This supplement contains a flavoring, which although is natural is still an additive.


This Vitamin E supplement is easy to feed, quick to absorb into the body and will help to improve your horse’s overall health and well being.



Supplementing your horse with Vitamin E is beneficial to his entire body, and will help him by improving his overall health. This means that your best friend can stay healthy and happy for longer, thus keeping you happy for longer too!

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